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  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • Romantic Country
  • Eriy
  • 13 January 2017
  • 9781250094469

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    This is a pretty cool and beautiful adult coloring book which the artist used toothpicks to draw all the art with If you like these types of adult coloring books, be sure to check it out wherever adult coloring books are sold If you get this one, know that if you use markers in it, they will bleed through so always have a piece of cardboard or cardstock behind the page so it doesn t bleed through but crayons and color pencils work well in this book.Update I finished this adult coloring book in January of 2019 and has great images in it.

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    This review is taken from my blog where I review adult colouring books from a mental health perspective Images from inside the book can be found here book is from my personal collection Eriy s book is utterly charming, not quite perfect, and is truly heart warming and that s what makes it so wonderful This book is square, the same size as the bestsellers, paperback, with a removable paper dust jacket with partially coloured images from the book on the front and back The book itself has brown card covers with a wraparound line drawing from inside the book and blank covers on the inside The paper is a lovely rich creamy colour it s hard to describe but it s a little warmer in colour than the paper in Johanna s first two books but not yellowy , and it s thick and doesn t bleed or shadow with water based pens when used carefully The paper is lightly textured and while you can t get loads of layers, pencils do lay down well on it and it s perfectly possible to get some lovely blending and layering The spine is glue and stitch bound so it s durable but a little difficult to get to the centre of each spread, however, spines of this type do ease up with use so do persevere The images are printed double sided and borderless and are a mixture of single and double page spreads so a little of each image is lost into the spine The images themselves are beautiful, charming, and begging to be coloured and are split into the following 5 chapters 1 Hill and Town Overlooking a Clock Tower 2 Stories of Castles 3 A Villagescape with Beautiful Forests and Lakes 4 A Town Where Genial People Live 5 Windmills are a Symbol of This Village The book starts with 3 double page spreads of maps of Cocot, the name of the land in which the book is set, which was dreamt up in the imagination of Eriy when she was a child She has created 3 books, all depicting Cocot, the other two of which are only currently available on Japan links at the end of this review but hopefully they ll be picked up and published in English editions soon Following the maps, the images show beautiful scenes of shop filled streets, cakes and pastries, tea rooms, luxurious castle interiors, magical castle exteriors, walks through the woods, hilly scenes, farms, windmills and just so much Each image is shown as a thumbnail at the back of the book too with a short description telling you about each place and life in Cocot, you will truly want to move there and never leave At the back of the book is a removable fold out poster featuring the main character who is followed through the book a little girl called Elena and her duck friend Joset, which is fully colourable and can be cut out and glued together to create a beautiful 3D scene In terms of mental health, I doubt there s a book that s better for it in all honesty Certainly for mine anyway The illustrations are so charming and because they have a beautiful childlike quality to them they really have a nostalgic aspect which will remind you of colouring books you used as a child but with so much detail and intricacy that it s still very entertaining as an adult The content is wonderful because it whisks you off to a simpler, happier, gentler place where there is a slower pace of life and cakes are probably calorie free, food is simple and delicious, and horse drawn carriages are the only method of transport The line thickness varies throughout because Eriy draws with a toothpick and so it naturally varies however the majority of the lines are thin but not spindly so they re perfectly colourable with moderate vision and fine motor control The lines themselves are not a stark black, they re an uneven brown because they re drawn in dipping ink and while this may not sound great and does take a little getting used to, it truly adds so much charm to the drawings and these illustrations just wouldn t look right drawn in harsh, black, perfect lines The images range in intricacy and detail from large open spaces of pine trees and buildings to small delicate flowers in window boxes and everything in between, it s a wide range but almost all of the images would be suitable for anyone who doesn t have poor vision or fine motor control so this is a great book for nearly anybody The images are detailed and contain lots of things to look at and colour but they re not so overwhelming that you don t know where or how to start and because they re all depicting real things like buildings, plants, and food, they re easy to work out colour schemes for whether that be subtle pastels, realistic browns and greys, or bright fantastical colours, this book isn t so perfect that you don t want to touch it which is part of its huge appeal The images are really cohesive and almost tell a story as you walk through the streets, castles, countryside and shops, by the end of the book you really feel like you ve visited Cocot and you ll be planning your next visit as soon as you can I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to colour scenes, landscapes, food and flowers This is one of the most beautiful books I ve ever seen and I m pretty sure it s my favourite with its charming illustrations and beautiful thick paper This book is cute, pretty, whimsical, magical and charming and it truly is the book of my dreams, and hopefully of yours

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    The review is from my blog, for info, example picture and video flip through Country was a book that kept popping up everywhere and I didn t really look at it all that much But at some point it kind of grew on me and now I m one of the many fans of these books What blows my mind is that Eriy draws the illustrations with a toothpick Seriously How awesome is that The inking is not black, like a soft brownish grey which makes the coloring really pop and the linework fades into it.This book is about a made up kingdom and there s a storybook feel to it, the images are very happy and warm and childlike in the best of ways There s a duck fellow who keeps showing up on images as well which I really like.The paper is very good, takes pencils like a champion and it can probably take a bit of water The images are on both sides of the pages.I do hope she does , even though I will never be able to color all the books Her images take a long time for me, they re quite detailed and I take my time with them.Overall it s a gorgeous book, that s all there really is to it There s nothing to fault it The images never fail to make me a tad bit happier, even when just looking at them and not coloring And that is a real keeper

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    The cover is what drew me to this coloring book and it truly is amazing that all of the pictures were drawn with toothpicks The images are beautiful and I like that they aren t as detailed as other coloring books I ve used The reason I didn t give this book four stars is that it seems that the pictures are repeated in some way or another and it made it feel a little repetitive to the point where I had to put it aside for a while in order to avoid burn out That being said though I can definitely recommend this beautiful book If only the places in the pictures were real

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    After examining several on the market, these gorgeous illustrations captured it for me Whisks me away to the magical fantasy land of Cocot, the perfect place to escape when needing a bit of solitude I have pre ordered Romantic Country The Second Tale which will be available December 2016, and will order Romantic Country The Third Tale when available I want to live in these towns Eriy is so very talented I used Prismacolors

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    Beautiful coloring book and poster with a vast range of images from the fantasy land of Cocot

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    I fell in love with this coloring book when it came in It comes with an adorable pull out scene to color as well Really pretty images and lots of fun to color.

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    Beautiful colouring book so much to do

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    It s so cute I love it.

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