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A Stroke in Time summary A Stroke in Time , series A Stroke in Time , book A Stroke in Time , pdf A Stroke in Time , A Stroke in Time 09c86c4750 John Whelan, Champion Oarsman, Has All But Given Up On Competitive Rowing On The Cusp Of Forty, The Outer Cove Fisherman Is Trying To Accept That His Time As A Rower Has Passed His Wife Agrees, Telling Him, Breaking Your Back Down On That Pond, That S A Young Man S Sport But A Fracas With The Torbay Rowing Crew In A St John S Tavern Rekindles His Desire To Beat His Long Time Rivals In The Upcoming St John S Regatta With The Regatta Just Ten Months Away, Can He And Cox Watt Power Assemble A Championship Crew In Time The Answer Is The Stuff Of Legends A Stroke In Time Is Gerard Doran S Debut Novel Inspired By True Events, This Tale Of The Record Breaking Outer Cove Rowing Crew OfIs A Tribute To The Everyman Hero And A Dedication To The Outport Fishing Culture Of Than A Century AgoShortlisted For TheAtlantic Book Awards Margaret And John Savage First Book Award

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    I was recently made of aware of this book via a post on social media My father had recently visited Newfoundland to research some family history fascinating stuff connected with Newfoundland , and so it tickled my fancy to read about a 6 oared rowing race that family than likely partook in I m going to be up front It wasn t quite as gripping as The Boys in the Boat, however there was the strong sense of rivalry between Outer Cove and Torbay and hardships faced with the fishing trade lifestyle well conveyed throughout the book It took me a few pages to work out b y was short for boy And I did relate well with the snippets of rowing advice in the book, which shouldn t hinder non rowers from also enjoying the read.A stroke in time, written by local Gerard Doran, is the tale of the 1901 St John s regatta, a regatta that continues to this day There is the lead up, with the quirks of selecting a crew and boat, the frustrations training, the wives not wishing to be a part of the rowing banter, and then the anticipation of race day It highlights the fishing trade lifestyle, and the hardness of living from the land and sea the importance church plays in Sunday activities is also alluded to.I liked the analogy to counting stokes rather than sheep to fall asleep and at last, he drifted off p45.It is worth noting, the ultimate course record set in 1901 was held for 80 years.It wasn t about a stroke of luck but a stroke in time.

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    For the full review with a picture of the 9 13 crew , go to the Logy Bay Middle Cove Outer Cove Museum blog you read A Stroke in Time by Gerard Doran Published by Flanker Press in 2015, this historical fiction looks at the 1901 Outer Cove Fishermen s Crew who rowed 9 13 4 5 in the championship race in that year s Regatta It is a wonderful reimagining of that historic race, looking at the work in getting a crew together, the struggles to fit rowing into a busy fishing schedule, and the hard work and dedication that rowers continue to commit when striving for those new records on Quidi Vidi Lake Perhaps one of the best parts of the book is just the day to day life in Outer Cove The story starts, end, and every now and then touches on the price of fish and the ability to get a good price from the merchants It discusses the difficulty in getting a berth on a sealing ship, and the poverty that used to be common in St John s It also looks at Dan McCathy s struggle, wondering if he should follow his fianc e to Boston where he could also work without worrying about the merchants and their prices for fish, or stay home because leaving his mother and brother is hard.And perhaps my interest leans that way, as I have never rowed Working at the Logy Bay Middle Cove Outer Cove Museum this year I have learned a great deal about the passion that goes hand in hand with rowing Some crews would leave their vehicles at the museum before going to the lake, and after a good row, would run back from Quidi Vidi to the museum to visit and have some iced tea I always made sure there was some ready on Saturday mornings The excitement from a good practice was amazing to be around, and I would feel energized just being around the rowers I doubt I ll ever row, but I have learned a great deal about rowing this past summer, and I will never look at the Royal St John s Regatta the same way again Even if I m a townie, I ll be cheering for Outer Cove Back to the book, my only big complaints would be that the dialects seem to slip in and out of use Perhaps that was on purpose I certainly know who I m around influences my dialect As well, and I put this up to historical fiction liberties, there is a lot of focus on the Blue Peter, but the Outer Cove Crew rowed in the Myrtle for the Fishermen s Race and didn t row in the Blue Peter until that historic championship race I recommend anyone with an interest in Newfoundland, and especially an interest in rowing, to read this book And remember, we have lots of Regatta history here at the Logy Bay Middle Cove Outer Cove Museum, so come visit and explore of this part of our history.

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    Great historical fiction set in Newfoundland Learned about this book from a list of nominees for the 2016 Newfoundland and Labrador History and Heritage Award and decided to check it out I m glad I did.

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    Fascinating and engrossing read I couldn t put this book down I m a Newfoundlander and a rower, so I had a particular interest in this book, but I think it appeals to a broader audience as well.

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    A novel based on historical fact about cockleshell racing in the St.John s annual regatta.

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