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Desert Sheikh vs American Princess (Jewels of the Desert #2) files Desert Sheikh vs American Princess (Jewels of the Desert #2) , read online Desert Sheikh vs American Princess (Jewels of the Desert #2) , free Desert Sheikh vs American Princess (Jewels of the Desert #2) , free Desert Sheikh vs American Princess (Jewels of the Desert #2) , Desert Sheikh vs American Princess (Jewels of the Desert #2) 31cd9b198 Don T Miss The First Book In The Jewels Of The Desert Series, Handcuffed To The Sheikh Too, Available Now When He Kidnapped A Princess, He Didn T Count On Her Walid Al Kalam S Plan Is Simple The American Celebutante Noelle Oldrich Will Remain In His Palace Until Her Father Pays His Debts Without The Money Her Hotel Magnate Father Owes Him, Walid Cannot Fulfill His Commitment To The Pipeline That Represents The Future Of The Small Middle Eastern Country Of AskarBut Noelle Isn T The Passive, Agreeable Guest That She Should Rationally Be Instead, The Willful American Princess Disrupts The Peace Of His Home, And His Peace Of Mind Whether She Is Running Through His Courtyard In Skin Tight Gear Or Braiding Together A Rope To Lower Herself Out A Window, The Intelligent Beauty Threatens His Very SanityEnter The Pirate Princess No Way Will Any Sheikh Keep Noelle Oldrich Captive, Even If She Does Want To Rip The Stuffy Suits Off The Hot Arabic David Beckham CloneShe Might Be Good For Nothing But Spending Money And Wearing Clothes, But Noelle Will Escape The Sexy Sheikh S Palace, No Matter What She Has To No Way Will Her Father Pay His Debt The Only Help She S Going To Get Is From Her Childhood Imaginary Friend, A Pirate Princess Who Is Ready To Make The Stupid, Sexy Sheikh Walk The Plank A Fabulous Jewel Noelle S One Chance To Pay Her Own Ransom And Escape The Sheikh S Control Is To Find The Legendary Jewel, The Palm Of Askar, Lost For DecadesIf She Finds The Diamond, Walid Will Have To Let Her Go, But His Drugging Kisses Threaten To Turn Her Into A Willing Captive

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    I received a copy of this book directly from the publisher author in exchange for an honest review.This was an amazingly fun, light hearted read filled with snarky imaginary friends, a pirate princess, lost treasure, and loads of sexual tension When I picked up Desert Sheikh vs American Princess, I wasn t sure what I was getting into I expected your usual formulaic girl meets foreign prince sort of story that has been done a thousand times, and in some ways, that s what it was and that s fine I like formulaic romance It s cosy and familiar, and when all you want is to sit down and read a book that s going to make you feel good, it s a great way to fill that need but that isn t all that this story was There was humor, sexual tension, romance, friendship, and daring escapades.The characters were fantastic I loved each and every one of them, especially Bonnie Read, the 11 year old imaginary friend of the lead character It was fun to get to see Noelle s inner child reach out and try her hardest to remind her of who she was and also get her into a ton of trouble The sheikh held dominance without being domineering, and though a little slow to warm up, was an all around great guy, and the perfect male lead for Noelle Noelle herself was equal parts Bonnie adventurous and rebellious and her father s daughter clever and business savvy I loved all of them, even the minor characters, and those that were meant to be enemies.The writing was fluid, clean, and easy to read with the exception of a few minor typos I found here and there, but nothing too jarring as to distract from the story overall The narrative was fast paced and gripped my attention, and before I knew it, the book was over in a matter of a few hours I have to say, overall, I loved the book, and I didn t expect to I thought it was going to be yet another formulaic read nothing special Instead, I found a hilariously funny read filled with steamy sex, endearing characters, and a fun pirate adventure waiting for me I couldn t be pleased If you re looking for a fun, fast paced romance I would highly recommend that you pick this book up and give it a try.

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    What does a Pirate Princess and an American Princess have in common One is inside the other s head leading and guiding her on an adventure Noelle has been kidnapped by Sheikh Walid Al Kalam in exchange for the money her father swindled from him He never expected Noelle to continuously try to escape He was not prepared for her ability to think on her feet quickly and to understand him the way she does While trying to escape, Noelle befriends the kitchen staff One of the crew tells her the story of a legend that tells of a jewel that will be returned to the country in it s greatest time of need This story brings her friend, Pirate Princess Bonnie Read, to go on a treasure hunt instead of trying to escape Noelle has totally fallen for the Sheikh and he for her, however, he must marry another to ensure the health and welfare of his countrymen Will Noelle escape Will she find the treasure Will Walid marry another This book is lighthearted, full of adventure and romance all in one.

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    Noelle is being held captive by a very wealthy, very sexy Arabic king and she s none too happy about it Even, if like Walid says, all her comforts will be taken care of, she s no one s pawn Sure, her father owes Walid and the country of Askar a ton of money but Noelle knows the truth her father will never pay, not even if her life depended on it Her only thought is escape and her only ally is her childhood imaginary friend, Pirate Princess Bonnie, who lives in her head.Walid s inherited a kingdom in ruins and with the pipeline payment due, he must have that money Noelle s father owes He is a reasonable man and under normal circumstances, he d never condone kidnapping When he explains the plan to the luscious Noelle, she refuses to stay put She flees every chance she gets and it only infuriates Walid But underneath the fury, he wants Noelle, and that frustrates him He has responsibilities and he can t let his desire for Noelle to over ride his duty to his kingdom.Neither of them understands what s really going on and the longer they stay under the same roof, the stronger their connection grows Walid instinctively knows when she escapes and brings her back Noelle fights Walid at every turn, yet is drawn to him, like a moth the flame The they resist each other and the attraction they feel, the stronger the bond becomes Will they both succumb to the inferno or will it burn them alive This is one hot romance Who knew that sheikhs were so sexy and that the desert was the perfect oasis for romance But it s than romance that makes this one of my favorite reads I loved how tortured both Walid and Noelle were by their stations in life and what was expected of them by their fathers.I loved how Noelle discovered so much about herself and what she wanted to become through this whole experience It wasn t about getting Walid into bed or feeling his perfect bum, although delightfully fun, but at the core this story is about channeling her inner pirate princess It reminded me of the time when I was little and being told I couldn t draw It took me a long time to rediscover my inner artist.Teresa Morgan creates such a vivid world through her writing, I swear I could feel the sand in my face She creates moving, emotional, very real characters that you can t help attaching yourself to and rooting for She has a special gift for adding tension to the plot at exactly the right moment, not to mention the sizzling love scenes.I loved it and highly recommend it I m now addicted and have to read the rest of the series.Favorite Character Noelle I loved how when we first met her, she appeared to be a rich, spoiled woman who did nothing but spend money But the I got to know her, the I adored her, faults and all I loved her conversations with Bonnie, her inner pirate princess I loved how insecure she was in some areas and brash in others I loved how she gave herself fully to everything, except herself.Favorite Quote And yet, seeing Noelle dangling in a treacherous position in the air high above his courtyard Seeing her courageous and defiant Some part of him had desired her success, even as he feared for her and cursed her stupidity.My Rating 5 starsThis review first appeared

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    Who wins in the end This is a YA romance, although it may have some explicit sex that a younger teenager might not be ready for Walid, the Sheikh of three small Arab countries, is in financial difficulty His father had been a spendthrift, leaving Walid in a financial bind This was increased because of a loan to an American for 50,000 to build a hotel, which was not built nor was the loan repaid Attempting to put some pressure on this man, Walid kidnapped his daughter, Noelle, feeling this would guarantee payment of the loan Noelle had free run of Walid s royal abode, but there was always someone watching her Noelle knew that her father would never pay the loan back as he never was interested in the welfare of his daughter Noelle had a wild streak in her, and she would try anything, even if it might be a little dangerous As the days passed, romance blossomed between Walid and Noelle, and they grew to adore each other However, Walid still has to find the funds for his country, and he is considering marrying an Arab girl whose dowry will than cover his financial problem Noelle is very much against this and continually nags Walid about this, even though she understands why he is doing this.This a light read, with a little romance, sex, escapades, and humor It also had Noelle being mentally guided by an imaginary eleven old child, which added nothing to the story, and it is puzzling why the author felt this was needed This is a fast and enjoyable read and might be a little immature for older romance readers I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review.Joan Adamak

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    Sheikh Walid Al Kalam didn t feel like he had a choice in kidnapping Noelle Oldrich in return for her father to repay the debt owed Askar Noelle Oldrich may have been kidnapped but that didn t mean she d take it laying down either Noelle knows that her father has no intention of repaying the loan he was given Yet can t help hope for Walid s sake that her father does Walid is in dire need of cash which Noelle s father can provide before he has to less than favorable means to getting the money he needs Askar s National Treasure The Palm of Askar has been missing for over nearly fifty years with only one clue to it s whereabouts a map When Walid gives the map to Noelle to keep her out of trouble He never dreamed she d actually search for The Palm of Askar Will Noelle admit her feelings for Walid Can Walid save his people from ruin Your answers await you in Desert Sheikh vs American Princess This new to me author has created a wonderful story and characters that are a joy to read The story and characters were real, gritty, compelling, and interesting I d happily read from this author in the future.

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    Desert Sheikh vs American Princess by Teresa Morgan is my first read by this author, but it will not be my last This book is part of her Jewels of the Desert Book 2 Even though it s the second book in this series it is a read alone book We have Sheikh Walid al Kalam who gave Noelle Oldrich s father money to open a hotel near Askar Noelle s father basically took the money and didn t build the hotel Walid decides to take Noelle Noelle relies on her childhood imaginary friend Bonnie for getting through this ordeal It makes for a funny, light hearted read, but with undertones of sexual tension.

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    I enjoy a good romance Make it a sheikh romance and I am over the moon Dominant personalities are attention grabbers I received a copy of Desert Sheikh vs American Princess in exchange for an honest review Teresa Morgan is an author I have read in the past but sort of lost track of This story reminded me what I ve been missing The arrogance, power and sensuality practically poured off of Walid So pompous yet clueless as the same time Noelle stole the story for me Her spirit made her a worthy adversary She gave as good as she got in attitude, personality and heart Equally strong charismatic individuals added balance to the temperamental leads.

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    Exciting romantic I love reading this story Wadli a sheikh kidnaps the daughter of a hotel businessman who the sheikh s country had loaded several million dollars to build a hotel in his country Ascar Noelle seemed like a spoiled daughter from wealthy parents but after rescuing her from her many adventures in trying to escape and getting to know her they can no longer deny their connection Fun, lighthearted, adventurous and romantic.

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    excellent book very well written i was captured by the story instantly the characters are top notch the story line was beautiful and i loved how it unfolded.highly recommend this story and cannot wait for

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    It started off wonderful, I never laugh so hard The monologue between Noelle and the Pirate Princess was funny Then for some reason it just when flat I tried to get back into it but I couldn t I finally just gave up about 50% and DNF Reviewed by JustaBooklovinJunkie

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