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    On my first reading I didn t care a lot about this book Now reading it for the second time I just loved every page of it It s a soulfully, elegantly written story of two very interesting, strong willed ladies who try and succeed to find a way to each other

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    Por fin lo termin Dios, empez interesante, pero seg n ha ido avanzando hacia el final me ha resultado cada vez m s raro He estado a punto de dejarlo, pero ya me quedaban tan pocas p ginas 30 o as que me ha dado pena y me he forzado a m misma a acabarlo Espero que los otros libros que tengo de esta autora me gusten m s.

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    Por ser una novela de tem tica l sbica escrita por una autora feminista, sorprende la cantidad de lugares comunes que pueblan el argumento Los motores son siempre los caballitos de batalla de la normativa heterocis la belleza casi sobrenatural de una de las mujeres, el deseo y el erotismo sostenido desde lo estrictamente f sico, lo apabullada que se siente la protagonista por la femeneidad arrolladora de la otra mujer en ning n momento se especifican sus nombres , etc, etc.Tal vez deba considerarse el hecho de que fue publicada en 1996, en una escenario bastante distinto al actual, como puede notarse por algunas pistas desperdigadas a lo largo del relato Resulta interesante, sin embargo, que escenifica la violencia de g nero perpetrada por mujeres.En cuanto a los recursos, no hay nada sobresaliente Narraci n lineal que abusa de ciertos t picos en las descripciones y final previsible Supongo que cumple con las expectativas de quien busque un libro pasatista tipo colecci n Bianca que no salga indemne de un test de Bechdel lesbiano.

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    Mini Rese a Usualmente siempre doy las impresiones que me dejo un libro, pero esta vez dare una mini rese a porque la obra requiere que se la defienda.Esta es una novela de argumento l sbico, en la entra en juego temas fuertes como la prostituci n mujeres para mujeres y el maltrato femenino F cilmente se lo podria vender como novela er tica l sbica y no estarian del todo equivocados, pero la cuesti n, es que no se trata solo de sexo Hay reflexiones y la autora trata de balancearlo exitosamente La obra nos muestra un mundo diferente, un mundo secreto dentro de la sociedad Mezclando sensualidad y belleza, nos muestran un cambio perspectiva.Lo recomiendo mucho Si es una novela er tica y si te deja un mensaje PD Quisiera leer a Boudalaire.

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    Forget 50 Shades etc., Taxi to Paris is nothing remotely like that pap, standing proudly on its own My interest was captured by this soulful story which is not the usual romance While a quick read, I deliberately slowed down and read thoughtfully almost dreading reaching the end which was how it should be This would translate to a beautiful movie in black and white of course I am grateful that I stumbled across this book and wish of her work was translated A hidden gem that hopefully others will discover.Just discovered her work is available on .ca hurray

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    Esta es la clase de basura que se escribe generalmente sobre lesbianas, y que estamos obligadas a leer en momentos de debilidad y hast o de la heterosexualidad absurdamente predominante.

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    Taxi To Paris may be odd because of how the two characters meet and all the non romantic aspects to their first encounter, yet it becomes a very endearing, even beautiful, odd as the novel moves slowly and it does move slowly, though good slowly from something pedestrian to something special There s a lot of conflict, but it s not the standard Harlequin kind of contention where two people act out their dislike because they secretly have feelings for each other Instead, it s an honest one, given their circumstances and how difficult it is for both women to trust.It s raw and uncomfortable at times, but oh most definitely a worthwhile read The fact that both women remain nameless throughout the tale somehow gives Taxi an even honest, despairing, unflinching feel.In the early stages, the sadness is all about each woman s isolated feelings and the need to eradicate what she feels for someone she can t be with in any kind of way The main character, in particular suffers If ever a thought of her entered my mind, I hunted it promptly to extinction The novel is unique because it takes a premise that is usually one big dangerous clich Pretty Woman and makes it grim and gritty, far fragile and not only believable and far from romantic, but somehow necessary to the storyline.And, as with any two people coming together as a possible couple, there s always conflict It seemed that there were never two free minutes in which we could just be together calmly and happily Every time, something unpredictable happened Prostitution would seem to be the elephant in the room, but it s actually love and how foreign and inaccessible it is to a woman who has never really known it and the person who wants to share it with her Then I can t love you either I said it for her Do you think that my love for you depends on the availability of your body What should I do with all my love if I couldn t give it to her There is so much here that surprises me with its easy to relate to components, but none so much as when the narrator decries the other fish in the sea advice people always give those who have just lost in love I d remain alone instead That situation seemed the most desirable to me at the moment If I couldn t have her, the difference didn t seem that great Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg Ruth Gogoll offers so much struggle and going back and forth that by the end the reader is almost dizzyyet it s a pleasant, gentle kind of vertigo.There s always a risk in romancing the impossible, but here it works, precisely because it isn t romance so much as a very long and very painful journey to love I guess that sounds so corny, but it s what I get from Taxi To Paris.Ruth Gogoll s novels are all so different from each other except for the four English books in the L As In Love series that that alone makes me want to praise her The open and sometimes even awkward emotions also pull me in, though sometimes as if against my will Unfortunately, none of her newer work a fifth part in the L As In Love collection and the sequel to Forbidden Passion, a horrible title for a great book , has been translated into English This makes me want to immediately learn German

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    Mi primer libro lgtb.No ten a expectativas sobre este libro Solo ten a curiosidad sobre qu trataba.Resulta que me entretuve leyendo este libro La relaci n entre las protagonitas no tienen nombre, por cierto es una monta a rusa.Cosa que se prev a porque una de ellas es protituta.Lo que no me gust es lo r pido que se enamor la prostituta la prota Nada m s termina el primer cap tulo y zas se enamor Eso ni en cuentos me lo trago.Lo que me gust fue que la autora mostr lo crudo que puede ser un enamoramiento con una prostituta El final abierto, porque no se puede terminar este libro con un final concluso porque no lo amerita la trama.Como es mi primer libro de este g nero no s como darle un verdadero puntuaje as que lo dejar en 3 estrellas ni bueno ni malo.

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    I gave it two starts because it reads easily and I actually managed to get halfway through despite finding it utterly ridiculous The same clich d story all over again the tormented but irresistible hero, and the slightly naive woman who falls in love with this hero.It s 50 SHADES all over again, but Christian Grey is now a female prostitute She s rich too, and she wears fancy silk clothes and ballroom dresses The writing is just as bad, and the research work put into this book is zero The narrator becomes repetitive and unbearable and the tormented hero is just too clich.

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    I do like this book, I like the chemestry that exist between this two aaand, I love the stories about love prostitutes clients. etc etc, they are really tragic xDok, I like the way Gogoll wrote this book, I think is nice the way this two are one around the other, but, I was scared because it was going to end and the problem still existed,. it is obvious what s gonna happen with those two,. but still,. I think it s way too open for me xD but I like it anyway

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  • Hardcover
  • 252 pages
  • Taxi nach Paris
  • Ruth Gogoll
  • English
  • 06 May 2018
  • 9780974789200

About the Author: Ruth Gogoll

Author Ruth Gogoll grew up in Germany, went to school in Cologne, studying German literature and German language She then moved to a small, charming village in France, where she lives in a house that was built in the 1400s the oldest house in the village where she has written 40 novels, published by the best known German speaking lesbian publishing house