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Absolute Power quotes Absolute Power , litcharts Absolute Power , symbolism Absolute Power , summary shmoop Absolute Power , Absolute Power 4ac56c79 Stephen Fry And John Bird Star In All Four Series Of The BBC RadioSatirical Comedy, Plus TheSpecial EpisodeSet In The Machiavellian World Of Modern PR, Absolute Power Introduces Us To London Based Government Media Relations Consultancy Prentiss McCabe, Whose Partners Charles Prentiss And Martin McCabe Are Frequently Embroiled In The Machinations Of The British Political System Prentiss Is Ruthless, Unscrupulous, And Will Go To Almost Any Lengths To Pull Off A Big Commission, While McCabe Does Have A Moral Compass, But Is Too Laid Back And Fond Of Claret To Use It Very OftenIn Episodes That Could Have Been Written Yesterday, The Duo S Targets For Makeover Include The Conservative Party The Sun The Mayor Of London The Church Of England RadioEnglish Sporting Success The Elderly Prisons The Prime Minister The Health Service A Big Brother Star A Tennis Pro Men The BBC The Notion Of Nation Healthy Eating And The US Presidential CampaignThis Complete Collection Includes AllEpisodes Of The Four Series, First Broadcast BetweenAnd , Plus The SpecialEpisode Stephen Fry And John Bird Star As Charles Prentiss And Martin McCabe, With Tamsin Greig As Rival Spin Doctor Gayle Shand

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    Listened to in audio format.Absolute Power is a satirical comedy about Charles Prentice and Martin McCabe who appeared in the George Crabbe series Prentice and McCabe have their own PR company and are the unofficial spin doctor for New Labour.This is quite an old series that was set during the New Labour years The episodes were 30 minutes long, perfect to dip in and out of.My favourite characters was the Machiavellian Charles Prentice, he reminded me of Sir Humphrey from Yes Minister.This was a funny series making fun of the government of the time.

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    I had not heard of Mark Taverner before and was drawn to this series via Stephen Fry This resulted in an absolutely delightful excursion that was laugh out loud funny We are invited into the morally bereft world of two spin doctors who, in return for prodigious sums, alter public perceptions to further the ends of other, equally morally reprehensible causes This is scathing British humor at its finest.The performances are all first rate, there are plenty of running gags which I adore , and the plots are tightly woven with plenty of intricate Wheezes You will recognize some names in the guest performers and there is not a dud in the lot Additionally, as the series progresses the episodes get better and better The only bit of a let down was the final broadcast which seems to have been rushed out However, that does not detract from the overall quality of the production.I you are a fan of Black Adder, Fawlty Towers, Chef, etc you will enjoy this wonderful radio comedy.

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    Excellent performances Average material.

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    More than 600 minutes Like Yes Minister Prime Minister, it s a political satire.

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