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    Audio book review Man, the endings are these books are so explosive and cliffhanger Can t wait for the third book Loving all the characters Kid Cutler encounters

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    Jake Cutler, teenage space pirate and rightful ruler of the lost planet of Altus, has to face down the might of the Interstellar Navy and prevent them from starting a war that will consume the galaxy To aid him on his quest he must venture onto the turf of the notorious Space Mafia and reclaim the fabled lost sword of Altus, which will give him the authority he needs All Jake wants is to find his missing father, but it falls on him to become a leader, and he s forced to grow up fast in this second volume in Huw Powell s popular Spacerjackers series.We learn much about the crew of the pirate vessel Dark Horse this time around, as secrets emerge about the famously grumpy Granny Leatherhead and other members of the crew, although I would have liked to have seen of lilac skinned castaway alien Nanoo this time around But the introduction of a sparky new female teenage pirate for Jake to cross wits with is tremendous fun And there are subtle hints as to the whereabouts and identity of Jake s missing father that will have to wait until the third volume to hopefully be resolved.This is an MG thrill ride that would appeal to any reader who wants to read a book that is mash up of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, or Pirates of the Caribbean, with an endearing teen hero Keep your eyes on the stars

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    Jake Cutler is a Space Pirate wanted by the corrupt Interstellar Navy for a crime he didn t commit The ruler of the secret planet Altus, Jake must convince the leaders of the other independent colonies that the Interstellar Navy is attempting to start a galactic war that could mean the end of freedom in the galaxy forever With his loyal band of spacejackers by his side, Jake must find his father, find the golden cutlass that will lend him legitimacy and find a way to unite the colonies.Recommended for ages 8 14.

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    Finished this tonight read to my 6 year old son He loved it

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    Book review will be posted on blog first

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    I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway.The Lost Sword just wasn t for me I found the introduction of so many characters all in the first chapter confusing right from the start, and unfortunately after reading further, I still couldn t keep them all straight However, I did like the idea of a book about space pirates, and I do think the target audience 8 12 would enjoy the plot I can see kids finding the abundance of characters less confusing and intriguing, especially Kid Cutler He seemed like the type of protagonist some kids would be able to connect with easily.Though this wasn t for me personally, I will be passing this on to my nieces and nephews and would recommend it to those with kids that like to be read to, or that like to read adventurous stories themselves.

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    I received a copy of this book from Bloomsbury USA Children s Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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