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    Disclaimer While I aim to be unbiased, I received a copy of this for free to review.This book is effectively Hersh s memoirs of persecution from the holocaust, and so it s an incredibly interesting and heartwarming read The author even included some photographs, which help to bring the story to life Of course, the holocaust is something that we should never forget, and so any book which details a survivor s experience is automatically likely to score high.That said, the editing is of a high quality, and the book does look and feel professional I d hate to feel as though it was printed by a vanity press, because with something as unique as this, it really does deserve appropriate treatment and respect Luckily, I think that Hersh has done the subject justice, and his family would have been proud He s doing lots of good work, and this is a great example of it.

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    Having met Arek a few times now and having watched the DVD of his experience, I truly feel like this book best encapsulates and details the horrors of his life and all he experienced I would recommend this book to anyone looking to learn about the Holocaust as it is very accessible and a truly personal account

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    This book is a heart grabbing account of one young Jewish boy from Poland who survived several Nazi concentration and death camps He lost most of his family while undergoing unimaginable torture and horror The evil perpetuated on the world should never be forgotten despite the efforts of historical revisionists.

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    A heart wrenching tale of one mans struggle to survive against brutal inhumanity, degradation and the worst behaviour that mankind has ever witnessed.

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    A really compelling read and a vital depiction of a terrible time A vital read for historians.

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    A truly fascinating story one which everybody should read Arek s account of his childhood from age 11 to 16 is beyond anything any one of us could imagine To live his childhood is to stand as a witness to one of the worst crimes in history From life in German occupied Poland, through a work camp, the Lodz ghetto, and then liquidation to Auchwitz Birkenau, his tale of survival in the face of constant terror and brutality is almost impossible to believe He tells his story in a simple, matter of fact way, that enables the reader to see directly into his memories The fact of his survival is incredible, but as you read his story, you realise that he survived through making his own luck, through his own ingenuity, and because he learned at a very early age to face the reality of just how bad the Nazis were When he and 150 of his fellow orphans were being shipped from Lodz to Auchwitz, he knew not to believe in tales of resettlement, and paid attention to the sorting process when on the platform at their dread destination.As an aside, I think this book would make a very interesting companion to A Long Way Gone , as both are accounts of children forced to grow up before their time due to the brutality of war.

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    After a book swap with my boyfriend history for me, fiction for him I gave him Atonement , I was somewhat apprehensive about this book It is a real life account of a Polish survivor of the Holocaust My history knowledge is rather sparse, and this book was a real eye opener From detailed accounts of Auschwitz conditions, to escape attempts Arek survives against all the odds The level of violence is sickening, and seems very surreal Due to the subject matter it is not a pleasant book, however it is very well written and provides a very real account of the horrendous conditions for Jews during that time I would recommend this book for people who want to have a better understanding of the Holocaust, or those who want to read a historical account from the view of a child.

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    I had the privilege of seeing Arek give an emotionally charged talk during my undergraduate days a few years ago I bought a copy of his book, which he kindly signed for me It s been on my to read pile for all these years but I have finally got round to reading it It s fantastically written and honest to the point of visceral uncomfortableness His tale of lucky survival should be on all school reading lists I ll definitely be recommending this to my older students.

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    A very short and personal account of World War 2 life Would definitely recommend but not for people trying to actually understand world war 2, it is great once you understand the war briefly.

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    A beautiful and inspiring story that will stay with me forever It made me realise that, In the grand scheme of things, my life really isn t that bad.

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