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Kumbhpur Rising pdf Kumbhpur Rising , ebook Kumbhpur Rising , epub Kumbhpur Rising , doc Kumbhpur Rising , e-pub Kumbhpur Rising , Kumbhpur Rising 825a82b3dea Welcome To Kumbhpur A Small Picture Postcard Scenic Tourist Spot In Rural Konkan, Maharashtra Other Than Its Beautiful Beach And The Breathtaking Temple, Kumbhpur Is Known Only For One Thing A Mass Genocide That Took Place Here In A Political Conflict Twenty Years Back, An Event That Is Now Alive Only In The Courtrooms Of Mumbai And In The Minds Of A Few People But Things Are About To Change This Weekend, The Ghosts Of The Bloody Past Have Come Back To Haunt Kumbhpur And Its Population, And For A Group Of Troubled Tourists, For A Serial Killer On Run , For A Pair Of Cops Hunting The Killer And For A Fugitive Retired Solider The Battle Of Their Life Is About To Commence If You Thought Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows, Wait Till You See The Kind Of Alliances The Need To Survive Can Form

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    What happens when a town that is fooled and manipulated, wounded and maimed by merciless tormentors for decades decides to settle scores The result is raw, unapologetic terror which is intricately inscribed into a 300 page rigmarole titled Kumbhpur Rising The story is set in a small, picturesque coastal town which is as lethal as it is harmless Lethal because the town had witnessed a mass genocide and harmless because years of alcohol abuse has left its local populace impotent, dull and oblivious to suffering Enter six city folks, each with a depressing past By the time they ease themselves into this strange land, things change at a dramatic speed Series of killings take place and each murder outvies the other in cruelty As the plot unwinds, and the ghosts from the past returns, the readers are doused with pure, empathetic horror The book is a quick and engrossing read The very first chapter grips you like a powerful clamp and then you are so absorbed into the narrative that you cannot leave the book before finishing it It is unapologetically grotesque and gut wrenching The build up is really good and the story unfolds on its own making readers and uncomfortable with the events going on Mayur s writing is very visual with an eye for detail I found the concept of Heart attack county and Ranbhool very original and enthralling Usually, a thriller does not bear repeat value because of elimination of suspense but Kumbhpur Rising is an exception It s savage, spiteful and unforgiving with a dark sense of humour I have read it once I d love to get a second chance.

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