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    I would first like to note that it took me five days to read this which is quite impressive for me I was also deeply intrigued and deep into the story so it peaked my interest for the most part In the beginning the book read like most apocalyptic type books, characters hiding or running for shelter trying to escape a catastrophe or higher being from taking them We are introduced to Hannah who ends up losing her memory and picks the name Lucy where she adventures on her own and tries to survive There are these men in suits referred to as minutemen who take the survivors I m not one for spoilers however It would be hard to not reveal certain parts to express my opinion on how I thought the book was So I ll be careful from not giving too much away So Lucy is trying to survive and she is determined, she talks to her conscience and eventually meets up with people who are also trying to surviveAs I read up until the point where Lucy begins meeting people I was always under the impression that this book was a survival story and that she was the main characterthat is not the case After a while it stops talking about Lucy altogether and shes not mentioned until the end of the book I kept waiting and waiting for her to return but by the time I realized she was going to I also realized that it was most likely that her role would be brief The book then begins talking about each of the new characters that Lucy comes across Hillary, Madison, Henry, Reggie and two small children There are also two other characters by the names of Charlie and Titus that are introduced My last reveal of this story is that Charlie serves as a main character than Lucy was..which was much to my surprise.So what did I think of this book I was disappointed but I wasn t disappointed until the end which is probably one of the worst places one can be disappointed I wasn t totally disappointed as I did enjoy this book and certain aspects of it which I will explain So what did I enjoy about this book Well it reminded me of several films and television such as Childhood s End , War of the Worlds , I Am Number Four as well as several Twilight Zone episodes and Alien films All of which I enjoyed except for the first film I mentioned I enjoyed the feeling like I was on a journey with Lucy trying to survive and I enjoyed the great mystery behind who the men in black minutemen were and wondering if Lucy would survive and what her destiny would be I liked how different each character was and looked forward to how everyone s role would piece out or entwine I think the author did a wonderful job in painting a visual of the destruction that happened all around the world, the detail to each character, the truth behind the men in black and the at times very intricate conversations the characters had The sheer build up and wonder and the feeling of my concern for the character Lucy s well being are all things to which I came to enjoy and love about this book.What I didn t like about the book First off I didn t like the fact that I thought the book was going to be about Lucy and changed direction entirely While I realized it after a while I still kept hoping which is never a good feeling when reading a book I didn t like change in chapter to each character and the slow explanation of who they were and how they tied in Also the characters seemed to talk around their goal and purpose constantly which I found to be very annoying It kept dragging out and eventually most of the truth and story is explained but I felt by the time it s revealed it comes up much too short and much too late The whole minutemen thing is something I feel still wasn t fully explained and the characters agendas of why they are doing what they are doing gets lost in the shuffle leading a reader like me wondering what the point was Also not sure what a minuteman is even after having completed the book There was so much talk in riddles and different words used to explain what they really were that I am confused as to what they really are I felt the book could have used explaining in a lot of areas Sometimes I had no clue who was talking to who or who was saying what as there was a lack of character said I had to read certain sentences a few times just to try and figure out who was speaking I also found myself confused as to when all of the chapters took place but later realized they all take place before Lucy is introduced to all the characters Finally the thing that did me in was the endingI don t get it, I don t understand it and have no clue how it ties into the story as a whole To me it was a total surprise and I don t much like such spins at the end of books nor do I enjoy a abrupt change I truly just felt given all that happens in the book that the ending just leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth.So did I love this book No Did I hate this book No I enjoyed it It kept me occupied while sitting in a car for days straight and in a waiting room I enjoyed the storyline to a point, the characters in a sense and I very much probably than any other part enjoyed the authors ability to create her own apocalyptic world and in a very detailed manner While I didn t always like how she described and told things I think in the end I can comfortably stand in the middle on how I feel about this book It was enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys apocalyptic books with a deep inner lining of twists and mystery.I would like to thank the author Ann Livi Andrews for giving me a copy of this book I look forward to reading some of your other works.

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    The towns might be hollow but certainly not this story What is happening to the people Why are they disappearing Why are the houses destroyed Who is doing it and why We ask ourselves these many questions and as we read Author Andrews keeps the readers in the dark until the end yet does it in the way that it s not irritating It s just makes us want to go faster, so we may learn what s hidden being all this and who are the culprits The book is divided in two parts The first describes the terror that humans feel not knowing what s happening while they flee what they call the Minutemen We see it mostly through the eyes of Lucy, the main character She has lost her memory and can t even remember her name.The second part brings you behind the scene You get to know another group of people People who know about the events, and yet you re still oblivious to what s really happening I loved the way the author reveals the story little by little, making us guess and wonder how it relates to the first part The suspense is strong throughout the book There s never a dull moment In some weird way it reminded me of the first movie The Matrix and Agent Smith You get the same feeling of mystery around the Minutemen After the book ended, I found myself wondering Who are the minutemen and the Seven exactly My mind came up with a few theories I m sure each reader will find theirs.

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    Full disclosure I received a copy of this book as a beta reader for the purposes of providing critical feedback to the author prior to release The decision to review was my own.First of all, for anyone who read Beginnings, the stories told within are part of this, yes, but this is not a collection of shorts All together, this is a full length novel that jumps from character to character The basic premise is deceptively simple From the first pages, I was led to believe that this was going to be something of a standard post apocalyptic survival story In a way, it is, but in a bigger way, which I will not tell you about, it s much than that Each character has a unique and curious role to play as the world falls apart As I read, I had a lot of questions as to what was actually going on There s a sinister secretiveness that twists through each of the scenes Often, I questioned exactly who we were supposed to be rooting for and who were the bad guys This can be frustrating, but the author uses this device well The payoff is worth the head scratching.I d recommend this book to fans of dystopia, sci fi, horror, or anyone looking for a unique read.

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    After finishing this novel I would say the line from the author s website In the end it was never about us is very appropriate She does a great job of keeping the reader in the dark about things, while gently hinting not all is as it seems I ll admit this can be a bit frustrating, but it definitely kept me interested and coming back to read And isn t that the true measure of a good book One that keeps us reading long after we should have stopped to take care of some real life responsibilities In the end, she made me care about characters possible spoiler who aren t even human end spoiler , and I now I feel like I need to go back and read the story again with the knowledge I have The complaint I have is that I feel like I have questions than answers at the end I have no idea if the author plans for additional books, but I m definitely interested in learning about these characters and their fate.Overall, a good read with a unique take on the apocalypse genre.

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    Ms Andrews paints a bleak, gloomy tale that makes the reader shudder about the possible fate of our planet and humanity itself She introduces the story with suspenseful bits and hints with a slow yet effective pace. The story hooks the reader right from the start, revealing a writing style that is suitable to this reader and for other potential readers who like mystery, suspense, and a carefully woven plot that quickens as the plot unfolds Personally, I would like to know how the antagonists specifically accomplish the missions they set out to execute, how they came into being, and to have some hints about their originality and motivations behind their actions One doesn t have a clear enough picture of who the antagonists really are But then again, the imagination is sparked, and the author dangles bits of a puzzle in one s mind to want to read the next phase of this dark,tale.

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    I received an advanced review copy in exchange for an honest review The first quarter of this book was a little confusing for me, but once I figured out what was going on, it was a great read I never felt like I had or wanted to put it down.

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    The apocalyptic post apocalyptic genre has really spiraled a bit out of control lately what with all the zombie movies and strange science fiction y wasteland adventures that are out there for audiences consumption This sort of story doesn t feel quite as tired as other narrative types, but there s certainly enough of it out there for it to be arguably overdone That said, the genre has so many possibilities to offer, that I often find things that I simply don t expect when I go looking for titles that strike this vein of interest HOLLOW TOWNS by Ann Livi Andrews is one of those titles.I read this as an ARC, so both this rating and the review that follows may not be an exact match of what the final product will be like, but given the extent to which this was polished already, I d say it is going to be pretty close I liked the work a lot, but did have a couple of little gripes with how certain things were done While things like minor editing issues were definitely overlooked due to this being an ARC, I rated the rest of the work just like I would any other piece of writing that I pick up I d also like to point out that my respect for Ann as a person was not taken into consideration when reviewing her writing I kept myself very detached in this regard, and if anything, I held her to a higher standard than most.CHARACTERSThe characters in this book are actually a bit of an acquired taste In the beginning, it all seems a bit strange I wasn t really sure if I was going to be able to connect with any of the characters in the story since there s something a little surreal about each and every one of them That s not to say they are bad, in fact by the end, I realized they are quite good What makes this hard to discern early on, is that this story is by and large an elaborate narrative puzzle to be solved It feels odd and dreamy and that same sense of strangeness is certainly prevalent in the characters as well Each persona that I was introduced to felt like a little mystery within the larger enigma The personalities are definitely distinct, motivations are believable, and dialogue feels authentic, but this is not so much a cast that I found myself connecting with as much as one that I really wanted to learn the truth about It s definitely a rather abnormal way of approaching characters, but it works here 100%.WORLD SETTINGThe world of this story is our world or WAS our world We come in at the start of the apocalypse which is something that initially attracted me to wanting to read this A lot of stories start off after a catastrophic event has occurred, but this story puts us into a world that is in the process of burning out Nothing is really what it seems though and by the end of the novel I actually questioned if this was indeed our world at all This may seem like a strange comment to make, but that is because the world we get in HOLLOW TOWNS is both the strongest and the weakest part of this novel.A lot of why the plot works is because I was kept so in the dark about what was really happening The wild twist and turns that Andrews treats readers to are a genuine delight, but they do come at a price I can t really say anything without giving away some massive spoilers, but essentially a lot of the surprises are assisted by things simply not being described in full This is a double edged sword because on one hand, the picture feels incomplete in some spots, but on the other, I feel like I would have been able to guess some of the ending twists had I been given a bit visual detail It s a really tough situation to judge since I don t know that I can say whether or not the choices made were the right ones The level of description doesn t feel too inconsistent, except in some areas that I will mention in the next section, but at the same time, there may be readers out there who will find this a frustrating trait since they don t yet understand how it works as a mechanic within the plot The main reason this didn t really affect my personal enjoyment was because there were some scenes that were really wonderfully described so I knew that the author had it in her to render a moment in full detail and was simply choosing not to in certain areas It s a very interesting tossup and one that I d really love to chat with other people about because I am still a little conflicted about it.PLOT TONELike the characters, the overarching tone is something that I had to develop a taste for I ve read eerie, paranormal fiction before, but it s been a while since I ve read anything quite like this In fact, I m not sure I ve ever read anything precisely like this While it took a little while to get used to, I felt myself really getting into it once the story started to pick up The plot seems really bizarre at the onset and it does stay that way throughout , but when I started to learn about what was going on, I realized how appropriate such a tone was as a companion to the plot It s hard to say that much on this subject without spoiling anything There are several points in the novel where the perspective switches and as these switches are made, I suddenly found that everything I thought I knew got turned upside down and I started reading an entirely different story than the one I THOUGHT I was reading It s a really clever trick the way that this all comes together and it s one of those books that one might want to read a second time through to look for things they might have missed the first time around.Normally I would write a little on the plot and a little on the tone, but as you can probably tell from the paragraph above, these two elements are really one in the same One does not exist without the other, nor does one really function without being supported by the complimentary component One complaint I did have is that there were stretches that felt WAY too heavy on the dialogue and desperately needed some description It didn t have to be anything too telling, but mixing in a bit of action would have broken up a couple of chapters that kind of read a bit like a play because of how much back and forth they involve Much of this story is very direct and to the point, but still, excessive dialogue can be cumbersome and since the rest of the novel is so well balanced in this regard, the areas where it is skewed feel that much flawed.CONCLUSIONHOLLOW TOWNS is a compelling and exciting read, though not for the same reasons that most other books are and I think that s a good thing The only other piece of media I can liken it to at this time is the movie,INCEPTION I know that s an over referenced film and I m sorry, but the analogy truly works INCEPTIONis neither a great action movie nor a fantastic suspense film.What makes it a great movie in my opinion is the cerebral intrigue that ties all of the pieces together It takes thought and concentration in order to enjoy and by the end, most viewers will be a little breathless.The same concept applies to HOLLOW TOWNS Plot wise it is nothing like INCEPTION, but it does share that mind game quality that sets it apart from other stories Neither Andrews characters nor the world that serves as the backdrop are particularly exceptional on their own What makes this such a breathtaking piece of fiction is all of the moving and shifting parts that weave together this brilliant set of puzzles to be solved I felt that it was a rather daring and unconventional approach to take, but ultimately one that pays off It s also a decently sized work, but I found it to be a relatively quick read at the same time and once I got near the back 100 pages, there was no putting this down for me.

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    In my experience, one of the most rewarding parts of being an indie author has been meeting and interacting with other indie authors, both in person and online It was through one of these interactions that I came across Hollow Towns by Ann Livi Andrews, the creator of the Support for Indie Authors group on Goodreads I was immediately intrigued by the book s premise and deciding to read it was a no brainer Hollow Towns is the story of the end of the world, told from the points of view of both those trying to survive the end of days and those who brought it about This particular apocalypse comes in the form of dark storm clouds that leave whole cities destroyed, abandoned and covered in ash in their wake Those who survive the intense storms are rounded up by teams of mysterious men dressed in black The story starts with a focus on Hannah, who has survived until now with her family by staying hidden in their home When her father goes missing, though, she ventures out only to get caught and knocked unconscious in a collapsing building She eventually comes to, but has no memory of her past She settles upon the name Lucy for herself and heads out to find other survivors Shortly after, she encounters a survivor named Hillary, who makes her feel uneasy, but decides to stick with her They soon come across a group led by Madison which inexplicably agitates Hillary, who quickly abandons the new group Nothing Lucy encounters is as it seems, however, as the focus then shifts to Charlie, one of the men in black, and the intricate plan he has enacted to capture Hannah Lucy, with his team Madison, Hillary, et all posing as survivors to gain her trust.Hollow Towns is written in a breathless, page turning style that grabs the reader from the first page I had no idea what was going on, but I was immediately into it True story, a few days after starting the book, I woke up from a dream wherein I was one of the survivors in the book, running through an ash covered forest from an unseen adversary if that doesn t show the power of Andrews writing style, I don t know what does I will say, though, there were a few times, especially in the conversations between Charlie and The Seven, the mysterious assembly that oversees the end of the world, where I felt as though I was the guy at the table who isn t in on the joke which, as a reader, was frustrating However, the unknown elements of the story really pushed me to race through the book I had to know where the story was going and, ultimately, what was going on And while the outlook for Hannah Lucy and the other survivors may be grim, the ending hints that the story is really only just beginning for Charlie, Madison and their team as they move on to their next mission, a story I hope Andrews continues someday.

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    At first this novel seems to be a post apocalyptic story, but as the story progresses it felt like science fiction The story is well written, well paced and is told through multiple viewpoints For most of the novel I didn t have much idea of what was going on, but that drove me to read on However, I think the story would ve been stronger if the reader was given backstory and shown the viewpoint of those behind the disappearance of Earth s population Nevertheless, this story is unique and I hope there will be a sequel.

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