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    A decent but unremarkable 1980s novel I am loath to call it adventure fiction, since the disaster promised by its title occupies relatively little of the book Most of the plot deals with the build up to that climax, and does so quite successfully, holding interest throughout Stern did his homework in researching tsunamis but still got some details wrong an unreasonably high Richter reading from a landslide, wrongly assuming evenly radial spread of the wave energy, and the color of the water An implausible set of coincidences, as Stern has his characters themselves admit, was needed to bring the tsunami to the southern California setting The romantic subplots sometimes seemed only slightly less contrived Still, the characters and the plot were interesting and entertaining.

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    partly suspenseful also sad in places just a quick read without a whole lot to think about and the day i read it i just wanted to get lost in something easy to read this fulfilled that goal.

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    RDC M V 4 1988, 12 88 Another disaster story, this time a giant wave hits California Okay.

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Tsunami! download Tsunami!, read online Tsunami!, kindle ebook Tsunami!, Tsunami! 9b08b2ac11e1 With All The Craft, Drama, And Storytelling Magic For Which He Is Known, Richard Martin Stern Traps His Readers In The Web Of Ambitions, Professions, Love Affairs, Intrigues, Politics, And Passions Of The Community Of Encino Beach, California Meanwhile, Deep Under The Sea, Great Forces Are Building Toward A Massive Geologic Shift That Will Start A Great Wave, A Tsunami, Racing Across The Ocean AtMiles An HourAt First It Is A Wave No Than A Foot High, Moving At Fantastic Speed But As It Reaches The Shallower Waters Near Land It Begins To Slow And Rise In Constricted Bays And Coves, It Becomes A Mountain Of Water Hundreds Of Feet High, Capable Of Instantly Destroying Anything Made By Man The Citizens Of Encino Are Warned, And Thus They Begin Their Own Human, Seismic Upheavals When The Tsunami Reaches The Shore, Mr Stern S Story Reaches An Overwhelming ClimaxThis Is Also A Story Of People Silly People, Intelligent People, Good People, Bad People, Courageous People, Frightened People, Some Generous, Some Selfish, Some Scarcely Worth Consideration Except That They Are Part Of The Whole Reacting To A Natural Catastrophe