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Journey Through an Arid Land pdf Journey Through an Arid Land , ebook Journey Through an Arid Land , epub Journey Through an Arid Land , doc Journey Through an Arid Land , e-pub Journey Through an Arid Land , Journey Through an Arid Land 071257a5611 Wiona Rutherford Is Barely Keeping Her Head Above The Dust As She Struggles To Manage Her Dilapidated Ranch And A Mother Who Is Lapsing Into Dementia To Make Matters Worse, The Ranch, Located In The Arid, Mountain Corridor That Is The Border Between Mexico And Southeast Arizona, Is A Major Crossing For Illegal Aliens Although Wiona Is Sympathetic To Those Who Undertake This Dangerous Journey, She Is Sick To Death Of The Damage They Leave Behind Then She Comes Upon A Lone Woman And Her Just Born Baby On The Cold Ground Under An Oak Tree Gayle Jandrey Has Created An Enthralling Human Drama Set Within The Complex And Dynamic World Of Today S Mexican American Border Region Living Within This Turbulent Setting Is Wiona, A Tough Independent Rancher Competing In A Strictly Male Profession, And Stokey, A Veteran Border Patrol Agent Burdened With Family Issues As He Patrols A Darwinian Landscape Of Desperate Migrant Travelers Seeking A Better Life And The Malevolent Human Coyotes That Exploit Them Like Some Type Of Cash Commodity Jandrey S Book Gives An Accurate Portrayal Of The Danger, Fear, Desperation, And Sometimes Hope That Is Played Out On Our Busiest Border On A Daily Basis I Found It A Good Read And A Difficult Book To Put Down Cameron Hintzen, Assistant Chief Patrol Agent US Border Patrol Retired Jandrey Tackles The Border Drama With Brutal Honesty, Dishing Up A Meaty Stew Of Characters Some You Ll Love To Hate, Some You Ll Hate To Love Gerry Hernbrode, Author Of Provincial Justice For Many Years G Davies Jandrey Worked At Tucson Magnet High School In Tucson, Arizona Where Many Of Her Students Were Mexican Nationals, And Many Of Those Were Undocumented In Addition, She Worked As A Fire Lookout In The Chiricahua Mountains Of Southeast Arizona For Five Seasons These Mountains, Heavily Traveled By Drug Mules And Undocumented Immigrants, Form A Backdrop For Journey Though An Arid Land She Is The Author Of A Garden Of Aloes, A Novel Set Along Tucson S Notorious Miracle Mile, And Lives In The Desert Outskirts Of Tucson With Her Husband And Fellow Desert Rat, Fritz Jandrey

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    G Davies Jandrey s Journey Through An Arid Land brings the people and landscape of the Arizona Mexico border to life, without treading too heavily on issues of politics or social need The background of characters from both sides of the physical border, and from both sides of its legal restraints, are convincingly woven into stories of real people a Mexican woman who longs to be with her husband an American man who longs to be with his wife those who own property, and those who don t those whose lives follow the rules of society, and those on different paths As the journey progresses, there are lands of the heart just as arid as Arizona s desert.Four women take center place in this tale, for all that it s a murder mystery where detective and suspects are men, and a social mystery where the victims are children too young to understand Wiona is bound to the present Emma speaks the past, but just might turn to see the future Belen lives in limbo and fear And Lucy opens her heart to reveal both hurt and hope.Stokey, meanwhile, patrols the border, obeys the rules, and maintains a human decency and concern The past has hurt him too, and the future seems betrayed, offering another arid land from the title another place between hurt and hope.The truth is, we all make our journeys when life s promise fails This novel reveals the common bonds between us, and the present flowers of the desert which might be seen if we open our eyes It also reveals the darkness of human cruelty and greed, the desert s danger that cannot be denied, whatever political views are espoused.Disclosure I was given a free copy, and I loved it.

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    I found this book very entertaining Story starts with 3 separate stories and one wonders how they all fit together In the end it all becomes clear.

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