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Protection chapter 1 Protection, meaning Protection, genre Protection, book cover Protection, flies Protection, Protection fe7b68eec59db Adrian Isn T Looking For A Boyfriend He S Focused On School And Social Situations Make Him Anxious When His Mother Encourages Him To Make A Friend And Be Outgoing, He Takes A Chance At A Party It Doesn T Live Up To Expectations His Classmates Ignore Him And The Alcohol Tastes Bad Worse Oliver Finds Him Moping In The BathroomOliver, The Class Clown And Know It All, Might Grate Adrian S Last Nerve, But He S The Only One Paying Adrian Any Attention Not Only Does Oliver Flirt Him Into A Bedroom, He Charms Adrian S Pants Off Adrian Loses His Virginity To A Man He Doesn T Even Like And In The Morning His Anxiety Spirals Into Full Panic They Didn T Use Protection And Popular With Everyone Oliver Insists They Need To Get TestedAdrian Is Sure This Isn T The Kind Of Friendship His Mother Meant And He Tries To Distance Himself But It Turns Out Oliver S Brash Personality Is Just A Mask To Hide His Own Insecurities And Family Embarrassments Adrian Can Relate Oliver May Be A Know It All, Yet Adrian Can T Abandon Him Besides, They Still Need Their Test Results But How Can The Popular Kid Be Friends With Him When Adrian Doesn T Want To Come Out Of His Shell

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    Adrian is the least sympathetic character I ve read in a while Apparently he suffers crippling anxiety but it s never shown instead we get how he s never thought of never ever tried never yeah he s incredibly disinterested in life and rude and abrasive on top of that.Oliver a fragile joker, a slut desperate for love, is interesting I kept thinking the poor boy needed to meet someone decent, someone good who d value him, and not seeing that in Adrian It felt like settling and I pitied him There was no believable chemistry.The plot is as stated in the blurb It felt like a pamphlet given out as schools, a moralistic little tale about using protection or accurately a message about going without, taking some risks and seeing where it takes you There was a big emphasis on protection and testing, though using it as the major plot devise to get the characters together, gave a very confused message.Also some editting issues though it amused me imagining a well trimmed groan Didn t work for me on any level.Nice cover though.

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    This was a nice little story, but it didn t quite deliver My main issue was that the relationship development wasn t believable Adrian was a complete jerk to Oliver And even after a chance encounter gives them a second chance, Adrian s change of heart wasn t really explained except that Oliver was the only person paying him any attention whatsoever Oliver was a sweetheart who seems happy go lucky on the outside, but has hidden depths and insecurities But to be honest, I m not sure what he saw in Adrian He admits the first hook up was just an I m drunk, you re cute, let s do this And after that it really seems like he s just so lonely he ll take whoever he can get I think the STD scare was supposed to create drama, but I never even entertained the possibility they could be positive It sorta felt thrown in at the beginning which, let s be honest, they were both complete idiots , and then again at the end to give a clear and obvious happy ending It wasn t really necessary, despite being the primary set up Lastly, I ve read a lot of books with a MC who has severe anxiety, they re a favorite trope of mine But besides the frequent embarrassment, I never felt Adrian s anxiety He never even came close to a panic attack, and while I believed that yes the character has anxiety, it felt like of an excuse a lot of the times The characters are good despite Adrian needing to be less of an ass , but a little length and relationship development would have done this story wonders Oliver slowly bringing Adrian out of his shell, and Adrian supporting Oliver with his Mum Not a bad short, just not great either I would give this author another chance if something stood out Received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, reviewed for Hearts On Fire

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    This was just a glimpse into their beginning, and I thought it deserved a bit than it got I felt like it cut off too suddenly, especially after raising such an important subject as unprotected sex and the possible repercussions.Both MCs were nice, if a bit stupid in their sexual endeavors, but the romance didn t feel believable I felt let down by the author for building the plot on the two men having unprotected sex, and then creating a relationship out of their need to get tested I liked that the author gave both of them a bit of characterization, and set them up for an opposites attract kind of scenario The line between love and hate is sometimes thin, indeed, but the changes in Adrian s view of Oliver came on a bit too fast for my liking.I did like that Oliver, for all his bravado and loudness, was given some insecurities, which were explained by his home life, which then felt a bit too cliched for my taste.Overall 3 stars There were some things I liked, and some I did not, the book being too short as one of the latter I received a free copy of this book from its publisher A positive review was not promised in return.

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    Badgered into socializing with his fellow students, Adrian reluctantly accepts an invitation to a party near his college He s pretty sure that the invitation came by his proximity to the group being invited than by any real desire to have him actually come, but he promised his mother he would try to be outgoing So off he goes and it is as bad as he thought it would be Too many people in too small a space and not a one of them interested in him That is until Oliver barges into the bathroom Adrian is hiding out in, and sets about drunkenly seducing Adrian.While this is hardly the way he expected to lose his virginity it was the lack of protection used that really flips Adrian out Now he has to deal with the consequences of one night s drunken tumble in the sheets, as well as the conflicting feelings growing for Oliver.I saw this book when it came out and knew that I wanted to read it Luckily I was able to snag the review copy for Love Bytes I ve read several books by T.T Kove and have enjoyed them all immensely Plus I kinda just like the cover I m a huge sucker for a good cover.This is very much a quick slice of life between Oliver and Adrian And because of that the ending is definitely HFN than HEA, but the realist in me actually prefers it that way Very few times is a few days of knowing someone going to end up with the two people madly and continually in love till death do they part Even if this is not a romance for the ages, it is still a very good love story All awkward firsts and doubting seconds.I have a feeling Adrian and I would get along great We both suffer in social situations In fact reading the opening scene of this story was like taking a transcript of the voices in my head whenever I am forced into large groups of people Sadly, cute dudes don t seem to want to seduce me in random bathrooms or anywhere else, for that matter Um not that I want to be seduced in bathrooms That is kinda squicky.As we read we learn about Oliver and Adrian, and they start to grow from simple characters into fully realized people I would have loved for this to be longer because by the time the story really gets going it ends I want to know about Oliver s home life, or how Adrian and him handle their rather slapdash relationship Just so many things left uncovered that I wanted to hear about.I really enjoyed this story The characters were good, and it was entertaining to read Especially the sex I do really love when the sex scenes are less than perfect And well, there is certainly some highly entertaining, if not porn worthy, sex in this book But seeing as Adrian is a virgin to begin with, I think we should cut him some slack.Though the condom thing he really ought to have known better As we all should This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways Click below.

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    Adrian pushed himself out of his comfort zone by going to party and being with actual people So while at the party he decides he s just going to hide out until everyone leaves and then he can sneak away This right here was weird to me Huh Why don t you just leave Nobody was making him stay, he was just worried that leaving would draw attention to himself Again huh He s discovered in his hiding spot by Oliver Oliver and Adrian have a class together but have never actually spoken Oliver is drunk, talks up Adrian and decides to go for it In the rush of things they have unprotected sex and then have to deal with the repercussions the next day.That s where their story begins.Can I say that Adrian is one of the most unlikable characters I ve encountered He s so rude and off putting It s said that he suffers from anxiety, but that didn t translate to me He just came off as an ass He very rude towards Oliver and, honestly, I have no idea what Oliver saw in him.I liked the whole opposites attract theme going on here Where Adrian is quiet and to himself, Oliver is outgoing and friendly But I felt like both these characters were cliched and things felt forced Even though Oliver was likable, neither character was particularly believable.The ending was rushed and unfinished I didn t believe in their HEA but I really didn t care about it either, since neither guy really struck a chord with me.

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    Ummm, so this did not work for me.I thought the writing was fine but the strange storyline wasoff putting I didn t care for or connect with either of the guys.Yeah, this was just a wide miss Didn t even come close to hitting the target frowns I struggled to finish and in the end, wish I wouldn t have Still plan on trying of Kove s work though..better luck next time, right 2 stars

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    I think this story might have been a joke It literally read like a public service announcement on everything from casual sex to drinking The characters were so ridiculous it doesn t seem like it can be for real I laughed a lot and it was free I don t think the author s first language is English, in fact it just can t be now that I think about it everything was so weird including the prose and dialogue.

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    Not much I can say about this It was an okay read, about finding who you are, what you want in life.A typical NA story The ending was not very satisfying, maybe because it s short, or just focused on sex.Not a disappointment, not as great either.Compliments for the cover, it s cute.

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    This romance starts off on unsteady feet because it starts with something not often covered in romance at least the ones I read a drunken toss in the sheets without protection This one night of drunken oops ties the two main characters together for better or worse Often, in M F relationships this is done through a pregnancy scare in this M M pairing, it s done through an STD scare It is a bit realistic these things happen, and I do like the way it was handled The characters themselves are real I can relate to Adrian s anxiety and anti social tendencies Oliver seems shallow at first, but when you look deeper, you find someone with his own insecurities On the whole, they fit together rather well.This is a Euro read Norwegian, I believe So some of the references and words for things may throw American readers off, as well as some of the social mannerisms.

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    Firstly, loved the cover, it s gorgeous.Really enjoyed these two characters bumbling their way to something like a relationship It was a bit clumsy the way the characters went about things , but the clumsiness made it feel genuine It definitely ended too soon for me, and I hope there is a sequel in the works.

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