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The BillionWere pdf The BillionWere , ebook The BillionWere , epub The BillionWere , doc The BillionWere , e-pub The BillionWere , The BillionWere 5767f2ee1f0 The Billionaire Has Then One Secret When Malinda Rose Accepted A Job As A Live In Nanny At A Plush Mansion In Manhattan It Sounded Easy Room, Board And A Nice Paycheck, However She Had No Idea What She Was Letting Herself In For The Owner Of The Mansion Is Reclusive Billionaire Garrett Millieur A Man Who Surprises Her With His Youthful Good Looks And Attractively Authoritative Nature Amongst Other Things, He Makes An Odd Request, That His Son Brandon Must NEVER Leave The Mansion EVER It Is Clear To Malinda That The Stunning Garrett Has Many Secrets And As She Gets Closer To Him, It Seems She Is Going To Find Out Everything She Ever Wanted To Know About His Dark And Furry Side And She Might Just Like What She Finds This Is A Stunning Paranormal Billionaire Romance Filled With Mystery, Secrets, Adventure Alongside Lots Of Hot Mating An Absolute Must Read For Anyone Who Enjoys Shifter Romances With A Billionaire Twist WARNING Contains Scenes Of An Adult Nature Only Read If You Are

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    Who accepts an explanation of a dog that likes to climb trees Dumb.Also, the heroine wasn t given any parameters of her job It didn t make sense Her reactions were immature, including her feelings for the hero I had zero respect for both of them.DNF 30%

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    Okay, the world where shifters retain barely any of their human nature is interesting I liked and disliked that in equal parts.That s the only thing about reading this book that I could say that was positive Most of the irritations were already listed in abundance in other reviews so Ill just throw some out there quick like Then I m gonna move on and forget I read this book 1 The h wasn t just stupid, she was a complete idiot SO ANNOYING I m just surprised she had made it that far in life without being killed By anyone 2 The H s life Seriously WHO THE FUCK would decide bad guy out there that s cool, I just keep letting him kill my staff members and never let my son leave my house, there is no other options Except for later in the book when he talks about all the other shifters out there and his old friends who would think to ask any of them for help Obviously not our incredibly stupid H 3 How many times did they kill the bad guy without actually checking if he s, you know, dead Or at least captured You d think after dealing with a psycho of this capacity for years, and losing his baby mama, the H would have been a little on the ball with chopping that dudes head off It felt like I was reading a Halloween movie, where the bad guy just doesn t die Because of this the book just draaaaaaaaaged on and on and on I m surprised I finished it This isn t the worst book I ve ever read, but I don t recommend it To anyone.

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    What did I just read half of At first I was enjoying where the book was going, but then I was left a little confused I wish it was a little romance and less history lesson.

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    There s a bunch of Spoilers In the review Part I Of The Review The book, is actually good, I really don t know the genre to be exact I assume it s between Paranormal Romance, with a little bit of Erotica too I m like Malinda, here because I would ve been just like here, I m curious as heck If I want to know something I gotta know That s why I hate when someone say I gotta tell you something , and never tell me When she found out he was a wolf , lol like man That s something I tell you I do wonder if his son is a wolf or maybe he just want to keep his son away from himself But, then, I was surprise well, no not really especially when he actually wasn t a wolf but he s actually a bear I didn t see that one coming Summary I from the book Lmao, when she gave the cab driver the dollar bill I thought that was by far the funniest thing I heard of The books I find and read always end up beginning hilarious in some way That cab driver, was mad as heck, who wouldn t be after driving you someone somewhere and get no pay Yeah that one dollar wasn t no pay Summary II from the book Bruh wtf, hell nah lmao He was fusing at the rat like omg that was hilarious I see why he was cursing and scowling LMFAO It was his best friend butler Winslow I believe Can t really say, since I m listening to it on audible When he turn back onto human form She said he March pass her pecker swinging in the wind And that he was scrawny and pitiful sight to see LMFAO Part II OF Review Raul, is a worse some piece of shit I was waiting patiently for Garret and Malinda to kill that evil wolf I believe Raul was just jealous of Garrett and what he had from beginning probably before Garrett even killed his wife Well actually he didn t kill his wife since she fell off the cliff charging at Garrett After, Garret, butler Winslow tried to rape Malinda I didnt hear anything else about him since lol I wonder if he died with the rest of the house mates Also, poor little Brandon, he been through hell and back, that freaking Raul bothering him I also, liked how Brandon got call him Young Master Brandon He wasn t cocky with it at all But I do think he Garrett should ve told his son about what he was instead of hiding it from him and look what happened And lastly thank God Raul died I knew it would be Malinda the one who killed him lol P S I like how she cared for Brandon as if he s her own This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast.

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    Why do people like this book

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    This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast.As a whole, I enjoyed the story of Malinda and Garrett Malinda Rose has been in New York City for a while, and is now unemployed and having no luck finding a job She is ready to give up her dreams and go back home to live with her parents.Garrett Millieur is a billionaire recluse who lives in a sprawling mansion in New York with his 10 year old son, Brandon Widowed, Garrett is in need of a new Nanny for Brandon, one who will follow his orders without question, watch over, and care for his son As a last ditch attempt to remain in New York, Malinda applies for the position of Brandon s Nanny Though she has no training in this field, she and Brandon share an immediate connection and Garrett hires her on the spot Will he live to regret his decision Malinda is very headstrong and does not understand, or see a reason, why Brandon has to be kept inside the mansion at all times.Malinda is tempted, than once, to quit her new job, especially when Garrett finds out she s taken Brandon out of the mansion, into the city, and is furious with her Even locking her in her room He still will not explain the reason behind his anger, but Malinda fears for Brandon s sanity and safety and remains on the job.The story unfolds with a few surprises sprinkled in that kept me listening to find out the answers to all of Malinda s questions While parts of the story were fairly predictable, the heart of it was still a surprise for me The author has created an interesting and unique shifter world and I enjoyed her take on it.I did not care for the narrator She was very breathy and overly dramatic in areas that did not really call for dramatic, yet she seemed flat and unemotional in other areas That being said, the story itself still held my interest and I did enjoy it.

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    Few Spoilers Here and there This book, was actually really good Wish I had read it earlier Worth the read I liked the story, the title had me thinking that Garrett was a Werewolf, but in the end Raul was the wolf and Garrett was the bear I kept saying after Malinda was Bitten by Raul, she and Garrett going to end up having half wolves and half bears babies or some could end up as bears and the other half end up as wolves Hilarious Lol, I did wonder why Raul just didn t bit Garrett son he kept on taking him from under their nose but he Bitten Malinda trying to take her away from Garrett I knew she wasn t going nowhere no matter if she was turn into a wolf Her heart already belong to Garrett They were bonded the first day she came But I m Also, like how in the hell could she be a nanny when she only watch him like 2 times or was it once lol Smh This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast.

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    I believe this is the first book from this author that I have read, and I can honestly say I truly enjoyed it She has taken the paranormal and given it a new twist and then some When Malinda found herself down to her last dollar, desperate for work, she wonders if she wouldn t be better off returning back to her mothers home out west, leaving the city she loves behind By chance, she comes across a discarded newspaper at the diner, with the employment adds opened, only to read one that catches her eye It s not her ideal choice of employment, but at this point, almost anything will do If only she knew what her new post as Nanny to young Brandon was about to become.Garrett has a secret A huge secret that only a few select people know about He also has a young son that needs protection, not only from his secret, but from the evil that lurks outside of his mansion As soon as he begins the interview with Malinda, he knows he has to hire her There is something there A pull of fate that won t let her walk away.The author has written an extremely fast paced, full length novel, that will have you on the edge of your seat until you finish reading it The suspense, action, pain, gore and heat is almost overwhelming.almost If you are looking for something new with a huge twist or two, this is definitely a book you will not want to miss Great read

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    Although enjoyable, I felt it was far longer than it needed to be and there were sections that really didn t need to be in the book This is a romance between Malinda and Garrett Malinda is down on her luck and has just decided to return home having failed in living her dream when she sees an advert for a live in nanny to a 10 year old boy When she turns up for the interview, she discovers that the home address is actually a mansion and despite a rather disdainful British butler sniffing at her, she is given the job The boy in question is Brandon and his widowed father is Garrett, a very secretive billionaire businessman who doesn t allow his son to leave the grounds.This book isn t about just werewolves but about shifters of all types Garrett is a shifter who is at odds with his animal half and he sees the animal in him as a demon Despite the various types of shifters in this book, the human world doesn t know about their existence so it doesn t make sense when later in the book, 3 shifters are loose on the streets of New York in full view of the human public.It was an easy book to read even though it does go off on a tangent sometimes but I m not sure that I would read any other work by this author Primarily because I thought it was too long winded.

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    An unbelievable story of shifters, lovers and family A five star rating was an easy choice There isn t a dull moment in this one Ms Valentina has created a unique shifter story This is not your sexy billionaire meets curvy girl and they fall in love Not at all, oh he s sexy very hot She is irresistibly drawn to him and he to her, but there is much going on here.She stands up to the surly rich man, and he hires her to nanny his ten year old son Brandon is a smart lively boy who is never allowed outside of his mansion Malina Doesn t understand and takes him out to the park Garret is not pleased While he cannot tell her why the restriction he makes his point and the truth soon comes out You will find the evil enemy one of the worst villains ever He just keeps coming back The effort to lead a life and deal with his secrets makes life even difficult.Malina has always been a positive thinker, however this life is not an easy one but she is attached to both of them.Read this compelling story to find out how they come to terms with life, their enemy, can love survive One of the best shifter books I have read A very strong recommend from me.I was provided and ARC for an honest review.

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