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    2 stars Non communication, how I hate you Jago and Will are best friends from sixth grade, and last summer they have become even than that, though it was never defined Will broke up because they went to different universities, but Jago hasn t really got over him Now Jago is home for the holidays, and they pick up where it was left off, but they don t talk about it There was no other conflict but the lack of communication Jago and Will were cute and hot together, but I expected .

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    4.5 I loved this sweet story about two best friends, who became lovers the summer before uni, reconnecting over the winter holidays I could easily have read a hundred pages about Will and Jago Even though this was a short story, the setting and characters, including Jago s family and Will and Jago s mates, were well developed There was a nice bit of tension, some sexy groping, a failed pirate costume, and the perfect beginning to a new year.The ending left a big grin on my face These British college boys will warm you right up any time of year This story is available for free download, so there s absolutely no reason not to read it.

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    Aww this was lovely and it was free Will and Jago have a holiday romance but Will breaks it off when they both move on to Uni in different cities Jago still has feelings for the guy so when he comes home for a break and finds Will is there too, he s unsure as to how things will be when they re together again but he s happy to take anything he can from him Its New year so will it mean new beginnings or is this just going to turn out to be another short fling A freebie well worth picking up for that moment when you need something short , sweet and satisfying I like Jays writing style very much No money involved Go read

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    Now this,this is what I m talking about This was a fabulous shortie and Jay lured me right in.I m a sucka for Brit boys and well done second chancesthis pleasantly delivered both Loved the boys, loved the writing, loved the smexy.ohh, and the price Can t beat it, so just read it 4 home is where your heart is stars

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    Una historia muy cortita, para un viaje en autob s Agradable.

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    Se lee en un suspiro No ha estado mal.Vuelta a casa de la uni y reecuentro con tu ex del verano Son una monada estos jovenzuelos

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    3 Stars Short and sweet.

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    3.5 stars When Jago felt Will s arms around him again it felt like coming home It s no secret I m a sucker for second chance romances All that angst that usually accompanies it ah, what can I say, I just love it Coming Home wasn t all that angsty it was on the cute side but it definitely was the second time the main characters were giving their relationship a chance This time for real.Jago and Will were best friends from sixth form college whatever that means , and it was a friendship that turned into something Unfortunately, the summer they became than friends was the summer before they started uni in different towns So they made a clean break, even though Jago s heart was against that decision, and when he came back home from uni for the holidays, he was reminded just where his heart belongs, and, luckily, this time both Jago and Will are open about their feelingsThis was such a sweet story I wouldn t change it one bit I do hope they make it.

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Coming Home download Coming Home, read online Coming Home, kindle ebook Coming Home, Coming Home 5fba62487e8a This Is An ACE Of ASIN BGYFRW Coming HomeJago Returns To His Home In The Wilds Of Cornwall, And Is Looking Forward To Catching Up With Old Friends After A Term Away At University When He S Reunited With Will His Best Mate From Sixth Form College And Last Summer S Fling Jago S Feelings For Him Are Rekindled And Impossible To IgnoreOver The Short Winter Break, Jago Can T Resist Taking Whatever Will S Offering But Will The New Year Bring New Beginnings Or Will Jago Be Left With Bittersweet Memories And A Heart That Needs To Heal Again