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The Coconut Oil Cure files The Coconut Oil Cure , read online The Coconut Oil Cure , free The Coconut Oil Cure , free The Coconut Oil Cure , The Coconut Oil Cure b68a7725b All You Need To Take Advantage Of Coconut Oil S Many Health Benefits With The Coconut Oil Cure, You Hold The Key To Improved Health And Beauty Using A Tropical Fruit Prized For Its Healing Properties And Versatile Applications In Addition To Delicious Recipes That Help You Lose Weight And Lower Inflammation, You Ll Find Step By Step Instructions For Creating Natural, Effective Remedies Like Healing Massage Creams, Therapeutic Skin Treatments, And Sumptuous Anti Aging Potions An Easy To Understand Overview Of Coconut Oil And Its Many Uses In Improving Overall Health And Wellness Simple Recipes For Natural Cosmetics Like Bronzing Cinnamon Body Butter And Coconut Oil Beach Hair Spray Effective Recipes To Soothe And Cure Common Ailments Such As Dandruff, Skin Rashes, And Sore Throats Delicious Recipes That Make It Easy To Cook With Coconut, Including Many Vegan And Paleo Friendly Dishes A Handy Shopper S Guide To Ensure You Purchase The Right Type And Quality Of Coconut Oil For Your Personal Needs Plus, You Ll Find Ten Bonus Recipes From The Bestselling Paleo For Beginners By Sonoma Press To Help You Achieve Your Best Health By Eating Like Your Ancestors

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    Very enjoyable read includes lots of recipes for your body inside and out, with new ideas as well.

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    The Coconut Oil Cure Essential Recipes and Remedies to Heal Your Body Inside and Out Sonoma Press Oct 5 26, 2016 NOTE Appendix B The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen is a must read I started reading this book as filler in between my fiction reading It reads fast when I am reading it, but I broke it up into the parts indicated.The intro makes a note that the book is to read as needed, not necessarily from cover to cover As such, I skipped over the parts that I didn t find helpful for myself, others mind find these part differently My skips were food related, as I use primarily coconut oil in all my cooking, and for my granola mix, but not for much else.I was far interested in the Understanding Coconut Oil and the home remedies, which I felt were very spot on Note this only amounted to about 1 3 of the book After this section, as noted above, were mostly recipes and I only skimmed that portion.If you are looking for home remedies with coconut uses, I strongly recommend this book It was well written and I have used several of these remedies to generally good success I m sure though that this book has something for everyone, from home care, health care and food recipes Pick and choose as you see fit For me, I only read the first third of the book The recipes were mostly too fancy Although the Bugs Be Gone is definitely a health care recipe I will try next summer The book also contains paleo and vegan recipes.Three stars.

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    OutstandingWhether you want to cook with it or use it for your beauty products, this has you covered For some time I have always wondered what was all the uproar about coconut oil People talk about using it for food or hair But what else is there Thus book gives you a pretty good run down of everything I love it and will be using these recipes they provide for everything At first, I was not to sure about the book I thought it would be boring but I was wrong It gives you a brief history about it plus shows you what you can do with each part of the coconut For instance, use the fur husk for add in on your potting soil Give the book a try, you will not be disappointed I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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    Lots of uses for Coconut OilSo much information in this book about Coconut Oil There are instructions for healing massage creams, therapeutic skin creams, and recipes to eat If you want to know all about Coconut oil this is the book to get I received this product in exchange for my honest review My opinions are solely my own and I haven t been influenced in no way.

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    excellent resource with good ideas

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    Learned a lot about coconut oilThis was a great book for finding out what coconut oil can do for you Can t wait to try some of the recipes in this book.

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    Good easy and informative r readingit was easy readingThis was the first book about the benefits of coconut and it s oil that I have read

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    Coconut Oil CureExcellent read Very informative Everything you could possibly want and need to know about the wonderful coconut Highly recommend read.

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    So much info Found recipes and body treatments that I want to try soon Been using the oil for cooking and don t want any other oils now.

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    Fab book Great and informative booklots of luscious recipes A must have in your culinary recipe book collection Highly recommended for all the family.

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