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Management chapter 1 Management , meaning Management , genre Management , book cover Management , flies Management , Management b6532b14b8f45 TODAY IS THE DAY, TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR TEAM Team Management Is Important, But It Isn T About Being Important It S About Being There For Your Team Members When They Need You And Overseeing The Project From A Managerial Point Of View That Means That You Need To Have A Lot Of Skills Including The Ones Shown In This Book Your Team Can Only Be As Effective As You Are There Is Nowhere To Throw Blame When You Are A Team Manager Because The Buck Rests With You However, When You Do Succeed As A Team Manager Or Leader, What You Find Is That Your Team Members Will Follow Your Lead And Will Do So With Added Enthusiasm If They See That You Have Enthusiasm And Vision To Get A Job Done The Idea Behind Writing This Book Was To Use My Experience To Help Those Starting Out And To Be Able To Give Useful And Sound Advice There Are Many Corporate Style Books On Leadership What Makes Mine Different Is That It S Written By Someone Who Has Been Where You Are Currently Standing, And Who Understands Your Difficulty With Being Faced With The Job Of Team Leader For The First Time Walk Through The Pages And Learn How It S Done It S Actually Easier Than You May Imagine, Once You Know What It Is That You Need To Be Doing In This Book You Will Learn How To Effectively Communicate With Your Team Allocate And Delegate Identify Your Teams Strengths And Weaknesses Develop Your Coaching Skills Manage Conflict Resolution Improve Your Coaching Skills Become A Great Leader And Much, Much Scroll Up To Download Your Copy Today

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    Poorly WrittenAlmost reads like English is not the author s first language In the first chapter, he says, regarding leadership, know your own limitations , and then, without any transition, starts to discuss limitations of team members.Perhaps this person was an extraordinary manager but they are no author, and if this is the 5th edition I would surmise that the first would be shocking.

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    This book of management is incredibly helpful, easy to understand, and exciting This book may be a sensible orientates developing your each plan into a made project Most professionals in project management begin their education with this process based guide to induce an entire summary of the sphere and to become higher equipped for his or her project management careers This book may well be simply what you re craving for.

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    This book is really good to read Management is what everyone needs especially in a business, sales and any office works to make everyone participate, join and cooperate Managing a team is not easy, I know it since I became one of them It is really a great pressure between the goal and the strategies to make ever member follow you to make your team progressive and successful This book has a lot of things that taught me to become a leader and to manage my team Thanks for this book

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