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Our Celebración! pdf Our Celebración! , ebook Our Celebración! , epub Our Celebración! , doc Our Celebración! , e-pub Our Celebración! , Our Celebración! 0e3d737ff90 It S A Sunny Day And Everyone Is Headed To The Main Plaza For The Start Of The Town Parade And Summer Celebration Follow Along The Parade Route With A Family Of Six As The Festivities Unfold There Are People Riding Motorcycles, Bicycles, Tricycles, And Unicycles Firefighters Spray Water On Hot Spectators Bands Of Musicians Playing Clarinetes, Saxophones, Flautas, Trumpets, And March By Lemonade, Watermelon, Tacos, And Ice Cream Are Consumed The Corn Princess Waves As Her Float Goes By And When A Quick Rain Shower Comes, The Spectators Duck For Cover, And Are Rewarded With A Colorful Rainbow Back In The Main Plaza At Night, The Festivities End With Sparkling Fireworks Pop, Pop, Pop Bon, Bon, Bon With Engaging Text And Imaginative, Whimsical Illustrations, Celebracion Is The Perfect Way To Enjoy A Summer Day And Learn Some Spanish Too

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    Elya is always good for a golden storytime book Love Aranda s sunny illustrations

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    This is an interesting blend of both English and Spanish The lines rhyme and sometimes an English word rhymes with a Spanish word and vice versa I don t remember seeing that done before, and I found it very interesting There is a glossary in the back for all of the Spanish words used.

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    The bright, festive illustrations on the cover are immediately eye catching and inviting To the reader s delight, the bright full page color illustrations continue throughout the book The text is written in an upbeat cadence that lends itself well to a lesson about rhythm and rhyme The majority of the text is written in English, however, Spanish terms, mostly nouns, are woven throughout the text in a way that lends itself well to the pervasive rhyme scheme The text could serve to facilitate a classroom discussion about using clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words The reader can use context and pictures clues to attempt to determine the meaning of the Spanish words At times the pictures allow for a Where s Waldo type of interactivity as readers seek the details in the picture that explain an unknown word Overall, this picture book is joyful, playful, and would be a delightful addition to a preschool or early elementary picture book collection.This book was given to me to read and review by Lee Low Books as part of the annual Multicultural Children s Book Day event Multicultural Children s Book Day 2019 1 25 19 is in its 6th year and was founded by Valarie Budayr from Jump Into A Book and Mia Wenjen from PragmaticMom Our mission is to raise awareness of the ongoing need to include kids books that celebrate diversity in home and school bookshelves while also working diligently to get of these types of books into the hands of young readers, parents and educators MCBD2019 is honored to have some amazing Medallion Level and Author Sponsors on board View our 2019 Medallion Sponsors here View our 2019 MCBD Author Sponsors here d like to also give a shout out to MCBD s impressive CoHost Team who not only hosts the book review link up on celebration day, but who also works tirelessly to spread the word of this event View our CoHosts PARTY Sponsored by Make A Way Media MCBD s super popular and crazy fun annual McChildsBookDay Twitter Party will be held 1 27 19 at 9 00pm E.S.T.Join the conversation and win one of 12 five book bundles and one Grand Prize Book Bundle 12 books that will be given away at the party We will be giving away a prize every 5 minutes FREE RESOURCES from MCBDFree Multicultural Books for Teachers Empathy Classroom Kit for Homeschoolers, Organizations, Librarians and Educators Don t forget to connect with us on social media and be sure and look for use our official hashtag ReadYourWorld.

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    Who doesn t love a celebration Weaving in 50 Spanish terms and using rhyming text, the author takes readers along with her as one by one, just about everyone heads downtown for a parade and summer festival There are floats, firetrucks, marching bands, delicious foods, and even fireworks to keep everyone entertained Even the weather decides to cooperate as clouds and a rain shower are followed by sunshine and a rainbow, which brings smiles to the attendees Created with watercolor, gouache, and ink, the illustrations are bright and lively, and most interestingly, they feature full color depictions of the streets through which the floats, dancers, and marches pass This enables the illustrator to paint several of the bystanders as well as the participants, and readers can see that this celebration is meant for everyone A close look at the scenes reveals the infinite variety of those attending the celebration and the various ways they enjoy themselves I cannot imagine anyone reading this book and not wanting to smile in delight, perhaps in anticipation of their own festival or perhaps in recollecting one that they enjoyed so very much This is also a quick way to learn several new terms that are embedded within the text and then defined in the glossary along with a pronunciation guide.

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    A community heads to a celebration together in this vibrant picture book that offers a mix of Spanish and English The celebration features a large parade with fantastic floats, marching bands, fire engines and much There is plenty of delicious food to try and refreshing drinks to sip When the rain begins, the fun doesn t stop, though everyone celebrates when the sunshine returns bringing with it a celebratory rainbow.Elya does a marvelous job of offering Spanish words for children to learn Almost all of them can be figured out from the context in the poem I appreciate that she uses the Spanish words for many of the rhymes, rather than burying them in the center of the lines This makes them all the enjoyable to read aloud and great fun to figure out The book will also welcome Spanish speaking children and allow them to decode the English as well It is a cleverly built picture book.Aranda s illustrations are filled with brilliant colors of sunshine yellow, deep purples, bright blues, and hot pinks They show a diverse community celebrating together with big smiles, lots of fun and whimsical parade participants.A bright and busy picture book that dynamically includes Spanish and English Appropriate for ages 2 4.

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    I chose this book for a Cinco De Mayo themed Storytime The pictures have so many details, and my kids are so observant, so getting through this book took some time, but that s okay with me I like their curiosity and observational skills The story has a nice rhythm as it rhymes and interweaves basic Spanish vocabulary into the primarily English story.

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    Ownvoice Spanish vocabulary A parade is presented with 50 Spanish words with rhyming text Engage with people, sights, weather, and experience a celebration Bright pictures and rhyme make this a great text.

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    Nice internal rhyme scheme with tons of Spanish vocab and a glossary at back A little too much to read to a child who is not at all bilingual, but for even a beginner Spanish language learner, the words would be easy to decipher.

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    Colorful rhyming book that includes a helpful glossary and pronunciation guide for the words in Spanish for people like me I think it would be fun to read with a class and have the students predict what the Spanish words mean.

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    The book revolves around a day of celebration It s told in a mix of English and Spanish words Terrific way to introduce both languages.Glossary of the Spanish words included at the end of the story.

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