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Make Me Believe (Hawaiian Haven Book 1) chapter 1 Make Me Believe (Hawaiian Haven Book 1) , meaning Make Me Believe (Hawaiian Haven Book 1) , genre Make Me Believe (Hawaiian Haven Book 1) , book cover Make Me Believe (Hawaiian Haven Book 1) , flies Make Me Believe (Hawaiian Haven Book 1) , Make Me Believe (Hawaiian Haven Book 1) 64b53e8dcbdd8 With Tyler Ready To Move On, Drake S Run Out Of Second Chances Tyler Bryant And Drake Sutton Met One Day On The Beach In Oahu And Never Parted Until Drake Was Offered The Movie Role Of A Lifetime And Abandoned Ty To Pursue Fame And Fortune Tyler Has Moved On To Another Beach In Another Country, But He S Left His Heart Behind And Yet, Every Time Drake Shows Up He Can T Help But Let Him Back Into His Life When He Gets A Familiar Phone Call, Tyler Vows This Is It, One Last Hook Up To Provide A Lifetime S Worth Of Memories Drake Sutton Is Tired Of Living A Lie When It Means Not Having The Love Of His Life By His Side This Booty Call Is Going To Be His Last Because He S Determined To Get Tyler Back For Good But Drake S Going To Have To Go Way Off Script To Make Ty Believe

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    OMG I want .

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    The writing is smooth but that s the only positive I can think of Possibly the problem lies in this being such a short story there was a lot of background details thrown in without page time for any to be developed Several things had me raise my brow, too much for a such a short story But the real problem for me was Drake I HATED Drake Every new page cemented that He s selfish, immature, and worse appeared aware of the hurt he was causing but continued taking what he wanted Even his coming out is orchestrated in a way to cause upheaval distress for Tyler Was never convinced he saw Tyler as a person beyond a warm body.To say anything would be to rant Did Not Like Him.

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    Kindle freebie 2 1 17

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    3.5 stars rounded up to 4 I have to preface this review by stating that I know the author, so I may be a little bit prejudiced LOL.But I did truly enjoy the story It was a bit short and the resolution to the conflict felt a bit rushed and too easy, but the characters were engaging and I wanted them to work things out and find a way to be together I just wish there had been , I wanted to know about Ty and Drake.

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    Meh.Wasn t necessarily bad but it wasn t good either Definitely too short for what she was trying to accomplish Not interested enough to continue 2.5 mayyybe stretching it to 3 stars

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    Too short I want of them

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    This is a enjoyable short story about an actor and a marine biologist who have had an on again off again affair since the actor hit it big The marine biologist has had a tough time and the actor has taken him for granted There MIGHT be a way forward if the biologist can trust that the actor would really make another decision This is billed as Book 1 and was published in 2015 So far there is no book 2 I d really like to know what happens with these guys Just sayin

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    Rating 4.0 5.0This was a quite entertaining short story Drake is a movie actor He made it big in Hollywood with his film franchise Rage However, fame has a price and the price for it is to stay in the closet or else roles will not come his way as suggested by his advisers After dumping his boyfriend Taylor to pursue his career in Hollywood, Drake tries to make amends and get back to Ty as he calls him Has Taylor moved on already Will they get back together You need to read to know.The story is predictable but the writing was good and kept me entertained Yes, it is very short and I wish it was a bit longer There is a steamy scene so be warned.

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    4.5 stars We will get of them right Please

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    I want of these guys Jenna had me crying and then laughing I felt it.

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