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    What do software development and wizardry have in common Read and find out.The Black League the bad guys is slowly but surely winning over the Wizards Council the good guys and there seems to be no hope until the mightiest of the wizards came up with an idea which might help their cause He summoned a very competent computer programmer called William I Zumwalt Wiz straight from his Silicon Valley company office The wizard took a great risk doing it and got killed for his troubles, but not before he gave a local witch a young and attractive, but magically very weak one Moira task to accompany Wiz to safety.Wiz is completely unprepared for the life in troubled magic land where seemingly everything and everybody tried to kill him practically from the moment of his arrival He also has no clue on how he was supposed to help the Council Considering the fact that the late wizard did not share his idea with anybody, this leaves Moira with a guy who is totally clueless and also happened to be completely helpless So what was the wizard thinking This is light fantasy with a lot of programmer related puns knowledge of programming is not necessary to enjoy these books I read the first book during a very bad time of my life it helped me keep the sanity, for this reason I might be biased in my rating, but this is still a very good book regardless.This review is a copy paste of my BookLikes one

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    This is what happens when a computer programmer and DD player attempts to write a book The result is not pretty.The first few pages are interesting enough and the use of actual programming jargon is a refreshing change of pace most writers who attempt this tend to have no idea what they are talking about Rick Cook obviously does Unfortunately, that s all the book has to offer.The premise is interesting enough but never comes to life The characters are completely one dimensional, the dialogue is stilted, the supporting characters never become than scenery and the antagonists are are comical rather than menacing.The rest of the book is nothing but a collection of cliches the hero is summoned from earth to a magical world, he meets a girl, they flee their enemies into the dark forest, they reach a peaceful keep, they have a powerful wizard watching over them Yes, they get married in the end find anything familiar so far The plot is completely predictable you ve probably read it before another hundred times or so.The worst part, however, is the plot device that allows the hero to survive an attack noone else could have Yes, it was obvious from very early but that was not the problem The problem was that when it occured, it contradicted the very first pages of the very first chapter of the book So much for consistency.Verdict stay far away from these godawful series, unless you really wish to read b grade pulp fantasy Life s too short to waste on such nonsense.

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    Executive summary This is a terrible book with a neat central idea That idea is that a programmer transported to a swords and sorcery world could hack magic The execution of that idea is I repeat terrible The MC Sparrow has a few conversations about magic but those conversations aren t provided to the reader and are specifically aimed at not providing Sparrow with any useful information Therefore when Sparrow starts doing magic left and right there is no actual basis for it in the story Additionally the secondary MC, Moira, is female, so, of course the two must end up together, except that there is no basis for this in the story either Moira is so terrible to Sparrow that he attempts to leave her even though he is magically infatuated with her and is in a hostile wilderness of an unfamiliar world Would you want to be with someone who is that consistently terrible to you What follows is my original full review but it is basically just further details on the above summary.So Sparrow is a computer programmer magically summoned from our world The light mage who summoned Sparrow is killed in the process and so no one knows why Sparrow was summoned Moira, a hedge witch, was present for the summoning and for some unknown reason the dead mage also magically infatuated Sparrow with Moira Making use of this infatuation a second light mage sends Moira and Sparrow to a hideout because the dark mages sensed the summoning and are looking for Sparrow on the assumption that Sparrow must be important for a light mage to sacrifice his life to summon him Moira is one of the worst characters I ve come across in fantasy Even though she is essentially a care giver hedge witches are second rate magic users who are assigned and care for a town Moira treats Sparrow so badly that, in spite of the infatuation spell and being in the wilderness on an unknown world he attempts to leave her Example at one point in time Moira and Sparrow are trying to sneak past a guard and Sparrow slips and makes noise LIKE COULD HAPPEN TO ANYBODY The guard notices Moira as a result and Sparrow, unarmed, immediately charges the armed guard Fortunately Sparrow s desperate attack works but what is Moira s response She tells Sparrow he didn t save her because it was his fault she was in danger in the first place Further Moira makes no attempt to teach Sparrow about the world he was summoned to against his will Then Moira blames him for making mistakes that are readily avoidable if she acted with even a bare minimum of intelligence and decency For example, after spending days together, including several days in a safe place, Sparrow offers to help Moira in the garden so Moira sets him to weeding Sparrow didn t know that lettuce was intentionally planted in the shade of fennel so he weeded it Something that would never have happened if Moira would have taken 3 seconds to show Sparrow what he should have been doing.Moira isn t alone in failing to teach Sparrow anything Basically everyone treats Sparrow as an infant but no one attempts to teach him anything or treat him as anything other than a pawn One of the best parts of the book is when Sparrow gets fed up with Moira and simply walks away Rather than having Moira realize how stupid and rude she is being the author has Sparrow encounter a difficulty Moira has to rescue him from After that it is like the MC as forgotten he has a back bone Too bad, this book would have been significantly better with a character who, unlike Moira, was intelligent enough to understand changing worlds requires some orientation This thought, however seems to be completely absent from that author s mind since he in the form of a pep talk from a magic mirror to Sparrow equates changing worlds to taking a new job Obviously in the world he came from Sparrow could safely feed himself, house himself and travel Sparrow could talk sports or movies with the people at his new job, and generally find commonalities, NONE OF WHICH APPLIES TO CHANGING WORLDS This comparison is so far out of whack that it makes it appear that the author never really thought about what his MC was going through BTW, THE WHOLE MAGIC MIRROR PEP TALK SCENE WAS TERRIBLE it basically amounted to you ll think of something and then even that comment s validity was called into question when the mirror s owner asserts the mirror isn t magic Just stupid, the whole scene Things get worse when Sparrow finally has his big breakthrough idea Sparrow thinks he can create a computer language for spells The problem is that, based on the story to this point in time, Sparrow wouldn t have enough information to know if such a thing were possible At this point in time Sparrow is staying with a former mage, Shiara, and they talk generally about magic in the evenings These conversations are specifically aimed at not providing Sparrow any useful information In fact when Shiara mentions the low level spells virtually anyone can do Sparrow DOESN T EVEN ASK WHAT SPELLS ARE THOSE Basically Sparrow knows one spell that he stumbled on by accident It is impossible to generalize as Sparrow claims he is doing from one data point that s just guessing But wait, IT GETS WORSE .A bad guys elite commando unit sneaks behind enemy lines, invades a fort with only 4 humanoids in it They kill one, the goblin and, per their orders, took captive the one they suspected of being a mage FOR NO REASON AT ALL THEY LEFT OTHERS ALIVE THESE ARE THE BAD GUYS, AFTER ALL IF NOTHING ELSE KILLING EVERYONE ELSE WOULD INSURE THEY WOULDN T BE BACK TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY AND MAY EVEN SUCCESSUFULLY COVER THE BAD GUYS TRAIL But then that would have made this book about 100 pages shorter since one of the miraculous survivors is Sparrow Look at this way, one of the bad guys bothers to turn his knife around and knock out Sparrow even though they are about to burn the building down Why wouldn t you just stab the guy and be certain rather than leave him unconscious with conscious, but blind, woman in a burning building THIS ENTIRE SCENE IS MORONIC IN THE EXTREME Just to show you how stupid this scene is the author has Sparrow go past over turned furniture on his way out of the burning building How did this furniture get over turned All the action happened upstairs and the over turned furniture is downstairs Did the lady of the house randomly over turn some furniture on her way to bed OR DID THE AUTHOR JUST WRITE IT THAT WAY BECAUSE OF COURSE A BURNING BUILDING WOULD HAVE OVER TURNED FURNITURE And yet it gets worse .The light mages are convinced the MC doesn t have any magic because of their direct observation of him However, in this world you don t have to have magic to do magic You only need to have magic to do high magic complex and powerful spells However, non magic people can do great harm by messing with the simple spells within their abilities The example given is a man who killed thousands by asking a demon to provide him fresh water Since the man didn t specify how this was to be done the demon emptied a sea of its salt and deposited that salt on shore burying towns and cities Therefore the light mages stop non mages from practicing magic, EXCEPT FOR THE MC No reason is given for this exception the light mages appear to have convinced themselves that the MC isn t any kind of a chosen one The head light mage basically tells the MC that he will do great damage to the land and people around him by practicing magic, but then allows the MC to go ahead anyway It is true the MC is upset at this point in the book but that, if anything, is an even better reason to not allow him to practice magic AGAIN, IT IS AS IF THE AUTHOR CANNOT ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND HIS OWN CHARACTERS AND JUST HAVE THEM DO THINGS THAT ARE AGAINST THEIR EXPERIENCES AND BELIEF SYSTEMS FOR NO REASON The end is incredibly convenient Basically everything Sparrow tries works but when he comes across something he hasn t planned for he is rescued The bad mages are beaten and, of course, Moira and Sparrow now love each other, in spite of the fact Moira has been nothing but terrible to Sparrow the entire time she s known him.Bottom line So poorly executed that this book is not worth the time it takes to read it.

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    I enjoyed this book The concept of a computer programmer applying his skills to a magical reality was neat and original The plot moved along at a good clip and the main characters were likeable, so you cared what happened and rooted them on Normally, I would probably have given this book 4 stars, good and enjoyable, but not enough of a wow factor to rank five But you knew it was coming, of course there were a couple things that nagged at me enough that I had to dink the book down one star, and really, if Goodreads allowed half stars, I would have put it at 3.5 The first problem was one of continuity One of the major elements of the story is that the people of the magic world don t understand our reality or its implications, but then every once in a while one of them will come out with a colloquialism or concept that is clearly from our reality Had the book been set up like the Guardians of the Flame series, where a significant amount of seepage between the worlds was assumed it wouldn t have bothered me so much And the second thing has to do with the ending view spoiler The big surprise in the last chapter that the infatuation spell had been lifted months ago was telegraphed so badly, I probably wouldn t have been suprised if I had read the last chapter first hide spoiler

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    Interesting concept Making operating system for the power of magics What an idea Really, you need to read this to believe it

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    This book is a self conscious wish fulfillment fantasy novel The plot is that a computer programmer is magically summoned into a world that is rife with magic, in order to help the good wizards fight against the evil wizards A lot could be said about the comparison of programming and magic, and the numerous technical in jokes, but that would perhaps spoil the fun I d say this is a good read, especially in that it doesn t take itself to seriously Recommended if you like Neal Stephenson s In the beginning was the command line , for example.

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    qdr The net 1995, , , DVDRip c particular series is about a programmer who gets summoned to an alternate dimention where magic works and computers don t He quickly goes mad and He has some fun adventures.It would probably have been much fun if a I didn t know anything about computers, or b the author actually did some research in depth than asking a geeky 15 year old.Realistic sounding development scenarios are interspersed with obvious BS Various logical inconsistencies pop up in and around the story with a frequency that s entirely absurd.this is hardly a spoiler, since this scene is a clip on the frontispiece, so here it goes Scene A paraphrased But he hasn t a shred of magic in him Scene B well ANYONE can do magic, the problem is to STOP them from doing it unintentionally after exhibit A with not a shred of magic in him remotely exploded some trees by accident This particular problem recurs repeatedly throughout the series or at least the first 5 books that i ve read , but plenty others abound I ll leave you to discover them on your own, if you wish.The first book was pretty good, the second was slightly worse, the third slightly worse than that, by the fourth we know perfectly well that the author likes freckles which occur on every female character, regardless of race or hair color , dimples, ample well, amplitude in general, and a number of other features, and happy endings at the end of every book a single character ceases to be single this is not a spoiler, since it s easily predictable almost from page 1.The series itself isn t particularly bad, it has many fun bits, some fun quotes such as, Like a lot of people in the computer industry, he had spent his whole life being the smartest person in the room, and like most of his fellows the experience left him with a rather high opinion of his opinions , but getting a real computer scientist to go over it and fix all the bugs would make it oh so so so much better

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    The magic as computer programming premise is really interesting Unfortunately, that concept isn t really introduced until about 3 4 of the way through the book, and even then is presented fairly superficially There are also some problems at least in the printing I got with some evil wizards names getting mixed up The premise is strong enough that I ll probably give the author enough benefit of the doubt to read one or two books from this series, now that said premise is established, but I wasn t overly impressed with this one In chapter 7, we learn that evil wizard Toth Set Ra gained some of his power from the tomb of Amon Set, a legendary ancient wizard But throughout this chapter, Toth Set Ra is referred to as Toth Ra fair enough he might have changed his name in homage, though it s unexplained in the text and worse, for a couple of paragraphs, Amon Set is referred to as Toth Amon Confusing.

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    This is the story of Wiz, a computer programmer who gets summoned to a world of magic The wizard who summoned him died in the process so no one is really sure what he s supposed to be doing The book took way too long setting up the story but once the real action started, it was much better I really liked the throwing of spells as computer commands even though it never actually made sense to me It was a quick, fun read though it didn t have a lot of substance to it.

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    This is one of my all time favorites It combines 3 story elements that I really like fantasy magic, a modern day person ripped out of their time and place, computer programming Programming magic like its a computer, I love it.

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