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Sherlock chapter 1 Sherlock , meaning Sherlock , genre Sherlock , book cover Sherlock , flies Sherlock , Sherlock 218b22eab7c8a The Game Is On The Mind Palace Is A Unique Celebration Of The Rich Visual Landscape Of Sherlock, Featuring Over Intricate Pieces Of Artwork By Artist Mike Collins Recreate Classic Scenes, Add Colour To Intricate Interiors And Illuminate The Fascinating World Of Sherlock With The Power Of Your ImaginationA Vital Clue From Each Episode Is Hidden Within The Original Black And White Illustrations, And Only By Completing The Scene Can They Be Found Fill Sherlock S World With Colour And Find The Secrets Hidden Within The Mind Palace

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    As a Sherlock fangirl,this coloring book rocks

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    Ridiculously detailed 5 I saw this on my recommended shelf I didn t realise you can track colouring books This book is actually insane I m not even going to pretend I ve finished a quarter of it because it is so ridiculously detailed My advice is buy a strong packet of colouring utensils I prefer felt tips and mark out clear times for this because it s going to take forever I m not going to have an end date for when I m going to finish this because I have no idea A page of the colouring book usually takes me a day I know, right On top of the details, there are also clues scattered through the book from the cases from series 1 3, excluding the Christmas special and only colouring can uncover the clues Collins has been evil and scattered the clues across cases that it doesn t belong to For pages you won t find the clue and then you ll be colouring a wall or the side of a table and you ll find it It s deeply satisfying.I have a love hate relationship with this colouring book but it is definitely a brilliant present and a must have for all Sherlockians.

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    I love this coloring book the pictures are so pretty and very detailed This is the BEST COLORING BOOK EVER

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