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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads 3.5 STARS Secrets from the Edge had me very intrigued I was interested in the characters, the plot, the mild suspense of it all and then it was just neatly tied up and done I guess I just expected , drama, back story from Keith s past, something Don t get me wrong the story was well written The characters had depth, the athletic aspect was right on Getting toward the end I kept looking at my percentage thinking, how is this ever going to get tied up in this small amount left It did though I guess after everything I just wanted The issues with Lance were over quickly, the big secret was revealed and everyone just accepted it and boom ending Up until that ending the story was believable and intriguing I loved the suspense the secret created I would have loved to keep going with the characters if only to dig a little deeper.

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is a good read, with an interesting story line and some quite intense examination of what it feels like for a seriously injured athlete to come back to a dangerous sport The added issue of a journalist being there to witness the return, and also that he is a one time conquest who never quite left Keith s imagination works well The side characters are well described and I felt the camaraderie yet competitive jesting between the boarders was well done Overall this was a treat, with a strong story and a spicy side dish of romance.

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    Like the sport of snowboarding itself on which this story is centered, Secrets from the Edge is a thrill ride of highs and lows, triumphs and simmering tension Fraught with conflict and the ever present threat of discovery, it held me spellbound from the opening line and ended long before I was ready for it to be over Prior to reading this novel, I knew little about snowboarding, but the author s descriptions both of the mechanics and the emotions involved are so vivid that I had no trouble experiencing everything along with the protagonist.Before the accident, snowboarding was Keith Williams life It helped him move on from the grim past he wants desperately to put behind him, and gave him the opportunity to shine With a host of medals under his belt and sponsors queuing up to throw money at him, nothing could stand in the way of Keith s talent or the daring confidence that propelled him to stardom When a horrific crash on the slopes left his body broken and his career in tatters, he pushed away all his friends in the snowboarding world so that he could wallow in bitterness and despair.Now, at twenty two, Keith is set to make a comeback physically, at least Mentally, he has lost his nerve and fears he ll never recover it Yet, despite his anxiety, he lets his best friend and mentor Andy talk him into taking part in a snowboarding documentary What Keith doesn t anticipate is that Jesse Royce, a reporter with whom he has a history of attraction, will be covering the shoot As Keith battles his inner demons, he has to weigh his desire for Jesse against the very real danger that the journalist will unearth the skeletons in his closet.S.C Wynne completely won me over with the heroes in this novel Though cocky and self contained on the surface, underneath Keith is riddled with insecurity, a fact which only renders his courage in returning to the sport all the admirable It was Jesse, however, with his green eyes and combination of shrewdness and teasing humor, who had my heart racing The sexual chemistry between the two is palpable from the outset, but there s also a warmth and playful affection to their relationship that was truly wonderful to follow as it unfolded.Written for Rainbow Book Reviews and Boys on the Brink

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    A Joyfully Jay review 4.5 starsSecrets From the Edge by S.C Wynne was a sometimes dark and gritty look at the toll keeping secrets does to someone who lives his life in the spotlight Keith had such deep seated fear of being discovered not only for he what feels is his shameful past, but also for the fact that standing at the top of a slope has him sweating in terror of falling again It really doesn t help him that some mysterious person is determined to unearth all that he has kept secret for so many years On top of that, he now realizes he has real potential to develop deeper feelings for Jesse who seems willing to explore than a simple fling Unfortunately Keith is about to come up against his teen years in a very real way and is worried that once everyone finds out exactly whom he is they will reject him out of hand.The way in which this author portrayed Keith was incredibly realistic There was no easy fix for this guy he had huge issues he had to deal with and there was no way to escape that fact The tension that realization created within Keith was so intense, making this story grip the reader and pull them into each scene There were times this writing was so clear and descriptive I could swear I was on the slopes The angst and pain Keith experienced made my own heart just bleed for this man and curse those who wanted to pull him down and expose every facet of his life The hurt that Jesse felt once Keith confessed his past life to him was just gut wrenching and I feared our guys were not going to ever bridge the gap that secret had created between them.Read Sammy s review in its entirety here.

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    I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads3 starsSecrets from the Edge was a bit of a surprise for me Not entirely what I expected from a Loose ID title Keith was at the top of Snow Boarding until a tragic accident took him out of the game for several years He returns for a documentary being created by his friend and mentor, trying to overcome insecurities while reconnecting with the friends he s always held at arm s length, while keeping his deep secret buried But the only problem is, an old flame a journalist is along for the ride, reigniting passions digging for secrets.Solid writing, fast pacing, accurate emotions, and a mild mystery surrounding the secret The reason I was surprised with this title, after reading many Loose ID titles, they aren t necessarily plot driven However, the small plot Secrets from the Edge had to offer was the driver of the story, with sexual tension and romance as the vehicle The streamy scenes I believe 2 1 2 were very mild, short a page or two , non explicit, and later in the story Almost an after thought Which I was good with, because I read for the journey the story takes me on and believe the climax is the dessert, not the meal There was a slight mystery as to who released Keith s deep secret from his past, and I was disappointed this wasn t explored The secret is released, everything is great, and it s tied up with a tidy bow But I wanted to know the who, how, why, where, and when of this thread that drove the storyline Overall, I enjoyed Secrets from the Edge I would read by this author.

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    The world of snowboarding is the interesting backdrop of this book Keith Williams was a rising star when a serious injury took him out of the game He lost his confidence and most of his friends Keith has been training again though and dreams of getting back in to the sport An opportunity to film a documentary brings Keith back in contact with his old friends as well as an old lover he still has feelings for Jesse Royce is a reporter for a popular magazine He is along on the trip to document the men behind the sport He too has not forgotten his past with Keith.I found the snowboarding world that this was based on to be creative and interesting Honestly I don t know enough about snowboarding to know if it was accurate enough but it still made for a great setting I loved the scenes where they were out on the snow The relationship unfortunately did not work as well for me I had a hard time feeling the connection between the two men I liked Keith a lot as a MC and his past was an interesting twist but again I just didn t feel anything between them This was one of those books that was middle of the road for me There was nothing wrong with it but it also didn t wow me.

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    3.5 starsHoly shit, that was intense Way than I was expecting I did not get how gritty and raw this story was going to be from reading the blurb Where to begin The good Good writing Good editing Good storyline Good sexy times view spoiler although lube and condoms magically appeared it one scene hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars

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    Over all I ve always enjoyed this authors books and this one is no different.Keith and mates are likable enough, the basic lingo about snowboarding was easy enough to follow Jesse was friendly enough and all together made a nice story The second plot twist was interesting, if not rushed at the end and left a little incomplete I m thinking maybe will be continued in another book as with many of the stories that started within this story.Keith and Jesse are cute enough together, but I actually like Keith and Lance better That hostile love hate just worked for me I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review by Crystal Many reviews

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    3.5 I don t know much about snowboarding but this did seem like a very realistic portrayal of the sport A younger Keith has secrets that he does not want anyone to know about The uncertainty of a future in the sport that he loves I wasn t sure how he would overcome the injury But as his confidence returns on the slopes his personal life is the pits And Jesse the reporter did seem to make it a little harder for him, although they have a great chemistry as lovers I really enjoyed the book and look forward to reading from this author.

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Secrets from the Edge download Secrets from the Edge , read online Secrets from the Edge , kindle ebook Secrets from the Edge , Secrets from the Edge 08bc15e1a1d7 Keith Williams Is Twenty Two And Struggling To Feel Normal Again Once A Rising Super Star In The Competitive World Of Snowboarding, He S Only Now Healing From A Horrible Crash That Almost Wrecked His Body And Ripped His Confidence From HimJesse Royce Is A Reporter Embedded On A Snowboarding Documentary That Keith Has Agreed To Be A Part Of The Two Of Them Have Always Had A Sexual Attraction That S Hard To Ignore But Keith S Loss Of Nerve Isn T The Only Secret He S Keeping, And While It S Tempting To Give Into His Desire For Jesse, It Might End Up Being Career SuicideCopyright SC Wynne