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Immortown explained Immortown , review Immortown , trailer Immortown , box office Immortown , analysis Immortown , Immortown ad5c After A Tragic Accident On Set Which Might Or Might Not Have Been Her Fault ,Year Old Indie Film Actress Freya Aurore Flees From Home And Finds Herself In Immortown She Is Not Entirely Sure How She Ended Up Here, But One Thing Is Certain This Town Is Unusual To Start With, Local Buildings Have An Annoying Habit Of Disappearing Right In Front Of Her Eyes Strangers Keep Attempting To Murder Her And Seem Confused As To Why That Upsets Her So Much Everyone Spends An Indecent Amount Of Time In This Bar Called The Drunk Dead Among Other Shady Characters, Freya Encounters Here An Occasionally Deceased Waiter A Woman Claiming To Be Dating Freya S Brother, Who Has Been Unavailable For Such Matters Or Anything Else, Really For A Year Now An Actual And Bloodthirsty Ghost Named Dude An Obsessed Fangirl And A Moody Young Artist, Kai, Whose Paintings Tend To Come True Which Would Be Wonderful And Not Creepy At All, Were He Not Such A Vile And Selfish Manipulator In The Rare Moments When She Is Not Busy Trying To Survive, Freya Is Looking For A Way To Escape From This Place, But They Say Once You Re Trapped Here, You Can Never Leave Immortown A Town That Smells Like Ashes, Where Fiery October Leaves Are Forever Falling, Thick As Snow, Where Art Comes To Life, And Staying Alive Is An Art In Itself Where Music Matters And Death Doesn TThis Is An Atmospheric And Melancholy Novel Sprinkled With Dark Humor And Harboring An Entire Ocean Inside

  • Paperback
  • 266 pages
  • Immortown
  • Lily Markova
  • English
  • 01 July 2018

About the Author: Lily Markova

When Lily Markova tried to rearrange the letters of her legal name into a cool, dark, mysterious pseudonym under which to conquer the world, she came up with Kai Ivory Llama, and that is the only reason your world still remains unconquered She would also like her tombstone to say, Couldn t write to save her life, because that is the sort of thing she finds amusing When Lily isn t butchering th

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    I read this book in one sitting, which is always a good sign Especially as the paranormal isn t my usual fare The author, very quickly, succeeds in engaging the reader in a complex plot And she has created characters, both sympathetic and villainous, that are as compelling as they are, in some cases, repellent The ending, while unexpected, was all the satisfying for it.

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    Immortown is a unique kind of story that has its own style I liked the fact that it wasn t a usual type of plot and that the way the characters were described felt authentic and a little creepy at times The author did an excellent job keeping the book fresh while adding in some surprises that catch you off guard I recommend this book if you are looking for something original and stylistically unique T.C.

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    This was a strange book I have never read anything gothic or bizarre before It was confusing at times with the narrative switch and dark all the time There were bits of humor here and there My favorite would be Your sarcasm is the third reason on my list for thinking about suicide.I liked the book It was refreshing and strange The author is skilled no doubt, and is capable of creating magic Keep up the good work, Lily.

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    Lily Markova is the best unsigned writer of literature in the world today.Justice, if you do exist somewhere in your ivory tower of airy promises, please read that line again.I swear I will return and revise that statement if I find another rookie novelist with no publishing deal who can elevate prose to the same standard as Lily Markova, The Loneliest Whale being the current benchmark The crazy thing is, this one isn t her best book but it represents a prototype of literary craft that forewarns of a pen scratching ability rising up with every title.Immortown is Lily Markova s second book, the one from the shades, the bleak moments of dying candles and lowered voices, whispers at a wake, personal loss and an edge of self protection, all drawn into a singularity of otherworldly unfairness that has become a location, a genius loci that endures and entraps in a town that no longer exists Is remembrance useful or does it stop us living Mortality then, as a theme Cruelty and entropy enter the story too, again shaped by the spirit of place and the wastefulness of waiting Not as soulful as her latest work, tragic and isolating certainly, yet still mesmerising and exquisite in its realisation Lily writes of realities behind the world we see, senses, memories and feelings all pictured as spaces.Should I describe the plot No, I don t think so I don t think anyone writing about the shadows and the ruins is likely to have been at a high point in their life but discussing this would demean the colours and vitality in this writing, the stream of insights that show this writer can take a negative subject and bring even that back to life There s the summation really This book is a pomegranate in the underworld and I think you should discover it as a path to her latest work, the one where all the lights come on and you re aware of the cottontail sky.Ok, I m done but when you award the contract to design a new Universe, you could do worse than hand it to Lily Markova because she ll give you access to beautiful layers than the single reality we ve been locked into in this one.

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    Famous actress Freya Auror suddenly finds herself in a very odd town where the townsfolk spend all their time consuming powerful substances and killing themselves She soon discovers she s trapped, yet not all hope is lost Maybe there s a way out for her, a way to escape the clutches of Immortown Or just maybe she ll remain there until she fades WARNING This review contains minor spoilers I received this book in exchange for my honest review My thanks goes to Lily Markova for giving me the opportunity In truth, I m not a believer in life after death or anything like that, but Immortown definitely left me thinking and probably will continue to do so for a while to come I didn t know what to expect and from what initially started off as serious confusion, turned to fascination as the story progressed and events were explained I ve never read anything quite like it before so, for me, it was certainly unique Markova clearly has a lot of talent, from the way she writes to the overall tone of her work the latter being how well she implemented the dark, disturbing feel yet could pull off the occasional humour Despite that, I feel it took me a lot of effort to read it I had to pay the utmost attention or I feared I d miss something relevant even minor distractions forced me to go over passages than once It was easy to lose place of what was happening amongst the lengthy narrative which whilst oftentimes beautiful, also dragged on in other areas I struggled to rate it, but after some consideration I decided firmly upon the four stars I really think it deserves such, given my overall enjoyment and the unmistakable thought that s been put into it Freya Auror was, in short, a troubled character I know what it s like to lose someone extremely important and feel like letting go, so I could somewhat relate to her in the way that she lost herself to what she enjoyed doing for her, it was the acting and the roles she played, such as Astra She was also a woman enthralled by art, which in itself is characteristically attractive as it s so rare this day and age I didn t particularly understand her connection to Kai, but I think she was the only one to truly see he wasn t the supposed villain everyone thought he was Yes, perhaps he was a selfish man, but the burning of Immer wasn t exactly intentional I actually really liked him, even though he wasn t perfect quite the opposite in fact He held an air of mystery and attitude that I found appealing The childish India, her husband Remy and Chace were also good characters and of course, Dude , who added some comic relief yet still succeeded to be a haunting figure I wasn t fond of Kristle, but I suppose that was the whole point Indeed, the entire book was about death and suicide, but it was an intriguing take on things It wasn t just a typical, simple purgatory tale, but something I found original As I ve already mentioned, the beginning had me scratching my head several times, but I m glad I didn t let it scare me away Eventually, it all clicked and that, when you sit back and realise all the ties are coming together and making sense, is a great and satisfying thing to experience The two PoV s complimented and fit together nicely and the plot itself, whilst not action packed, still greatly entertained In conclusion A very deep and thoughtful read one I found myself impressed with I can t help but wonder about the aftermath of Immortown Will there be a sequel It surely looks like it could be continued, so fingers crossed I d be very interested in reading just like this.Notable Quote You know, when people lose someone, they are horrendously hypocritical They don t pity the ones gone they mourn themselves for being left without something familiar or loved Red Lace 2015Wordpress Booklikes Twitter

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    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review at onlinebookclub.org You can read my official review here summarize my feelings for the book at first I was skeptical Stuff was just kind of weird, and things just didn t seem to make any sense But then I kept reading, and I was so glad I did Stuff fell into place like some kind of mosaic jigsaw puzzle it looks so random when you look at each individual piece, but when you step back and take a look at the whole story as it gets put together, it all makes sense Nice work from a new writer

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    Reviewed by Liz Konkel for Readers Favorite Rating 5 Stars Immortown by Lily Markova is an irresistibly dark read with strange and charming characters Freya is still processing the death of her brother by putting her focus on her job as an actress Then an accident on set changes everything Suddenly she finds herself in Immortown A strange town that Freya can t quite figure out, full of even stranger characters The first person she meets claims to be the girlfriend of her late brother, which she knows is impossible When she arrives at the Drunk Dead, she receives mixed messages from the various patrons then she finds a guy dead in the tub only moments later to find him not so dead An artist named Kai seems to have a connection to her and his paintings have a strange tendency to come to life, but she s not sure she can trust him She doesn t know how she ended up here, but she ll do whatever she can to leave Immortown Lily Markova switches perspectives between Freya and Kai, which gives contrasting views to the town As a resident, Kai is so used to the strange events that they re all normal to him, while Freya is new to town so she sees everything in a strange and slightly twisted way She stumbles into this whole other world similar to Alice discovering Wonderland, only Markova brings out darker elements to Freya s journey The town is chaotic and the tone is melancholy with dark humor and themes of death Markova explores the meaning of life and death while also touching on serious topics which include suicide and depression The humor is often bleak and with murderous undertones, but levity does have a presence throughout with certain moments being lighter, though the overall tone remains dark from beginning to end The characters are vivid with complex personalities and eccentricities fitted to the tone of the town Immortown itself plays several parts It has an interesting mix of feeling free for some of the characters while others feel trapped since the characters have a tendency not to be able to leave It also has a presence that makes it feel like another character in the story Immortown is a unique tale with characters who are charmingly weird and delightfully murderous in a journey exploring death and grief.

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    This was a very well written story.It is different and you find yourself trying to figure out what is actually happening I found it flowed well and kept me interested until the very end This was my first book by this author but I will be looking for of their work I received this as an ARC in return for my honest opinion.I highly recommend this read.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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    Watermelon sugar.This book reminds me of in Watermelon sugar A book I read 50 years ago in school Lines are drawn between the living and the dead But both mingle together through out the story Twist and turns occur till the very end Who is dead who is alive and how is this world of immortown even possible read to find out.

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    This is not the easiest book I have ever read, stylistic I would even call it awkward But when the world is full of simple formulaic books that are written in familiar patterns reading then something with interesting quirks that takes a different approach is both refreshing and engaging Immortown is full of quirks, which seemed a little jarring at first but which drew me into them as I read further Until the quirks became all the appealing.The narrative is a progression of first person memoirist viewpoints which slip between two characters The first narrative character is Freya an actress who plays her roles almost too well Running from a tragedy on the set of her latest film and in search of answers to the earlier one of her brother s death She slips between the real world and the ghostly haunted world of Immortown Confused and lost in this strange world she struggles to come to terms with what may have happened to her, and the first side of the narrative is in part driven by this confusion The second narrative character is Kai In part his is the interesting portrait of words, he is a dark and strange view point which belongs to one who knows all the secrets and so does not feel the need to share them Leaving you feeling his narrative washes over you, alluding to possibilities as much by what he does not say as by what he does His perspectives and insights in to the characters that inhabit Immortown all have a shaded twist to them that is at once creepy and gets under your skin A fine trick of the writers narration The twin narration slipping between viewpoints offers a complex read, at times it can become confusing but only in the wonderfully artistic weaves of the words Pictures painted by them owe much to your imagination, feeding it and playing with it all the same The character of Immortown itself helps set the story out from the average and mundane It is spooky and yet real in the way only an imaginary place can be The inhabitants of this strange ghostly town are at once both human and parodies of their living selves As selfish, and self absorbed as only humans can be They exist in an afterlife they are both desperate to leave and yet desperately clinging to all the same The plot weaves its thread around the narratives, slipping behind you as things come to light that you don t see coming because the hints are so carefully crafted A few words slipped here or there into the narratives take on significance later in the book The way a good plot should, without leading you by the nose In summery it is a less than simple tale, told less than simply, and all the enjoyably for that.

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