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The Water is Sweeter summary The Water is Sweeter , series The Water is Sweeter , book The Water is Sweeter , pdf The Water is Sweeter , The Water is Sweeter 3e0a8c2821 I Should Have Run Away From Truman A Long, Long Time AgoHe Was The Classic Trust Fund Baby And I D Been All Scholarships And Secondhand Clothes When We D MetHe D Paid Attention To MeIt Took Me Too Long To Realize His Attentions Disguised His Abuse And Then It Was Too Late I Was In Too DeepUntil I Met ConnorThat Day, Everything ChangedHe Gave Me The Will To Live Again, To Fight AgainBut There S A Force Outside Of Our Newfound Love, Working Against My Life On LandAnd If I Can T Fight It, Then I Won T Just Leave TrumanI Ll Leave Connor Too

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    I loved this book for it s originality to the genre It was intense, at times disturbing, but beneath it all a deeply poignant romance novel And yes, there were mermaids I always love the way she can put a new spin on something which could be tiresome, and breathes life into her stories As always, Eli has written a beautiful novel with lines that stayed with me long after I had finished reading.Quote I could have lived forever without knowing her But knowing her and losing her I will never live again Lines like these choked me up, and made this such an emotional journey for me, and one that I honestly wasn t sure where I wanted the journey to end The story is of Lena, an orphan who s life up until now has been lonely She s trapped in a loveless relationship, with no family to speak of she s weak and lost and doesn t know her place in the world One vision sets off a chain reaction which she can t ignore, and though she feels like she is going insane, she is actually just finding her way back home.For me, The Water is Sweeter was a mixture of genres It was both fantasy and romance, it was both dark and light, but most of all, it was memorable.

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    Mers don t live on land or do they 5 gold stars Reviewed for Wicked Women This is the first book by Eli Constant and I love, love this book so freaking much I was intrigued by the story from the beginning when the two couples came onto the beach What transpires left me a little heartbroken yet excited too, to see what happens next I didn t understand why they left their little bundle on the beach It s a huge sacrifice for parents to leave their kids but for the greater good these two mer people left their joy behind so that she could have a chance to live a free and happy life At this point I was grinning like an idiot because I love all things magic and mermaid The Water is Sweeter is a beautifully imaginative story about a young mermaid s struggles to fill the void her true existence has left in her soul She must survive on earth and finally come of age to transition into her true self Lena both made me smile and scream in frustration She would be sweet and demur one minute to the point of being weak and then she would show her feisty and strong self Her inner struggle to be who she is was both heartbreaking yet beautiful As the story unfolds we meet Truman, Lena s controlling fianc He was monitoring her at every point She became a pretender around him just to keep the peace It was both sad and enraging After the final scene in the bath when everything comes to pass, we truly see Lena opening her eyes to the truth She slowly but surely starts to defy him, his hold on her and begins her journey to finding herself During her quiet reflection on the beach, she meets Connor, the barista she has known for a few years She is surprised to feel the same electric attraction she felt for Truman, yet she was unable to fight it Her time spend with Connor makes her stronger yet her inner demons come out to play on her insecurities Will Lena be able to leave Truman and find her HEA with Connor Or will the void that is in her soul fill up with water Find out by 1 clicking this stunning story about the mer people.

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    The Water Is Sweeter, oh what a read I seriously wanted to become a teenager again and believe that anything was possible, mermaids, the possibility that my life was not my own, and some other family was waiting for me somewhere better Lena is our main character, who is an orphan in the worst way The kind of orphan who is found alone as a newborn babe, abandoned on the beach Shuffled from one foster home to another as a child, she does not know what home actually feels like Enter Truman in to her life in high school, a wealthy good looking young man who sees an opportunity to upset his mother by bringing home the charity case Lena becomes than just a way to earn his mother s ire though, and eventually he wishes to control every part of her Lena does not know what home feels like, but this does not feel like the love she started with, nor the home she craves Suddenly an innocent bath shows her a vision of what life could feel like, and that maybe the water is sweeter.Follow me here for a second, this book is great for the young adult, the young at heart adult, and just your everyday adult I will caution that there is intimate scenes in the book, so bear that in mind before allowing just anyone to read it though, not graphic, but intimate They are few, but complete the story I can t express how great this story is, and how much I enjoyed reading it.

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    Mermaids aren t normally my thing I m not sure why, but I ve just never been interested in Mermaids or any kind of human ocean creature hybrids I chose to read The Water is Sweeter because I ve enjoyed Eli Constant s other books immensely, so I decided to give it a chance I was pleasantly surprised I expected the writing to be good and I wasn t disappointed in the least What I didn t expect was to feel so emotionally invested in the main character, Lena Lena is one of those characters that seem so lost, you aren t sure if you want to feel sorry for her or hate her for appearing so weak She has some serious issues due to growing up in the foster system after she is found on a beach, abandoned, with no parents as a newborn Her fianc e isn t all that he seems and I really didn t like him from the beginning One thing I enjoy about The Water is Sweeter is the very beginning We are given a glimpse into the lives of the mermaids and what they sacrifice to keep their bloodlines going I was hoping for information about them as the story went on than I got, so I am hoping Eli writes another book featuring some of these same characters I think the story could have been much expanded on For me, there were many unanswered questions that I was really hoping would be answered in the end I m pretty sure Eli had a length limit on this story, so if that is the case, that would explain why it wasn t longer and filling in some of the blanks for me The ending felt somewhat open ended, making it seem as though there could be another book associated with this world, but I have yet to hear any kind of confirmation on that The writing was of the high standards I have come to expect from this author While it wasn t my normal cup of tea, I really did enjoy this story It was about the changes Lena is going through in her life than it was about Mermaids though I always had the feeling they were somewhere in the background There is some romance in this book but not so much that it overwhelms the basic storyline The ending was truly amazing I was seriously not ready to stop reading I would recommend this book to anyone who likes books about Mermaids, or who is open to the idea of reading something a little bit different that is maybe outside their normal realm of familiarity This review is also posted on I was given a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest review The receipt of this book does not guarantee a positive review, not does it affect my opinion of the book being reviewed.

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    An imaginative, mysterious thriller and a nice touch of fantasy Meri a beautiful angel In Water The Water Is Sweeter is not only a well written, captivating, emotionally engaging and insightful story, it s also completely different from any other mermaid novel I ve ever read This story has so much depth, it s really quite a fantastic experience to be submerging into I loved the complex, mature and meaningful plot line, with all the difficult and relevant subjects it explored with Lena Meri It was an eye opening read, at times really shocking and heart breaking, and definitely one I won t soon forget This is a great novel for those who want from their books than just silly romance stories and sparkling mythical creatures It s a story of bravery, dedication and belonging Lena s journey back to her roots is a difficult one, trying to escape a place and a love that has been everything to her It s an inspiring, insightful and powerful tale with brilliant plot developments I really enjoyed reading this and would not hesitate to recommend it to YA and adults I thought the ending, while quite unsettling and heartbreaking, was very well thought out and perfectly satisfying, but I do hope there will be a sequel I just can t get enough of Eli Constant s brilliantly engaging writing And of course, I want to find out how it all will turn out for Meri and Connor.Overall, this was such a pleasant read, really compelling, entertaining and full of meaning and important messages A story worth reading for many different reasons Like all of Eli s books this had captivated me from the start for me, this is a keeper 5 big sparkly stars well done Eli you re amazing

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    The Water Is Sweeter is an imaginative, heartbreaking, and an overall emotional roller coaster of a fantasy It touches on tough subjects not inherent to mermaid fantasy.The most unique and interesting part of this novel is how Eli Constant s mermaids are born human, many are left for humans to raise, and how those raised in the human world make the transition back to their homes Truly unique.Lena s life is difficult, though Born an orphan and shuffled from one foster family to another, she now suffers in a relationship with a controlling and dominating man, and intense emotional pain because she has never had a home of her own and does not feel has never felt wanted and loved Her pain bleeds from the pages and grips the reader s heart, wrenching it painfully.Lena s journey to self discovery, finding her inner strength and becoming a brave soul, and finding true, selfless love is inspiring This thought provoking novel is a complete story with a heartbreaking, yet satisfying, ending.

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    I must say I loved this unique mermaid story This is a story about Lena who is trying to find herself after being abandoned on the beach at birth She is w Truman though she feels a connection w someone else Pick up this book to find out her story see if she finally learns who she truly is Try not to throw your kindle or book while reading I know at times I wanted to There is beauty all around us that sometimes we ignore or are too busy to acknowledge Sometimes it takes someone to slow us down to remind us to look at that beauty before its gone But is true beauty gone forever or is it possible that we keep them in our memories for a reason

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    I listened to this book samples but forgot about it I really wanted to listen to it but was a little shocked at how depressing it sounds yes, I finished the book understand in the end but this just really depressed me A lil morbid dark it kept me wondering what was going to happen next so I guess it is a good listen don t be sad or depressed when listening, or in a dark mood.

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    Sweet water a mermaid fantasy romanceA good read for people who are in to the series recommend highly can t wait for the next one of the series a really enjoyable read but quick shaping up to be a enjoyable series must read the next one of the series

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