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Blue Hill Blood chapter 1 Blue Hill Blood , meaning Blue Hill Blood , genre Blue Hill Blood , book cover Blue Hill Blood , flies Blue Hill Blood , Blue Hill Blood 5edcb4fcb9521 Henry My Past Is Gruesome And Unforgettable No Matter How Hard I Try To Let GoWriting Is My Escape My Only TherapyWhen I Met My Wife, Had Children, And My Career Sky Rocketed, I Thought I D Never Revisit Those Dark Days AgainSo, The Moment Blue Hill, Maine Beckons For Me, I Go Willingly In An Effort To Write The Next Big StoryBut When A Ghost From My Past Shows Up, All Of My Carefully Rebuilt Walls Come Crumbling Down Hard And Fast My Only Way Of Defense Is Ripped From My Grasp As This Distraction Bounces Into My LifeWill I Be Able To Sift Through What S Fiction To Find Reality Eli I M A Serial Killer A Victim Of Narcissism And The Need To Satisfy My Own Urges I Have A Thirst To Snuff Out The Lives Of Those That Remind Me Of Her The Woman That Ruined Me And I Take Great Pleasure In Quenching That ThirstI Have No Rules No Parameters I Do As I PleaseNew York Times And USA Today Bestselling Author, Henry McElroy, Is My God His Sick, Twisted Mind Constructs The World To Which I Rule I Would Be Nothing Without Him My Dark Creator What Happens When Henry McElroy S Story Begins To Take A Realistic Form The Moment He Sets Foot In The Sleepy, Seaside Town In Maine As Soon As He Begins Sharing Excerpts Of His Book With His Fans On Social Media, Including An Obsessive One He Meets In Blue Hill, Bodies Begin To Stack Up In Similar Fashion To That Of Which He Writes About Will The Blame Be Placed On The Town S Newest And Most Twisted Visitor Or Will Henry Be Able To Prove His Innocence And Clear His Name Before It S Too Late

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    The book opens with a look at Henry s past It s ugly and it even made my old hateful self have a few feels He ended up being raised by his grandmother after losing his sister Helen and both parents Henry goes through hell, I m not spoiling anything by telling you that part.Then you meet present day Henry, he has moved on from the horrible tragedy and is now happily married, has two children and is a very successful writer.He writes a series based on a serial killer named Eli His series is even in the talks of a movie deal This was reminiscent for me of Stephen King s Misery and I remember wanting to read the books that King s character was writing and I felt the same way about the books that Henry was putting out..I WANTS Henry is on a deadline though, he has his publisher chomping at the bit wanting that next Eli book yesterday Henry has hit a small writer s block though His wife and he agree that he needs to get away and he decides on the small town of Blue Hill.On his way to the town he meets up with the sheriff s daughter who could pass for a twin of his dead sister Helen Now I was very entranced with the story..thought I would be able to figure things out on the way it was going.Then I was so very, very wrong.If you read this bookand I hope you will..DO NOT RAGE Quit Don t do it Just keep reading.Because There is a passage between two of the character s that stuck out in this book for me Wow, movie man You write scary stuff Like Stephen King she questions, this time resting her elbows on the bar in front of me, giving me prime view of her saggy tits Something like that but like James Patterson This kicks James Patterson s ass so hard that he won t find it in the middle of next week.It s that good.GO READ THIS BOOK and thenjoin me Booksource I was gifted this copy by an awesome reviewer. My wonderful friend Jahy messaged me that I needed to read this book Jahy reads some of the most awesome books that I would never find on my own and I always trust her judgement so I was on board I m so glad I did Thank you so much Jahy

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    4 Stars As a reader I love when a book surprised me and this little dark gem sure did While Blue Hill Blood wasn t the best psychological thriller mystery I have ever read, I have to say it was quite good, definitely a page turner that kept my attention from start to finish It was dark, raw, twisted, intense and of course like the title suggest, it was bloody So it goes without saying this book will f ck with your mind The story fallows Henry McElroy, New York Times Best Selling Author Henry has a successful career, a lovely, caring wife and two beautiful daughters He has writer s block and since he has a six weeks deadline on his six book in a series entitled The Kill Town about Eli, a serial killer , he decides to do what he does every time to clear his mind escape This time the destination is Blue Hill, a small coastal town He leaves his family and he comes to Blue Hill, but this small town is not exactly the perfect destination for a couple of reasons and one of them is that being away from his loved ones makes Henry think about what happened 25 years ago Things get complicated when he begins to share book excerpts with his fans on social media and soon after bodies begin to stack up in similar fashion to that of which he writes about.I don t want to give anything away, so no spoilers Try to read this one without reading too many spoiler ish reviews because you need to go into the story blind This one for sure was a mindfuck Needless to say half of the book I didn t know what s really going on Who is crazy Who s the killer and so on The story is written both in the past and in the present, which I really enjoyed, from Henry s perspective and Leesa s perspective, Henry s wife The prologue was intriguing, yet ugly and disturbing It simply gutted me Henry s character was well developed, complex, intense and while I sympathize with him, his actions made me cringe at times As for the supportive others characters, well they were interesting to say the least One of the aspects of the story I really liked was how well the plot was structured It was solid, captivating and also unique The story wasn t as graphic as I expected, which I don t know if is a good or a bad thing, but the storyline kept my interest until the end The epilogue was one of the reasons I enjoyed this read It was simply fantastic, smart and honestly I didn t expected it Overall, a great twisted read

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    It s been days And, I m still a bit hung up on this one, still processing Henry s past was so heartbreaking, gah I have no words Reading about those events, that day when his 14 year old life was turned up side down, I was horrified and I was hooked Jumping to the present we meet the man, Henry has become In his late thirties, he is happily married, the father of two girls, and a bestselling author Looking for inspiration for his current work in progress he heads to Blue Hill, Maine Lines begin to blur, a ghost from his past has Henry all out of sorts, and lets not forget the bodies that begin to pile up.This is a hard one to review, without spoiling, so I will keep it short This one had a somewhat slow build up, but the writing was great, and the twists along the way keep me invested in the story.

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    5 Crazy Ass Stars for Blue Hill Blood This book was one dark, twisted and unpredictable ride Henry has a dark past but this past along with his wife Leesa has helped him to become a phenomenal author He writes books about a serial killer named Eli.This book goes back and forth in time but it is easy to follow and easy to read Boy does it twist and turn I loved the story, I loved the author s writing and I loved the crazy characters that Elizabeth Gray created.It s hard to write a lot about this book without spoiling it for the reader If you want a in depth review check out Shelby I want some flying monkeys review If it wasn t for her I might never have heard about this book or this author That would have been a shame because this book was so freaking good Hopefully with word of mouth people will read it.Warning lots of sex and some violence but the gore factor was low.Highly recommended One of my favorites of 2015

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    Find all of my reviews at book has a 4.59 rating by people who have actually read the book rather than fangirls just soooooooo excited for release date and ermagherd squee squee squee Know what that means Ha I kill me In all seriousness, 3 Stars is a good rating for me and I definitely wouldn t want to discourage anyone from reading this book.So, about the book Blue Hill Blood is the story of Henry, a man who experienced some serious fuckupedry as a child In an effort to keep things spoiler free, I ll just leave it with we re talking Despite the odds being forever not in young Henry s favor, he managed to become a successful author as an adult, writing a series with a loveable little MC Unfortunately, Henry often suffers from writer s block and finds the only cure is escaping to a tiny little hamlet which will provide inspiration for the characters in his books That is how he comes to Blue Hill While there, Henry meets someone who seems very familiar and life begins to imitate art Sounds good, right It was This was a case of me being the problem Here s the deal 1 I knew what was happening Now, there was a little sumthin sumthin near the end that I didn t see coming, but for the most part I was right on track with where things were going THE FOLLOWING IS AN ACTUAL SPOILER SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK view spoiler Stephen King kinda sorta already did this better in The Dark Half hide spoiler

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    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewSo where do I even begin I am utterly stunned and left with a clusterfucks of OMG what the hell did I read And by that I mean it in a total holy shit this book is fucking amazing Yes, Blue Hill Blood by Elizabeth Gray is a must read Hands down I loved everything about this psychological thriller that kept me glued to my kindle Yes, I practically inhaled this twisted, gritty, raw,bloody and wicked book in one sitting So what is Blue Hill Blood about Well, this book is definitely one that can t be fully reviewed in detailed since there are so many twists and unexpected surprises along the way But what I can tell you is this If you love raw, dark, and wickedly twisted stories then this book is definitely for you Blue Hill Blood is about the nitty gritty side of what it is like to go behind the eyes of a monster And what I mean by that, it s about stepping out of your comfort zone and come live and experience two worlds colliding the literary world of imagination and the real world As readers we read books from our favorite authors and enter in their world of creativity We read and breathe in their literary world of fiction and characters We imagine these characters and feel every raw ounce of their emotions We are consumed by them So what happens when a NYT bestselling author s work in progress becomes the focus of national media attention when the killings are similar to his work What happens when a super fan crosses the line And what happens when a wife s love is all that is needed to fix things Blue Hill Blood is like watching a train wreck about to happen We just can t take our eyes off the scene that is about to take place In all honesty, the storyline reads and unfolds like a movie Every action, scene, dialogue, and interactions is like a vivid recounting of what is really taking place in the book The writing was phenomenal, the characters were written perfectly, and the storyline was addicting Ms Gray brought life to these characters in her own wicked twisted way She bewitched you right off the opening pages and had me questioning my sanity as I read the book Though this book is not the hearts and flowery type, I LOVED IT More like insanely addicted I wanted to know of these raw and uncouth characters and what other secrets and skeletons are left to be exposed This book definitely nailed it when it reminded readers that love makes you do crazy things, insane things, things you never thought you d see yourself do So what is there left to say but Blue Hill Blood by Elizabeth Gray is a MUST READ Yes, I am calling out all you dark, twisted, and psychological thriller fanatics that you definitely need to one click this book For all you movie aficionados out there, Blue Hill Blood can be closely described as The Staircase, To Die For, Basic Instinct, Primal Fear and of course Gone Girl. So if you are ready for one crazy ride, then sit back and hold on tight because Ms Gray definitely will have you begging for All I know is that ELIZABETH GRAY you have found your niche in this genre and I will definitely be stalking for of your books Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Gray

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    5 Touch Me Scarface Stars Hey Fellow Goodreaders, who goes by the name, Blue Hill Blood This little gem right here cured my book blues If only I could find a solution to my review rut Firstly, I d like to apologize in advance for this piss poor review Its been a while I m a little rusty Now, I could be a royal douchebag and spoil the entire book for everyone, but this homey don t play that Instead, I m going to list what I appreciate most about Elizabeth Gray s psychological thriller The Good The cover I like the whole frostbite look the cover model has going on Admit it fellow whores, its eye catching The writing No immature or repetitive chatter here Honestly, I m dense when it comes to purple prose text No comprende This story is told in the past, present and multi POV s form, which can get a little confusing I am happy to say this Squirrel had no difficulty keeping up with plot The pacing No tedious plot devices or monotonous scenes, which cause the story to drag ass Can I get an Amen A story within a story Just trust me, it works Btw, Am I the only one that thinks Eli needs his own full length novel Unconventional cast of characters Author , Serial Killer Fixer , Oh my The author I m insanely grateful to her for curing my lengthy aggravating book funk Muchas Gracias Oy Vey, enough with the fangirling before my nose turns brown Being the picky reader that I am, obviously there were few elements that displeasd me The Bad Blue Hill Blood is a standalone novel More Please I don t see any information regarding a spin off series for Eli Oh the travesty and finally, The Ugly This hideous review.Friends, I know this review has been an utter waste of your precious time, but if you re looking to read something different and have 4 to spare, don t hesitate to buy this book You won t be sorry And if by chance you are GET OVER IT j k For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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    4 Reality can be scarier than fiction stars This town is perfect Blue Hill Blood is sure to mess with you and give you the heebie jeebies Get your skull condom on, your mind is about to be fucked New York Times Best Selling Author, Henry McElroy has a 6 week deadline on his sixth installment of The Kill Town series The books follow the life of a serial killer Eli Firth, and the towns where his cruel tendencies make them rain red with blood His type, if you will, are all the same Dripping with fucking innocence Eager to please Na ve to a fault As a usual process for Henry, he is going to Blue Hill, a small coastal town in hopes of gaining clarity for his book The people, sights, smells and sounds help get creative juices flowing He s leaving his devoted wife and two girls behind in order to finish his work But Henry also has a brutal past, and the reprieve from his normal life usually triggers thoughts about what happened to him and his family when he was fourteen That shit fucked my brain up than any bullet ever could Instead of blasting my head into matching chunks on my sister s legs like that of the rest of my family, the bullet instead, infected my mind When small excerpts and teasers from Blue Hill Blood are being posted by Henry on social media start to come true, the quiet town can t help but question the newcomer Who is to blame for these murders Is it possible that there is a copycat killer or crazed fan out there making fiction a reality Is Eli really a figment of Henry s imagination Read about Henry s past, present, and Eli s perspective to see if you can figure out what s going on As a fan of the sick, twisted, and dark read, I enjoyed this one When a friend had posted a five star review on a psychological thriller, I knew I had to get my grubby little hands on it This contained some things that may be deal breakers for some readers I think if you go in knowing it s on the darker side you will be prepared for what s to come The first half of the book was a little slow, but after finishing I can see why it was best to set up the scene that way About halfway through I was cringing and pissed off simultaneously by what took place which in my opinion, is a good thing This then led to my eyebrows being furrowed for the duration of the book I was wondering what the hell was going on, and then when finding out the facts, I still couldn t believe what I was reading.This was a very well written crazy story Once you get going you won t want to put it down The epilogue was one of my favorite type of endings and let s your imagination run wild with thoughts of what could take place Overall I was on the edge of my seat, confused, shocked, and pretty creeped out So if you know me at all, it was right up my alley A damn good mindfuck book ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review Thank you

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    Bloggers Limited number of ARCs available for review NOW D Blue Hill Stars Hands down, one of the best psychological thrillers I have ever read This book is like NOTHING else out there It is part Basic Instinct, part Misery, part Gone Girl Brilliantly written All mind fuck fans, can I have your attention pleaselol This is a book that I think you all will love Release day 8 24 15

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    4 Helen Scarface Stars The prologue guts you It s the start of Henry s world crumbling around him The day he loses everything that is important to him The day Henry is filled with pain and a darkness that refuses to stay hidden Henry s past is gruesome and unforgettable and he can t seem to let it go When he is a teenager his grandmother gives him a notebook and tells him to write down his thoughts The writing turns into a therapy of sorts Maybe even an escape for him After all he needs some release from all the anger that is trapped in his body The kids at school were so mean One boy in particular made it in Henry s notebook Ogre Pig face Vagina face Scarface Frankenstein Pizza face Phantom of the Opera Ugly Freak face Retard Scary Dead boy Loser F k face Nasty Sick A face Disgusting Monster.When Henry is in college he meets a girl Lessa will become his life saver where she will calm him and later become his wife She will do anything for Henry He is the love of her life My wife took a vow long ago to take care of me for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part.Lessa takes these vows seriously After college Henry publishes a series of books which sends his career sky rocketing to the best sellers list I loved that Henry posted his books on Goodreads He s having trouble concentrating at home with his wife and two girls around the house His writers block is not going to cut it because he is on a time line for his next book to be released His wife suggests that he packs up and head to this bed breakfast in Blue Hill Maine Maybe there he can get some quiet time and the inspiration to finish his book Blue Hill is the town where his book is taking place Before he even gets there a ghost from his past almost crashes into him This person has Henry s walls crumbling down super fast When Henry s wife shows up in Blue Hill things get even bizarre Henry has been posting teasers from his new book every few days and somebody seems to be hanging on every word Bodies start piling up all over Blue Hill Henry is under investigation because of this You will be wondering who is the killer Who will be next I personally thought this book had a very slow start that didn t really grab me until around 40 50% The book jumped from Henry s past when he was younger to the present We also were getting sneak peaks of what was in Henry s novel After the halfway point I couldn t read fast enough I was so confused while reading this book My mind was twisted up I didn t know who to believe or even what to believe Was Henry crazy Was the obsessed fan in Maine crazy Was Henry s wife crazy What body or bodies were going to show up next Are they the same exact people in Henry s novel Hell I didn t know I did get a little creeped out with how obsessed Henry was with his sister Helen I didn t really understand that relationship This book had many moments of me with my eyes wide open and my mouth was probably open as well I found that toward the end things were a bit OTT I felt that one thing was a little far fetched to do that for a person I also wanted to know how that person responded reading the ending of the book that was giving to him I m sure it pissed him off I loved the very last chapter and thought it was awesome to throw that in there to give us readers the perfect way to come to our own conclusions This review might not make sense but I can t give the story away Your mind will be a jumble while reading this book if you decide to give it a go I hope you do Thank you so much Elizabeth Gray for the arc and allowing me to review your book My mind was all twisted up

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