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Eye Candy (Candied Apple Cafe #1) files Eye Candy (Candied Apple Cafe #1) , read online Eye Candy (Candied Apple Cafe #1) , free Eye Candy (Candied Apple Cafe #1) , free Eye Candy (Candied Apple Cafe #1) , Eye Candy (Candied Apple Cafe #1) 2e0dbbeb2 Candy Chef Hayley Dunham Has Vowed To Own Her Thirties She S A Successful Business Woman, Good Friend And Dutiful Daughter But She Can T Help But Want She Wants Passion Fireworks And One Kiss With The Hot Cop Next Door Shows Her Exactly Who She Wants Those Fireworks WithGarrett Mulligan Has Always Wanted To Be A Cop, He S The Kind Of Man Who Lives To Protect And Serve But When An Injury Sidelines Him And Raises Doubts About Him Returning To Work, He S At His Wit S End Until Cute, Flirty Hayley Shows Up To Provide The Perfect Distraction

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    ARC received for reviewA very sweet romance but was so sssslllooowwww I speed read almost half of it Garrett was some serious eye candy, but really wishy washy when it came to taking the plunge Hayley wasn t much better It was left open for another book with their friends Cici and Hoops.

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    I found Eye Candy an incredibly enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon, out in my garden, sunbathing and reading this steamy story that was getting me all hot and bothered It is a fairly simple story, next door neighours Hayley and Garrett come across each other one evening when Hayley is trying to break into her own house, after a night out celebrating her 30th birthday She is determined to start her 30s as a bad girl instead of the good girl she had been in ther 20s Garrett is a cop and came to stop the house being broken into, and the pair have a somewhat instant sexual chemical reaction to each other However neither of them are convinced they want a relationship This is a classic will they, won t they be together book, that is full of amusing incidents, as well as fabulous encounters between the pair I was a bit disappointed wasn t made of Hayley s job as a candy maker, she makes the most wonderful truffles, but despite there being bits about her days at work, I wasn t made to feel hungry, which I would have expected from a candy maker Although Hayley s candy, wasn t the only sort featured, Garrett was the ultimate in male eye candy, to the extent that Hayley s nickname for him is Officer Hottie I really enjoyed reading Eye Candy, its a lovely story, with some great characters, and a cute little dog too

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    I am a fan of any story where the two central characters of the story complement each other Hayley was a sweetheart who specializes in making sweet treats Garrett was a cop dealing with an upset in his life and uncertainty about his career These two individuals were polar opposites but they made sense Each brought out the better qualities in the other This sweet and salty read is a rewarding pleasure I received an ARC of Eye Candy by Katherine Garbera in exchange for an honest review.

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    I thought this story was cute and a little different I loved that Hayley was a candy maker and Garrett was a police officer I liked when Hayley was working and the description of her candy shop They were cute together I enjoyed the beginning when she was trying to break into her own house and he caught her These two have a whole lot of chemistry I did think Hayley doubted herself a lot and sometimes the book felt a little two wordy I did enjoy how this story took place in New York and the mention of places makes me miss New York I thought the characters were written perfectly especially the main two The ending was nice and sweet especially when they make up I was wondering if this would become a series due to her friends and his friends are single Plus they were interesting so hopefully they will each have their own stories.

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    First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfI find myself needing to say do not judge this story on the book cover or the book s title a play on words somewhat of the heroine s occupation Yes, the cover is hot and the title draws you in, no doubt Yet, I found this tale to be neither light nor fluffy but intense and complicated, in the best ways possible.Hayley has just celebrated her thirtieth birthday With the encouragement of her friends and business partners, as well as her own take on the bucket list of her life, Hayley is setting out to be More than what she was, taking risks, living fully and finding out what makes her happy.What would make her happy tonight is the attention of her Hot Cop neighbor who thinks she s doing a bit of breaking and entering on her own front door.Garrett is a police detective It is what he s alway wanted to be, what he has worked for even when his wealthy parents questioned his choice of careers He needs the streets like he needs air to breathe Recently Garrett was shot and his partner killed during a gun battle with a drug dealer He has been off duty recuperating from his injuries and awaiting the results from Internal Affairs regarding the death of a piece of scum.His instincts kicked in when he saw the shadowy figure bent over the door of his neighbor And injured or not, it is his nature to protect and serve And would he ever love to do just that to the sexy neighbor, a bit tipsy and determined to seduce her Hot Cop neighbor.How do I convey the complexities of Eye Candy without giving too much away, things that make the story so intriguing and things that you should discover for yourself along the way of enjoying Garrett s and Hayley s romance.This couple has a lot going on below the surface Yes, they are an extremely sexy, sensous, smoke up the sheets kind of couple Yet, I was drawn to their brokenness Each has issues to deal with. abandonment, parental expectations, guilt, fear, anger, survivor s guilt. and an inability to trust that what they are feeling is actually love It was watching them face problems, sometimes run away from those problems, learn to trust not only each other but themselves. those were the parts that took this novel to 5 stars for me Of course they made wrong moves along the way, and Hayley s ultimatum was probably the worst move of all but I felt that those choices came from their own insecurities and I watched them overcome them in the end.I greatly enjoyed Eye Candy and am hoping that there are at least two stories about Hayley s business partners and Garrett s friends One can only hope with fingers crossed I received an e ARC of Eye Candy from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review That does not change what I think of this novel.

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    ARC received from NetgalleyRating 1 Cover Yes please Trope Chemistry Titanic IcebergOne Sentence Summary A cop and chef go from being neighbours to something Review So I am trying to start this review with something positive but it is kind of hard to think of one Garrett and Hayley s relationship throughout the whole book is very Stop Start and they both pull away from each other multiple times.Garrett seems like a respectable guy but I really didn t agree with the fact that view spoiler his father paid of the family of the dead criminal Seriously this criminal was a cop killing scumbag and Garrett just shot him in self defence ARGH hide spoiler

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    Great read When Garrett Mulligan, on leave NYPD officer, finds his tipsy neighbor, Hayley, trying to break into her own apartment one night, it makes for a fun time Hayley, who runs her own candy store, is turning 30 and vowing to turn over a new leaf and stop playing it safe She has a little makeover with new hair and clothes and decides to flirt with Officer Hottie, as she calls him Garrett, on leave recuperating after being shot during a shootout with a druggie who killed his partner, decides to flirt back Their chemistry together is instant and HOT They decide to date, but each of their own hang ups attempts to derail the relationship before it even gets started Can Hayley overcome her past baggage to allow herself to love freely again without the constant fear of loss And can Garrett get past his guilt of being the one to survive and let himself be happy instead of being blinded by his need for revenge

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    I thought this was a very enjoyable read Great way to spend a lazy afternoon With it s high steam level and light storyline, it s a very relaxing read Garrett and Hayley finally meet after being neighbors for a while He s a cop but he s home recuperating from an injury She s a candy maker with a shop that is just getting started The attraction is immediate and it s not long before they are dating.sorta This story takes us along as their relationship builds and they struggle to find their way I would definitely recommend this one.

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    When Garrett s manliness is questioned he doesn t hesitate to defend himself, I m not a caveman You ve seen me cleaned up, he said He knew how to dress nice and could even pull out all the stops on a date He s not a shy boy, hell, I always want you, he admitted, reaching between them and undoing his belt and then freeing his erection I liked this book Garrett was hot and well he was just hot.

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    I found this story to be very realistic about falling in love and being unsure of the other person s feelings for you.You don t want to be hurt so you hold yourself back While all along the other person is doing the same thing.

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