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Cats in Paris chapter 1 Cats in Paris , meaning Cats in Paris , genre Cats in Paris , book cover Cats in Paris , flies Cats in Paris , Cats in Paris a5baa18e6ac65 This Gorgeously Illustrated Adult Coloring Book Draws Readers Into The Secret World Of Cats In Paris As They Explore The City S Most Famous And Feline Friendly SpotsSay Bonjour To The Cats Of Paris As They Slink Through Its Fabled Streets And Alleyways, From Montmartre To The Shakespeare And Company Bookshop And Into A Feline Filled Land Of Playful Imagination Featuring Intricate Pen And Ink Drawings Of Tabbies, Persians, Siamese, And , This Evocative Coloring Book S Frisky Kitties Lie In Wait For Your Colorful Stylings

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    I was thinking there would be pictures of cats slinking around Paris in different beautiful scenes but there are still some really good pictures in the book Here are a couple of the actual Paris pictures There something about these cat pictures that I like and find funny I haven t decided if I m going to color them the way they are supposed to look or give them crazy colors I really love the cat stamps they have in the book I am definitely going to color them in wild colors, I just can t help it, I think they will look beautiful like that These cats, in my opinion are the nerd, bookworm cats I love them They are smarter than your average cat so watch out for them because they are all clones Overall I like most of the pictures, I just wished they would have had of them around Paris together, I think that would have been nice, but for what they have it will be nice to color I would like to thank Blogging For Books for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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    I m in the middle ground on this book The pages are thick and the paper is high quality However, some of the drawings seem very simple for an adult coloring book The beginning of the book is a cat giving you a short tour of Paris He ends up in a bookstore, whici I loved That s only for a short part in the front The rest of the book is random with some simple images to color and some complex There are also several pages of cat postage stamps to entertain yourself with.I like some of the images in the book and the paper quality so I m rounding up to a three star for the book I received a copy of this book in exchange for review from Blogging for Books Thank you I usually highlight a fellow reviewer in this space but I m the only one at this time that has reviewed this book on GR.

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    When I first learned about this book, I was pretty excited I mean it has cats And the cats are in Paris What is not to love about this concept Then I received the book and opened it up.I was so disappointed by what I saw.Now, you are probably wondering why I found myself so disappointed in this coloring book, and I will tell you The first and main reason is that I am not a fan of the the illustrations.I didn t think that the illustrations were very well done and they did not appeal to me at all I wanted something fun to color, and I didn t find these illustrations very fun at all The cats look a little bit awkward and a lot of the pictures are rather squiggly looking More like quick line drawings, not something that seems like something I want to spend my time coloring.I also thought that the illustrations were the type that would be difficult to color Some people may be in for that kind of challenge, but it just isn t for me.Other than that, the paper quality seemed nice, but each page is double sided So if you were planning on coloring on it with markers, that is something you would have to do at your own risk.I wish I could be excited than I am about this one, I really truly do However, that is not the case It just wasn t my thing.This review is based on a copy provided by Blogging for Books in exchange for a fair and honest reviewFind of my reviews here

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    I have a great concept for a coloring book said the artist Oh And what is that queried the publisher Cats That s nice, but cats have been done Can you throw anything else in there Paris That sounds great But, I don t have a lot of drawings of Paris, so how about we just do whatever with cats and say it s in Paris Sure, that ll work too And that, I think, sums up what went into this book There are cats all over it, so that wasn t a lie But there s very little of Paris in it The art style also changes wildly throughout the book There were actually three distinct art styles throughout The first portion of it we ll call sketch jazz ugly During the sketch jazz ugly portion, the illustrations are sketchy with some bits of dialogue included where a supposedly Parisian cat shows you his favorite sketched out Paris haunts It s as weird as I just described it This portion of the book lasts for about the first 16 pages before it moves on to the next style, Sketch jazz real The illustrations from here forward are much nicer than the initial ugly jazz stage, but continue to be sketchy I think there may be two clean lines in this entire book In any case, during the middle portion there are varied cats, and it looks as though the illustrations are speed drawn from live cats To be fair, if you like cats, this part might make you happy It certainly made me laugh, because there s an illustration of a cat lying on its back, presenting its butt hole to the viewer No, I m not kidding It made me laugh because that s true to cats, but now you ve been warned that there is illustrated cat a hole in this book Shortly after the cat a hole image, the artist s caffeine and sugar fueled high subsides long enough to provide us with some nice, albeit boring compared to cat butt, images of cat stamps Yes, stamps Like the kind you put on your mail Totally useless to actually send mail, but nice However, the trip into staid sanity is short lived, and we return to madness of the what the hell is that cat doing variety for a few pages before the book simply ends.This book is scattered The cats in Paris portion is awfully short to have the whole book named after it, and the art style isn t consistently good It isn t the worst coloring book in the world, but I know I ll enjoy my other coloring books far You might like this book if 1 You like cats2 You like weird stuff3 You would like to color cat related sketches.If you re looking for Paris, look elsewhere There isn t enough of it here to qualify.This review is based on a copy provided by Blogging for Books in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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    Cats no Paris yesI have been waiting with great anticipation for the man in the brown shirt pants to deliver the box containing CATS IN PARIS a magical coloring book Having asthma, I am not a big fan of cats, it seems that when I m around them, they love to rub up against me and I start coughing wheezing So receiving Won Sun Jang s magical coloring book, gives me the opportunity to admire these beautiful creatures up close without the need of my inhaler.There is a storyline behind the cats and it was interesting to see the sights of Paris through feline eyes There are intricate coloring pages or simple and the pages are thick enough that you could use crayons, colored pencils or even watercolor the choice is yours.I give this book the highest rating and recommend this enjoyable coloring book as a gift or simply for yourself as you curl up with these special Cats in Paris.ABOUT WON SUN JANG Won Sun Jang is an award winning Korean illustrator whose work has appeared in Vogue Korea, Elle Korea, Bazaar Korea, and InStyle Korea, and clients include MAC Cosmetics and Clinique and she is also winner of the Children s Books Illustration Award from Kemongsa Publishers More about Won Sun Janghttp www.penguinrandomhouse.com boo

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    This is nice I love the way this book is put together I have other coloring books made just like this one and they are all amazing Bright white paper that is thick, printed on both sides The cover is cute It has an actual dust jacket making it sturdy and giving it a nice quality look This book is quite a bit larger than I expected, and the page count is also higher than anticipated.The pictures themselves are nice The are hand drawn, so don t expect crisp lines In my opinion this makes for a great finished product because of its uniqueness This sure to appeal to anyone who loves to color and has a love for domestic house cats My Prismacolor colored pencils work well on these, as do my gel pen The cheaper Crayola colored pencils actually work better than I thought they would I haven t tried my watercolor pencils yet, but I expect good results.I am having a blast using different colors for the cats fur then blending them together I have had some really awesome results.I will definitely be seeing what other products are available by the same publisher All three that I have are very nice.I received a copy of this coloring book in exchange for an honest review from Blogging For Books.

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    I was seduced by the cover of this coloring book cat on a bookshelf It s my favorite of the drawings, that will give great pleasure to fans of coloring, cats, and Paris An interesting mix of line drawings and scanned art I ve come to the conclusion that though I like to draw art for coloring, I m not such a big fan of coloring, itself.Thanks to blogging for books and the publisher for sending a copy my way.

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    Cats in Paris is a really cute and unique coloring book with a fairly large variety of art styles to pick from Plus it has cats, so that s an automatic point.I m sort of known for starting a ton of pages and then never getting around to finishing them before moving on to the next one I do finish them eventually, but I like the variety and patience that moving to a new page creates There are so many pages in this one that demand immediate attention and I m loathe to deny them them the chance Though I haven t touched two of my favorite images yet, which are posted below One has a cat with glasses and a bow, and the other is a super simple line drawing of different cat breeds.It does make it seem like it s going to be a book focused on cats around Paris, but for the most part the images are pretty universal like the ones pictured below There are probably around 4 or 5 that feature Paris in some respect, but it does have a very artsy feel to it The paper is nice and thick, but since I use colored pencils as my poison of choice I m not really sure if it s thick enough to hold up under marker.There are only a few pages in this that I have no interest in or any idea how to tackle them, and they are mostly towards the front They have a style that has a lot of printed shading and smears, but no true definitive lines in which to color the page They look cool, but are essentially useless to me.I m really pleased with this one It s definitely a bit different from my others Enchanted Forest, and Time Garden and it s super cute It s definitely one to check out for all the cat lovers out there who need to unwind a bit.

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    This adult coloring book does have the flavor of Paris from it s charming cover to the bonjour back cover Inside you will find delightful kitties of all types Explore historical places with these cats Also visit cats lounging on cushions, wandering through butterfly gardens and surveying their domain atop a pile of suitcases Other cats proudly peruse book stores or bags of cat food You ll find cats on stamps, listed by types, playing with yarn, snuggling in a basket, wearing champion ribbons and leaving paw prints on the pages This book is perfect for a cat lover or lover of Paris or French culture.I receive this book free from the publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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    Cats in Paris A Magical Coloring Book by Won Sun Jang is different than my typical coloring books.It s a coloring book of the secret world of cats as they explore the city s famous parts I thought there would be of Paris, but many of the pages are simple collages Some pages are very detailed, whereas others are pretty simplistic.I ordered this one to color with the kids so am very happy with the simple illustrations on certain pages The kids will learn a bit of history of Paris while coloring their favorite animal cats I will enjoy the detailed pages, especially any involving books That cover just spoke to me cats and books being two of my favorite things This book was given to me by Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

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