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Playing Grown-Up summary Playing Grown-Up , series Playing Grown-Up , book Playing Grown-Up , pdf Playing Grown-Up , Playing Grown-Up eaec66f09a At First, Ren Sanders Thought She Was Going Nowhere, Until She Realized She D Been Heading Somewhere All Along When Her Life Is Turned Upside Down Overnight, She Must Learn How To Handle The Weight Of The World On Her Shoulders, While Still Holding Onto The People And Things That Mean The Most To Her A Few Surprises Along The Way Will Show Her The Best Things In Life And The Ones Most Unexpected, And The Biggest Mistakes Can Teach Us The Greatest Lessons

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    Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review I am Ren and it s time I stopped making myself feel guilty for having feelings This is the sequel to Nowhere Girl, and I loved it so much This book takes place a couple years after the first one and we get to catch up on everything that we have missed.Let me tell you, not all of it was good Boy, did I cry my eyes out in this one A particular character I was extremely fond of was ripped away from me and the main character and it hit me to the core I m not over it and never will be I mourned alongside Ren and it was torture.We find out that even though we follow a character for the length of a novel, we never really know the entire story At first, I wasn t a fan of Gil With the whole too many guys in the picture issue But, I m happy to say he has changed my mind I would ve loved to have seen from him way earlier in the story but oh well I ended up loving him and approving of him with Ren This story was beautiful It wrapped everything up perfectly and I am so proud of how far Ren has come I loved seeing how the people around Ren were doing as well as her.

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    I loved getting to catch up with Ren and her crew in this sequel to Nowhere Girl Filled with life changing events and major decisions, Ren takes on the world as a grown up and finally finds her happiness While the story s definitely entertaining, what s important is that Stuffel gives us a glimpse into a positive perspective we all need to adopt and she reminds us to move on and look forward to the new opportunities life is sure to throw our way.

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    I loved seeing what happens to Ren Nowhere Girl left me with questions about her Thank you for part II

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