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Run Girl chapter 1 Run Girl , meaning Run Girl , genre Run Girl , book cover Run Girl , flies Run Girl , Run Girl 1f2da35320fd7 Please Note Run Girl Is A Novella Roughly Half The Length Of An Average Novel A Strange New City, A Missing Girl, And A Race Against Time In Europe To Help Broker A Peace Deal Between Warring African Nations, Secretary Of State Jayne Whitticker Is In The Middle Of Delicate Negotiations When Her Favourite Grandchild Disappears From ParisSpecial Agent Ingrid Skyberg Is Hauled Out Of Her FBI Training Session At Scotland Yard To Head The Hunt For The Year Old Girl, Who The FBI Believe Is Now In London The Problem Is, Ingrid Has Only One Lead, Just A Few Hours To Track Her Down And Can T Call In The Local Cops For Assistance For Fear The Story Is Leaked To The PressWill She Succeed In Her Unexpected Mission Or Will Her Failure Lead To The Collapse Of The Crucial Peace Talks With So Much Resting On Her Decisions And Subsequent Actions, One Thing S For Sure Ingrid Will Give Everything S She S Got To Find The Girl And Save The Day The Story Of Ingrid Skyberg S Very First Case In London, Run Girl Sets The Scene For Her Future Adventures To Find Out When The Next Book In The Series Is Released, You Can Join The Mailing List Here Praise For Eva Hudson A Brilliantly Paced Thriller Perfectly Balanced Between Character And Plot Very Gripping And Suspenseful Sophie Hannah It Immediately Draws You In There S Suspense Right From The Beginning Penny Smith Great Dialogue Mark Billingham Other Crime Thrillers And Mystery Books By Eva Hudson The Loyal Servant Angela Tate Book The Third Estate Angela Tate Book The Senior Moment A Highly Unconventional Heist Thriller Fresh Doubt Ingrid Skyberg Book Kill Plan Ingrid Skyberg Book About Eva Hudson After Years Of Enjoying Thrillers And Police Procedurals By Authors Like Lee Child And Michael Connelly, Eva Was Inspired To Write Her Own Crime Thrillers In She Won The Inaugural Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize For Her First Novel, The Loyal Servant The Book Also Made It To The Crime Thriller Final Of ITV S People S Novelist AwardFind Out About Eva At Evahudson

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    I bought this book for free on as I decided yesterday I wished to read a cool, short thrilling novella that I could race through within 24 hours.It is a story about our hero FBI agent Ingrid Skyberg She happens to be in London doing some lecturing to uninterested English officers in Scotland Yard about how to handle violence to children cases The. she gets a text Meet me outside and a car is waitingThis is how our story commences The long and the short of it is that a very important young lady has gone missing and she needs to be found Plus no one can know about it To stop the leaking and to get the best woman on the case they ask for Ingrid.As it was a short book I read it as having about four main plot points and then built up dialogues and character building and reacting until we got to these, often great scenes The supporting cast to Ingrid was highly colourful and interesting so I have to respect Eva Hudson for making me care about these characters within 174 pages They aren t that complex yet, but this is her prelude to a distinguished series she has established and I will 100% be checking out the rest Nick Angelis is a charming, mysterious, ex army officer helping Ingrid on the case and yes, he has a soft spot for her I won t say too much, but the person behind the missing girl is very clever and throws a lot of false senses around It is quite simply written but that is what I needed and it worked well The pacing of the book was exquisite The story wasn t predictable, however with it being a short book they always seem to progress to the right scent straight away Whether this is the ingeniousness of our hero or a writing device to keep it short and sharp doesn t matter because it was very good plot progression within the medium The ending was sort of a hoo ha, the day is saved I don t think this is a spoiler in these sort of books but if you consider it is then let me know and I will edit it.I will 100% be checking out the rest of the series This was a very pleasant surprise To reiterate, it is free You would be silly not to at least check it out.Peace and love James xwww.youandibooks.wordpress.com

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    Synopsis blurb. If you love thrillers, don t miss this action packed novella Enjoy the ride in this fast paced FBI thriller as one of the toughest Special Agents ever to come out of Quantico buckles up for her first adventure Resourceful and tenacious, Ingrid Skyberg is virtually indestructible she can take whatever her adversaries throw at her and still get up for .BOOK DESCRIPTION In Europe to help broker a peace deal, Secretary of State Jayne Whitticker is in the middle of delicate negotiations when her wayward granddaughter goes missing in London.Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg is hauled out of her FBI training session at Scotland Yard to lead the hunt for the 18 year old The problem is, Ingrid has only one lead, just a few hours and can t call in the local cops for back up.Will Ingrid find the girl in time Or will her failure lead to the collapse of crucial peace talks Run Girl sets the scene for Ingrid s future adventures working out of the US embassy in London If an American citizen lands in trouble or winds up dead or gets accused of a crime they didn t commit, Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg is on their case.The first instalment in an up all night crime thriller series perfect for fans of strong female protagonists, thrillers with a twist and who like a little romantic intrigue on the side My take.First book of a new reading month and an okay start nothing too amazing and not too objectionable about Run Girl No major pulse raising scenes and conversely I never felt the urge to doze off reading it either.There are three strong females central to the book the US Secretary of State who is involved in delicate peace negotiations, her strong willed granddaughter who has done a runner to London and Ingrid Skyberg who is an FBI agent tasked with tracking down the missing teenager before anyone especially the grandmother twigs she is missing.The girl is clever and resourceful and the agent is always one step behind, pretty much throughout We have a London setting mostly and bit of a blast chasing the teenager around the capital, with a helicopter jaunt out to the sticks, for a bit of questioning cum intimidation on a possible boyfriend and a return to the capital for a gown fitting and a date at a fundraising ball information advising Ingrid that the missing girl will be in attendance.Ingrid is partnered with an independent male intelligence operative not FBI, not official, and there s a bit of banter between the two Along the way we encounter a bit of misogyny and sexism at the hands of an MP and our borderline black ops style questioning is done by the male help, something Ingrid isn t too enamoured by We also learn about Skyberg during the course of the case She has a fiance back in the US, one she doesn t seem to be too close to, she hates shopping, can t dance, is a nightmare in heels and is uber smart and competent a proper tomboy with brains.We get a successful resolution to the investigation The girl is returned to her grandmother, the peace talks are fruitful Everyone lives happily ever after A new career opportunity opens up for Ingrid where she gets to remain in London and Hudson can write books about her.An okay read, nothing to elevate it above the ordinary though Hudson s strength is strong female characters and there s nothing wrong with that, though maybe she ought to dial back a bit with the girl power theme to win herself a few male readers Not every male character is depicted negatively here, just a couple.3 from 5Run Girl is the first in Hudson s Ingrid Skyberg series of which there are six in total She has a few other books to her name, including The Last Ride which I read a few years ago She died in 2015.Read in November, 2018Published 2014Page count 176Source purchased copyFormat kindlehttps col2910.blogspot.com 2018 11

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    This is a light weight book, a prequel to her later books.It s quite fun, not very thought provoking, not an urgent book.I admire anybody who can complete and sell a novel, believe me that s tough So I wish Ms Skyberg the best of luck.It won t become a classic, it s not up there with Donnelly, Stark, Westlake, Steinhauer, Coben.But for amusing fun if you like a light weight detective verging on spy type thing, you will find it fun.

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    Three agents of the FBI are in London to give a presentation when the woman giving the talk is called out for a phone call and shortly the second woman is also called of the session leaving the lone man to finish up The women are escorted to a room in the US Embassy and left in a locked room after having all their electronic devices confiscated One complains loudly about the loss of her phone and the inability to talk with her children back in the states, while the other, Ingrid Skyberg, is quiet and tries to indicate to her compatriot that she should be aware that the were probably being watched When they are finally freed, Ingrid is kept and the other sent back to the conference It seems that the Secretary of State is on a delicate mission in France and somehow her 18 year old granddaughter has managed to join her after having a fight with her parents Now it appears that the granddaughter has managed to elude her private security and has taken off to destinations unknown Ingrid is teamed with a private security agent and Embassy staff as well as Scotland yard to track down the girl and get her back to France without letting the Secretary know and distract her from the negotiations With a short time frame to succeed and false trails left by the smart 18 year old they have quite a task ahead of them.

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    I love this I can t wait for .I will be also leaving a review on Goodreads .And letting everyone know about it.So i gave it a 5 Stars.

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    This eBook was an unexpected treat Although not a Christian novel, as I usually prefer, this novella was clean and decent There was some light profanity, in appropriate settings, but none of the F word or super offensive stuff so common in today s media and entertainment There was no sex or graphic violence Although one character, Nick Angelis, was clearly attracted to the point of view character, Ingrid Skyberg, there was none of the usual over the top romantic hanky panky going on Angelis flirted and tried to impress Ingrid, but he was a gentleman when she resisted his charm and good looks While the relationship was still open to further development in sequels, the two did not end up getting any serious than colleagues by the conclusion of the book.The plot otherwise was interesting The grand daughter of the Secretary of State involved in peace talks went missing having ditched her government appointed escort Ingrid, an FBI agent in London, is assigned to track her down before her grandmother, the press, or anyone else gets wind of it Paired with Angelis, an employee of a private security company connected with the US embassy, Ingrid does her best to follow the scanty leads they have on where the girl could have secreted herself and what she was up to Although the detective work often seems secondary to the sometimes adversarial relationship between agents Skyberg and Angelis, the action is fun and fast paced, as the two have only one day to track down the missing teen As is typical with novellas, the book ends abruptly, without the satisfying denouement one often finds in longer books However, the loose ends are tied up, and the foundation is laid for a series of books about the same character s.I recommend this book to anyone who would enjoy a quick, easy read with a touch of suspense and action, without a lot of peripheral nonsense It won t strain your budget or your brain, but will provide a few hours of entertainment.

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    Well From zero to hour in one fell swoop I hated The Loyal Servant, thought it was terrible and I have had this one downloaded for almost a year and kept putting it off.I m not sure how that happened I either got it before the first one I read by her or because I d deleted the other one I downloaded it in error Plus I don t usually download a book under 200 pages and this is a little shy of that Anyway, I thought I d finally take a look.I loved it A terrific protagonist I liked her immensely She was spunky, good at her job AND she has really nice manners which greatly appealed to me I whizzed through this in a day, helped too by a lack of internet for a couple of nights everso liberating It held my interest the whole way through and I m pleased to see it heralds the beginning of a series which I ll definitely be sticking with I am sure Angelis will feature in the other stories too that looks like it will be a very interesting partership, maybe in ways than one who knows I really enjoyed the character of Rachel too it would be terrific to see her make a reappearance as she was very bright and I liked her a lot she made me laugh.I did spot a couple of dropped speechmarks and at one point Ingrid mentioned the 18 year old granddaughter when I couldn t see how she knew this then I saw turned used where turning should ve been but that was it for errors which was also highly impressive.I was surprised how many differing careers this author has had A really varied selection for sure I m looking forward to the next in this series.

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    I m not sure what to say about this novella I got about 1 3 of the way thru it, and it was soooo hard to keep my attention Ms Hudson uses the GD word a good bit, which I don t see much use init s not the F word, but I d almost rather that than the GD Also, there wasn t much meat to the storyline Idk what the actual series consist of, but I found myself reading just to be reading so I could finish the book not because it was keeping my attention, until I decided that I had a ton of other books I could be reading that I hope I won t be able to put down So, I put this one down at the 30% mark coz I was wasting my mind and my time Idk if I ll give the others a shot or notSo many books, so little time

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    A great easy and quick read But interesting too.Ingrid Skyberg FBI agent is in the UK at a conference when she is left a text message to leave immediately and a car is waiting for her.she is taken to the Embassy where she is tasked with finding a teenage girl, but this is not just any teenage girl This is the granddaughter of the Secretary of State.Time is against Ingrid, and she has a task on her hands to find this girl and find her quickly.For a short read there seemed to be an awful lot packed into this book.Well worth reading and a good introduction to a series, I will give of Eva s books a try in the near future.

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    I reread part of this book after scanning some reviews, trying to decide if I wanted to keep the book on my Kindle The story is basically interestingpolitical, a young girl missing However.there is profanity here which I missed the first time around.true profanitytaking God s Name in vain I won t be keeping the book.

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