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The Sheikhs Unforgettable Lover (The Sharqi Sheikhs #1) pdf The Sheikhs Unforgettable Lover (The Sharqi Sheikhs #1) , ebook The Sheikhs Unforgettable Lover (The Sharqi Sheikhs #1) , epub The Sheikhs Unforgettable Lover (The Sharqi Sheikhs #1) , doc The Sheikhs Unforgettable Lover (The Sharqi Sheikhs #1) , e-pub The Sheikhs Unforgettable Lover (The Sharqi Sheikhs #1) , The Sheikhs Unforgettable Lover (The Sharqi Sheikhs #1) 04d8d35972b American Tutor Kim Atkins Is Teaching English To A Young Middle Eastern Prince, But She S Having A Hard Time Keeping Her Eyes Off His Older Brother With Karim S Stacked Muscles And Handsome Face, It S Hard Not To Be Distracted It S Too Bad He S Rude, Arrogant And Very Traditional, But That Only Makes It Easier To Focus On Her Student And The Girls At The Local Orphanage Besides, With Glamorous Beauties Eager For Karim S Attention, Clumsy Kim Could Never Compare Karim Sharqi Is Knee Deep In Paperwork After Taking Over The Family Jewel Company, But Asking For Help From His Brother S Pretty Tutor Goes Against Everything His Father Taught Him Karim S Known From A Young Age That You Should Never Rely On A Woman Especially A Western Woman Her Modern Attitude Flies In The Face Of His Traditional Values, And Yet, Her Beauty And Shy Smile Are Proving To Be An Irresistible Temptation Can Two People From Such Different Worlds Ever Find A Common Future

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    Nothing really clicked with me on this one H was a jerk for like 95% of this super short story h was a bit of a pushover and the I love you popped up unexpectedly and at least in the H s case, it was not very believable.It could have been great but the MCs were missing that extra something The only one that really stuck out for me was Amare the youngest brother everyone else was too cliche and one dimensional On the bright side it was free on the kindle

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    Over all liked the plot of the story, but was too shallow If there was character development, plot development, and little less everything falling into place with the drop of a hat it would have been a much better story.It seems that all it takes for the plot to develop is a single conversation or action and then everything runs smoothly again, which seems very Mary Sue like.

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    Utter bullcrap Having Arabic names doesn t make the whole setting feels like you re in Saudi Arabia Sundresses in Saudi Who are we kidding And odd how the characters seemed to change within the blink of an eye.

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    Sexy, light, and funThis was a great recreational read with a glass or two of wine at hand I ve already selected another by this author.

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    Short and Unforgettable Another short novella involving a Sheikh, Karim, and an American woman, Kim You have to be a lover of this genre of romance or you will be extremely disappointed with this novella.It s extremely short even for a novella The plot is so thin that it s almost nonexistent There s no backstory for any of the characters For a first book in a series, that s shameful This book could have been so much better with fully developed characters with back stories Series should lead you to want to continue reading about characters because you care and you re invested in them That s not the case here Amare, the youngest brother, was delightful There was so much that could have been revealed about their background and their father, Saeed.Everything was present for a fully developed plot and subplots and fleshed out characters You re left with many questions Why was Saeed so distraught by his wife s death that he blamed her for leaving and was so autocratic Why was Karim the most affected by his father s strict intolerance How was Amare and the other brother so unaffected The blurb for this book was interesting than the book itself However, if you like this genre, you ll probably like this book.

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    Do you believe in love Kim knows that she shouldn t be lusting after her student s brother but the man is gorgeous Karim knows that the teacher has been checking him out but he will never get involved with her She is a everything that he doesn t need but he can t seem to get enough of her Kim hopes that they will have a future together but she is too scared to hope Will he keep her forever A good read.

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    FantasticThis is the first book in this series and it is great I love how the girl manages to get under the guys skin and turn his attitude around I also love the twist with the father..it made for a great book

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    The Sheikh s Unforgettable LoverA very delightful read It has all the elements of a lifetime movie Definitely a lot of drama and angst The young teaching the old Traditional meets modern And a whole lot of loving.

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    I LUVD LUVD dis bk Leslie North bcuz of hw much I luvd dis bk, I m so hookd I feel like I can t stop reading her bks TOTALLY OBSESSED I really wish I can get a hold off the rest of the series.

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