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  • 13 June 2017

10 thoughts on “Blue Moon

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    I really enjoyed this book and I sort of went into it expecting it to be a bit fluff than it was I liked Cade and Ashley, liked that they had a few issues to work out, Cade had to deal with his dad s death and Ashley just coping with becoming a wolf I think it also was refreshing that they weren t irresistibly attached by page 2 and though it still had that PNR feel it wasn t overdone I would recommend this book to others.I would also like to thank the author for providing me with a copy of this book for my honest review.

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    A solid 3.75 stars.Blue Moon is the first book in The Crucible Series by Angela Colsin This is the first time I have read this independent author A few chapters into this book, I thought that this would be simply a quick, easy, light read I enjoy those books every so often as a change of pace from some of what I read However, I was glad to see this book has to it than that It was a quick read, but enjoyable Cade has some issues to work through dealing with the death of his father Ashley has many issues dealing with being a new lupine when she didn t even know they existed Humans are notoriously unaware of what happens around us Both are also going to have to come to terms with the whole mate issue I did like that the author made this part of the story go slow for them from the standpoint of the actual hookup They both dealt with the emotions internally first I think it improved the story that way They had enough going on as it was especially figuring out the mystery of Ashley s turning and the death of Cade s father I really enjoyed the introduction of two interesting characters that are also supernatural beings towards the end and the twist involving them I am moving on to Book 2.I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Angela contacted me on my review Facebook page to ask if I would be interested in reading reviewing this book Once she told me what it was about I was worried I haven t read a book of the supernatural genre since twilight and I wasn t sure it d be my cup tea I am so glad she reached out to me This book had me interested from page one The story line was good and it was suspenseful, entertaining, and believable I loved this book And can t wait to see what s next for Cade and Ashley

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    Also this book has some super sexy sex scenes, im all about alliteration baby anyways so if you are too young stop it and if you don t like sex in your books, well there is sex in here sorry but you can always skip if you want, i think you would be missing out on a pretty good read just cause you don t like sex, and like i said skip it if you don t like it but is still interested in reading this just saying Kay so I have to give a 3.75 I suppose out of 5.Alright so as per usual for my reviews, its song time kids The Girl by City and Colour, both describing how awesome Cade is, and also describing Cade s and Ashley s relationship Also i love this song So my first thoughts, and to explain that annoying 3 and 3 4 stars Here is the thing, i really liked certain aspects of this book, like a lot The characters, oh my the characters were fantastic Well sort of their actions were amazing i loved how they reacted, and how they acted, and for the most part i really liked them There were points though that i got annoyed because they started out sucking at communication but i will get to that later Um the pacing of the book was off for me i think, and that is a really big reason i can t force myself to give this a four The plot um see when things were getting good, they were good, but at other times it felt a little to slow I will go in detail, always do, don t i Alright my thoughts on plot Like i mentioned in the first thoughts the pacing was a little off, i don t know if it is because I am in the mood for a book that is going to keep me running for the whole thing, which it probably was because there was a lot of building of a relationship in this book and i respected the fuck out of that, I loved, loved that So with werewolf like books, okay first i am going to go on my little rant about that so give me a moment please rant about werewolf creatures this isn t just about this book i swear, this is in general I understand that the traditional werewolf is literally translated as Half Man, Half Wolf therefore it would be much like the Werewolves from horror films, or Harry Potter, but in the paranormal world a lot of people have decided to change that definition into something innovative, and it became they changed into full wolves, or fully human, i am okay with this What i am not okay with, is when you put so much emphasis on it not being a werewolf, when they have all werewolf rules, silver, wolfsbane, and the innovative definition of their altered state, NOW IF you had told me the werewolves in this world actually do the two legged, hairry humanoid look i am okay with that, but no one ever explained the difference And end of rant.Back to thoughts on plot I LOVED LOVED, that the soulmate rule wasn t really used here but it was sort of, it was changed and altered to a way that i think that might be the coolest i have ever come across I thought was super interesting and i was glad that even though these two s instincts were driving them to do the dirty deed, they resisted because oh i don t know they met a week ago I loved it, i truly did, it was one my favorite things about this book.Action wise I felt like it was too quiet for too long and when action did start to happen i was a little bit done with the book because it was starting to become very complicated, for the amount of time it was spent on, i loved complicated are you kidding me its like better than toast, and toast is the shit, with cinnamon even better or fudge, peanut butter fudge homemade, hmmm fudge opps off topic again my bad Anyways so i think it had been spread out i would have liked it .Oh, the sex scenes um whoa you know what, in my somewhat limited book sex experience, this was pretty damn hot Characters In a way i think this was almost a good mixture of character driven, and plot driven book but it didn t quite make it to perfectly portioned With the plot that is These characters were flipping fantastic.Ashley She is that interesting mixture of shy, but forward at the same time I really liked her because she was a little bit shy but she could, and would stand up for herself when need be I am not sure how to describe somethings without doing spoilers so i won t but she is awesome Anyways i really liked that for once the girl in the book didn t totally and utterly lose her head over a boy and just be like lets do this sex thing and all will be well, because at the time you know what it wasn t right for her She had been abused for a last two weeks, granted it wasn t sexual but abused nonetheless and i think that she had a proper, honest to God reaction to it, i loved that i really did because a lot of times the girl is like well i feel safe with this guy so sure why the hell not and i am just thinking are you kidding me i KNOW calm down i get it, time issues and peoples want to get on with the sex, but mostly i am just thinking what the hell is wrong with you so yay Oh i just thought of another thing that bothered me about the plot so break for a momentPlot thought the time, i thought for awhile that like weeks were passing by, but its a like a day but there wasn t ever enough like whats the word i am looking for description of the passage of time kay so thats that.Ashley again was a really great MC this wasn t first person, it was told between her and Cade mostly, Leo has a few points in the beginning of the book I will explain who he is in a minute.Cade I really liked him Though he was stupid and i hated that he was trying to push himself from the idea of being with Ash for awhile I was like dude what the heck, but he was a really interesting guy MC for sure I felt maybe at times their relationship interactions could have been a bit romantic and that is not to say lets light some candles, and get some flowers and chocolates, i meant what is said, or loving touches, i don t know anyways moving on from that thought Cade was super sweet because he did take in consideration everything that she had been through, but all the while still being possessive, protective, and a pain in the ass as all good male leads tend to be right anyways i really loved him and Ash makes mentions how she was being so selfish, because of all these wonderful things Cade was doing, which was resisting his instincts so that she could get use to it, but i don t think she was being selfish he was just being a top notch dude.Leo is a sort of uncle to Cade, and a cool guy, thats all he is the one that finds Ashley first.Ulric, and Isaac happen to be two of my favorite side characters of this book and i can t but help to hope that these two get their own books because now i have some weird obsession with them and i love them both like a crazy strange amount because they aren t even in the book that much but i think they would be super interesting MCs for other books.So the ending Pretty complete for me If the next book is about new people, hell yes i will read it, i will be a little cautious going into another book about these two characters because of a their story to me is complete b i have this really weird thing about marriage and kids in my reading materials, i will do marriage no problem, but kids.i don t know about that so yups.That is all, this is weird usually i do my review first on goodreads then here.so i don t even know how to end this.Seriously consider reading this because it was pretty freaking i know there is one last, last thing, I love to swear, if you haven t noticed.i think its super fun, but here is the thing, i thought this book swore a little to much and at points i didn t feel it was needed, or mixed with the character, or just really not needed again so there is my review, hope you enjoyed it.

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    Blue Moon by Angela Colsin Book Review Copy provided for an honest review.5 of 5 New Favorite Cade is the new Alpha of a local area pack after his father s tragic passing He must take on the family business, support his family, keep his pack members in line and now deal with a newly turned female whom was turned against her will to be a part of an underground wolf fighting ring Cade has many responsibilities and now with Ashley in the picture he must keep his pack safe while teaching her how to deal with her new abilities He doesn t have time or the drive to find a mate but fate may have found her for him Ashley.Ashley had to get away and leave home After securing a new job, she packs up her car to start a new life elsewhere but she doesn t expect everything to fall apart After nearly missing some stray dogs in the road, she crashes her car only to get bitten, turned into a lupine werewolf and kidnapped After enduring torture by her captures she escapes and luckily runs into one of Cade s pack members who brings her to safety to Cade.I LOVED this paranormal werewolf romance novel Some paranormal romance stories spend a lot of the time going over all the paranormal aspects and rules for the paranormal world which makes it difficult to be immersed into the story line These paranormal aspects can also seem completely unbelievable ruining the whole story NOT THIS BOOK It starts off building up Cade and Ashley s personal stories and slowly adds in and paranormal aspects.I was hooked Seriously, I read this in ONE day I would have totally read it in a few hours if I didn t force myself away to get some household chores done While reading this book I checked my progress once to find that I had flown through half of it without even knowing it I kept checking and wishing I would slow down I wanted to savor it but it was too good There are so many good things about this book The well developed characters and paranormal aspect, fast paced plot and HOT HOT HOT romance chemistry are some The main characters, Cade and Ashley, are believably normal people with unusual circumstances Ashley is sweet and innocent and Cade is a smart and strong Both of them are dealing with major life changing events Not only are Cade and Ashley well developed but the secondary characters, which there are many, are too Many of the pack members and some of the Blue Moon employees are essential to the story Some of their stories are featured in other books by Angela and they are so interesting The paranormal aspect of the werewolves was perfect not too much at all I really enjoyed Ashley s learning about her new abilities and learning to control them I also enjoyed seeing Cade help her oh the feels Overall I really enjoyed this book It has the perfect amount of paranormal mixed with hot romance I can t wait to read of Angela s book Keep on the lookout reviews of her other books are coming soon

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    Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for honest review Howl This book was a hoot Or should I say, a howl snicker Ashley is looking for a change Of scenery, that is But during a long drive south, she crashes her car and is attacked by a large strange wolf Then, she gets a change that she wasn t looking for The kind where her entire body shifts into a different species You guessed it a wolf.Cade is still trying to find justice for his father s murder He hasn t had much luck as he stays busy enough leading his wolf pack and running Blue Moon restaurant and bar with his sister So when a member of his pack brings in a stray wolf, Cade is suspicious that Ashley may unknowingly hold the clue to finding those responsible for what happened to his father.Cade has to keep her nearby in order to protect the town, and everyone in it, from Ashley while she learns to control her new abilities But a close proximity leads Cade to realize that his wolf side is just as attracted to Ashley as his human side Both want to get to know her better and keep her around And once a wolf begins to bond with another, the path can only lead to one thing marking of your mate.Ashley cannot deny her attraction to the Alpha any than she can avoiding shifting into a wolf But becoming someone s mate is permanent She has enough to worry about already, being stalked by the cruel wolves who turned her against her will Becoming forever bonded to another wolf was not in her plan.This book was a fun ride I bonded pun intended with Ashley and Cade from the beginning Watching their love blossom and grow was enjoyable and kept me turning the digital pages It had steady pacing and dual plots as Ashley s transition was one plot and Cade s solving of his mystery was another, though the two plots intertwined The romance was believable and the love scenes sizzled I was thoroughly entertained.In closingI will, no doubt, continue reading this series to see what else Angela Colsin has to offer Four suns Full review on blog

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    Cade has just seen his dad murdered by the Alpha of his pack Now it s up to him to keep the pack together and find out who is involved in turned humans into werewolves for illegal fighting.Ashley wants to have a better life away from her father, what she didn t plan was to be attacked and turned, managing to escape she comes across Leo, a werewolf who knows she needs help and offers her help from his pack Cade is your typical Alpha male, brooding over the death of his father, blaming himself and not having fun When he took Ashley in, he saw her as a pup that needed taming and not as a mate Ashley whilst timid as a human was one feisty wolf, standing no nonsense from Cade, she stood up to him at every chance she could Whilst living with Cade, she slowly began to love her new life and learnt to have control of her feelings There were times that she still thought like a human, this gave the author chance to explain about Lupine lore The romance between Ashley and Cade grew throughout the story and although this is a paranormal romance, there was enough action to keep my interest As the story was about a werewolf pack there were quite a few minor characters mentioned In fact, Leo and Sara were two of my favourite characters Leo was a loyal member to the pact and was a gentle father who took a fatherly interest in Ashley Sara is Cade s sister and like younger sisters was busy playing matchmaker whilst taking Ashley under her wing and being a sister to her This book is a good start to the series and I am interested to see what happens next to Cade and Ashley If you like werewolves or paranormal romance, then this is a good book for you.

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    A highly enjoyable read One of the most enjoyable aspects of this story was it s characters, not even just the leads, Cade and Ashley Side supporting characters were all very colorful, fleshed out, and likable while the couple leading the story definitely made for a lovely romance Ashley was a sweet, but also very strong heroine and the development of her relationship with Cade, as well as her adapting to the supernatural changes in her life, played out in a wonderful way Though if there was anything I would have to say I didn t wholly care for it was that the romance did seem a bit too quick for my personal tastes The plot, from Ashley s adjustment to her new life, to Cade s hope for revenge for the death of his father, and to the little details regarding the ways that Lupines in Colsin s universe work, all fit together quite well I hope to see of Colsin s forays in to the supernatural world in the future.

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    I just finished your book, 5 stars EXCELLENT page turner A story filled with love, pain, betrayal and loyalty The sex scenes were excellent and not smutty, THANK YOU Is there another story they still have to go after the rest of the rogue packs I seriously doubt that Paul and Johnny were the only ones I just got light of dawn Ulric s story , can t wait to read it thank you thank you thank you

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    This book started off with a bang and just had me turning the page to see what happens Ashley is turned against her will and is tortured, but due to a turn of luck she finds Leo who is kindhearted and introduces her to Cade the alpha I loved how the author portrayed the naive side as Ashley asked some questions that I found hilarious Loved this book

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Blue Moon characters Blue Moon , audiobook Blue Moon , files book Blue Moon , today Blue Moon , Blue Moon 53261 When Betrayed By His Alpha, Cade Hodgins Takes The Role In Leading The Arkin City Pack And Begins His Search For Those Responsible For His Father S Death Information Is Hard To Come By However Until A Stray Lupine Wanders Into His TerritoryBut Ashley Pass Is No Ordinary Stray She S A Newborn Wolf, Turned From Being A Human With No Prior Knowledge That Lupines Existed Due To Her Blackouts, She Can T Recall Who Turned Her Or Why, But Cade Suspects Her Attackers May Be The Same As Those Who Entrapped His FatherIn The Meantime, Cade Takes Ashley In To Help Her Regain Control Of Her New Life, And Finds Than Just A Lead She S His Mate But Ashley Is Adjusting To The New World She S Been Thrust Into, Making It Uncertain She Ll Accept The Growing Bond Between Them, While Those Who Turned Her Want To Make Sure She S Silenced For Good

About the Author: Angela Colsin

Angela Colsin is an indie author who loves the fantasy, paranormal and sci fi genres, and considers herself a sucker for romance Born and raised in the southern US where she now resides, writing has been a passion since a very young age If she s not writing and plotting out stories, she s either playing video games with friends, or reading.