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Mistletoe and Mayhem summary Mistletoe and Mayhem , series Mistletoe and Mayhem , book Mistletoe and Mayhem , pdf Mistletoe and Mayhem , Mistletoe and Mayhem 1b18b5b983 Lola Plumpton Can T Believe Her LuckChristmas Is Coming And Her Gorgeous Boyfriend, Nathan Has Offered Up His Swanky Apartment To Host The Plumpton Family S Festive Celebrations It Looks Set To Be A Christmas To Remember And It Is But For All The Wrong ReasonsAs The Th December Draws Closer, Lola Unexpectedly Finds Herself Missing Some Key ComponentsA Job But Who Needs One Of Those Anyway, When You Ve Got The Ultimate Family Christmas To Prepare ForMoney No Job Equals No Money, It Turns OutA Boyfriend Yup, Nathan The Hunk Has Said Adios To Lola And In The Most Embarrassing Way PossibleSomewhere To Host Her Fabulous Family Christmas Because Of Course, No Nathan Means No Des Res Apartment Lola S At A Loss About What To Do But One Way Or Another, She S Going To Make This The Happiest Christmas Her Family S Ever Had

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    In all honesty, when I started out, I did not care for this book It just seemed too something, not sure what But, by the start of the second chapter, I realized that this was a book I would enjoy I did enjoy it and I even laughed out loud at certain points I also got tears in my eyes at certain other parts Lola has a sort of good job, but has been told she could move up if she chose to do so Lola has a boyfriend who is not so good to her, but he keeps telling her how special she is, sort of, in a way.On the day she is made redundant, she is publicly shamed by her boyfriend Shamed in a really big and humiliating way.Her life has definitely taken a turn in the wrong direction So, she does what any self respecting, broken hearted woman would do She eats carbs and binge watches crime series on TV.This is a sad and funny story of family and friendship Lola is part of a family who has put their family life on hold in order to not upset their mother She has a brother who is married to a woman who does not think anyone in the family is her equal She has a sister who ran away to Spain and now is a single mother with a young son She has a father who has put his life choices on hold in order to keep their lives just the way his wife wants them Lola is a people pleaser who has seldom expressed her actual wants and desires to anyone.Lola has a best friend and roommate, Barb, who cares about Lola and tries to give her support in any way she can There are few people in Lola s life who are as supportive as Barb and her family.Relationships, friendships, romantic love are all parts of this book Learning to love yourself and trust one another are also parts of this book.Ms Ferguson likes human beings in all their glory Even when they are not so glorious, she treats them with tenderness, kindness and care.There is humor in this story There is also sorrow Both of these are also in real life.Lola is a woman who finds herself, in spite of the fact that she has never actually been looking I like her very much Everyone in the story is going through changes in life Some of the changes are difficult and some of the changes are as easy as falling into a skip But, no matter what the change may be, there will be someone who will hold your hand through the change I really enjoyed this book Ms Ferguson has done a good job.

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    Mistletoe and Mayhem is the first book that I have read from this author and it was a fun festive read that highlighted problems that would happen to anyone, in any normal family.The main character is Lola, she was likeable from the start but it was obvious that she puts everyone else s feelings in front of her own She has a hunky, personal trainer of a boyfriend in Nathan and an adorably witty house mate in Barb.As Christmas approaches, Lola somehow manages to agree to host the festivities for her family Panicking about how she will fit everyone in at her flat, Nathan agrees to let her use his swanky apartment All that changes when, after deciding to go for promotion, Lola is suddenly made redundant and she is dumped by Nathan The way Nathan did this was awful, I wont ruin it and tell you how, and I know that I shouldn t laugh if this was a real life scenario, but I did It was cruel and humiliating but hilariously written.So with no boyfriend, no job or swanky place to host Christmas, Lola starts to panic even so Barb is great and offers to help Lola make this a Christmas her family will remember, but expectations are high as they normal go to Lola s brothers for Christmas and Rob s wife Justine is a total control freak and perfectionist Whilst Lola manages to get things in place, she has also volunteered to attend choir practise run by her neighbour Jasper, albeit she cant sing Everyone thinks that Lola and Jasper have a thing when in truth its his flat mate Seb she likes, especially when helps pull out all the stops to help Lola make everything perfect.Only things don t quite go according to plan Lola s sister and nephew, Rosie and Josh, are also coming home from Spain for the festive period which means Lola as to find two beds, and Rob and Justine arrive bringing their frosty marital issues with them To top all that, there s one dark secret affecting Lola and her excitement for Christmas, all of which comes to ahead when her Dad walks out on Lola s anxiety suffering mum.Its safe to say that the Mayhem part of the books title is completely accurate Most of the characters had huge personalities and you felt like you actually knew them and could picture the family together.Although ultimately this book was a fun festive read,with a big romantic element everyone needs a Seb in their lives it did cover some deep issues and although the author didn t go into too much detail on them, what she did cover was done in a sensitive manor to keep the lightness and humour of the book.

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    Beautiful story about love and familial relationships Lola is a protagonist who many can relate to as she struggles on a shoestring budget to have the perfect Christmas for her family I thought this was hilarious at times and a bit sad at others This is the first time I ve read this author and thanks to NetGalley and the publisher, I was able to read it for an honest review I am sad, however, to learn that this author s books cannot be purchased on the kindle in the U.S because I wanted to read the others she has written Really enjoyed this and definitely recommend.

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    This was an emotional rollercoaster of a book with several complex issues addressed I loved it though and didn t want it to end.

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    ExcellentI really enjoyed this book I really got into the characters and the swing of Christmas A real page turner

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    Lola is dating Nathan, a physical fitness nut who wants to be a personal trainer she met him when her friend Barb talked her into joining a gym So she forces herself to go running with him, bog swimming, wall climbing, and various other so called sports which she absolutely hates and is not really in shape for When they break up very publicly at his business on a Tannoy stuck on ON , her flatmate Barb tries to jolly her out of her depression She meets the upstairs neighbor Jasper and his friend Seb who is staying with him Since this is another Ferguson cookie cutter, Seb is of course drop dead gorgeous, and Lola has a low opinion of herself and her talents However, this book has a few added elements Lola s family Her father has become a caretaker for her mother, who had a breakdown years ago when Lola s little brother died of measles Her brother Rob is married to the shrewish Justine, and her sister Rosie is a single mother living in Spain The family is dreading going to Rob s house for Christmas, her mother isn t up to doing anything or going anywhere, and Lola finds herself offering to have Christmas at her place Which is nowhere near large enough to sleep and feed 6 additional people Not to mention trying to find the money to buy a turkey and trimmings But she and Barb work hard at it, buy on sale, make their own decorations, and it looks as if it will actually happen Needless to say, when everyone arrives, things start to go wrong, but in the process her family starts talking to each other, and it all ends happily Nice little cozy, easy to read.

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    Mistletoe Mayhem is the second book I have read by Catherine Ferguson and I adored every minute of it I had enjoyed last years Christmas novel Humbugs Heartstrings which I reviewed for Christmas in July but truthfully this new book was so much better Full of wit, warmth, lots of laugh out loud moments yet with a real gorgeous, valuable message at its centre, this book is crying out for loads of people to read it Lola Plumpton is a fabulous character that you won t forget in a hurry She demands your respect for her guts and determination to never give up in the face of multiple mishaps in both her personal and professional life I just loved her overall attitude and how she was such a down to earth person Also the relationship she had with her best friend and flatmate Barb was really a friendship anyone would love to have in their lives Although it may taste indulgent the chocolate vodka recipe at the start of the book just isn t for me but it was a nice touch to add it in Right from the opening line I knew I was in for a real treat as the humour and meaning behind the book emanated from this quote Why is that giving up something makes the thing you can t have a hundred times desirable.Lola is in a relationship with Nathan but right from the outset it s clear she is in way too deep Nathan is a personal trainer, a devout vegetarian, a fitness fanatic and deeply committed to all things adventurous and active, basically the complete opposite to Lola She would love nothing than to be curled up on the couch with a glass of something nice watching a good film with her friend Barb rather than climbing some hill in the wind and rain Yet Lola wants to please people and can t bear to say to Nathan that this lifestyle is really not for her Lola initially felt like a plodder to me as she lacked conviction in herself to get ahead in her job working as an admin assistant at Premier Furnishings until two events early on led her to see the light Lola has a sister Rosie who lives in Spain and a brother Rob married to Justine who is the ultimate control freak Being the kind hearted person she is Lola offers to do Christmas for her family, if anything it will relieve some of the stress constantly on her father caring for her mother who can t cope with situations outside of the comfort zone of the family home Lola s intentions were so good and she knew she could use Nathan s flat as the venue as it was palatial But a cringe worthy incident with a tannoy in a supermarket which was brilliantly written and pure hilarious from beginning to end puts paid to that idea Coupled with the fact the promotion Lola was expecting manifests itself in losing her job maybe she deeply regrets offering to host the big family Christmas with all the trimmings Barb was a brilliant foil to Lola s weaknesses, like her name she was sharp and to the point and her one liners came straight at you with no mercy or thought to other people s perceptions or feelings She took no crap from anyone but was ultimately loyal and always there as a support system to her friend whenever times got tough What I loved most about the friendship was how the pair could chill out over a good box set marathon and a glass of wine and put the world to rights Catherine really captured the essence of their friendship and I m certain many women reading the book will identify with the pair and find they have some sort of connection with Lola and Barb For a person who really doesn t like Christmas and normally just wishes it would pass her by Lola took on an awful lot but it shows beneath it all that she always puts her own happiness and well being on the back burner and wants everyone else to be content and satisfied She can see how her dad is struggling and is relieved with the offer of Christmas being taken off his hands and she now feels she cannot go back on her word Initially I thought Lola s mum was just being selfish and ungrateful and needed to get her act together for the sake of her family When we discover the real reason for her behaviour and illness I felt such sympathy for her but a small part of me wished the issue had been brought to light earlier for the family as it would have saved them a whole lot of tiptoeing around their mother and also plenty of heartache Lola herself goes through lots of ups and downs in her preparations for Christmas The incident with a skip and a cycling scene were fantastic as they were amusing and embarrassing in equal measure Lola deserves nothing but admiration and recognition, she is what makes this book what it is a damn good Christmas read.Mistletoe Mayhem is the one book in the Christmas genre that I have read this year that has definitely gotten me in the festive mood The writing was far sharper and to the point than in Humbugs Heartstrings The plot was heart warming and achieved a nice balance between the serious family issue bubbling underneath the surface and the wisecracks and funny situations Lola brings upon herself All Lola s preparations for the led up to Christmas will have you chuckling away to yourself as she attempts to achieve perfection in her small flat when really family being together is all that really matters The dash of romance thrown in wasn t contrived in the least as can often happen in chick lit books but here instead it felt real and that it would last Lola is a character who I identified with straight from the beginning and the supporting cast of characters do than their fair share of bringing this story together nicely The plot is strong and interesting the whole way through and never falters or tapers off You will find yourself rooting for Lola and her various family members and wishing they will achieve happiness and contentment at Christmas enabling them to leave the past behind and move forward To find out whether this comes true or not I wouldn t hesitate to recommend you purchase this wonderful, comedic and uplifting tale How could you leave it behind as it s only 99p for the Kindle at the time of writing this review Meanwhile I must check out Catherine s summer release from a few months ago Green Beans Summer Dreams as I feel I may be in for another treat with this one.Many thanks to Harper Collins UK Avon for my copy of Mistletoe Mayhem via NetGalley and to Sharon for having my review on the blog.

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    Good bookVery entertaining I liked that the message was that you don t have to go all out for a holiday Family is important It was funny as well

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    This is a great book on two levels On the top level, you have a light hearted Christmas story, about Lola Plumpton who offers to host her family for Christmas She is planning on having them stay at boyfriend Nathan s house, as its bigger than hers, and it will be fantastic.Until that is she manages to lose her job and boyfriend on the same day, and now has to do Christmas on a budget, in her shared apartment which is tiny, and she is stressing out a bit And then there is the serious second level, which is all about her family dynamics, and in particular her mother Her mother suffers from anxiety and agoraphobia and won t go anywhere without her husband She is particularly unstable around Christmas time, which is slowly explained, and makes some sense, There is also Lola s sister in law Justine who is highly strung and demanding, and in previous years appears to have been impossible please Lola needs to work out how to have a memorable Christmas for all the family, while also trying to find work, and sorting out her feelings for the new upstairs neighbours Jasper and Seb.At one point I wasn t entirely sure which man Lola had her eye on, but what I can say is both of them are a huge improvement on the boyfriend who dumped her You will laugh at the various things he made her do, and also at the humiliating way she is broken up with That is not all you will laugh at, there are plenty of giggling opportunities throughout Mistletoe and Mayhem, and not all of them at Lola s expense There is great pacing to this story and its a pleasure to read it Once the family arrives for Christmas the book becomes incredibly compelling to read, as you just want to know what will happen next, as its not exactly smooth sailing More a small selection of near disasters, and your typical family Christmas, but on a knife edge Lola s mum is an interesting character due to the agoraphobia, as is her dad as main carer It is dealt with sensitively, and once you understand what triggered it all, becomes very understandable Mistletoe and Mayhem will leave you feeling festive, and in high spirits It s a fabulous book for this time of year, and one which I have really enjoyed.

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    I really enjoyed reading Mistletoe and Mayhem by Catherine Ferguson It s a great Christmassy story mixing humour, friendship, family issues and romance Lola is looking forward to Christmas this year with her gorgeous, sexy personal trainer boyfriend Nathan and a promotion at work on the horizon She s offered to host her family for Christmas though is a bit concerned about it as it s always a particularly stressful time for her agoraphobic mother Usually her high achieving bother and sister in law entertain at Christmas and if they re not entertaining, her sister in law in particular has everyone else on edge But just a few weeks before Christmas, everything falls apart when Lola is made redundant, breaks up with Nathan and her sister and young nephew also announce they are coming to stay and Lola s flat is tiny I thought Lola was a great character, so likeable and such a caring person She doesn t want to let her Dad down by cancelling the Christmas arrangements and I thought the relationship between those two in particular was lovely Christmas is obviously a difficult time for her mother and it is a particularly poignant part of the story when we find out why Lola s friendship with her flatmate Barb was really strong and they provided a lot of the funny moments in the book Barb helps Lola realise that she doesn t need to spend a lot of money on expensive decorations and food to have a great Christmas Throughout the book there are recipes and instructions for lovely food, drinks and decorations that Lola makes and there are quite a few I fancy trying.Mistletoe and Mayhem is a great book to get you in the festive spirit It s funny and it s moving It will, I m sure, have you smiling along as you recognise the pressure to have a perfect family Christmas but realising that being together is all that matters, even if everything doesn t go to plan And it might just tempt you to try making some Rocky Road, whipping up some festive hot chocolate, drying some oranges to make tree decorations or, like me, making bottle top snowmen.

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