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Shaken (Struck, #3) chapter 1 Shaken (Struck, #3) , meaning Shaken (Struck, #3) , genre Shaken (Struck, #3) , book cover Shaken (Struck, #3) , flies Shaken (Struck, #3) , Shaken (Struck, #3) 11eaca81d33bd In A Tall, Narrow Brownstone, In Brooklyn, New York, There Is A Girl With A Secret That Girl Is Rose Knight She Needs To Raise Millions Of Dollars To Save Her Father S Life The Arrogant And Suave Damien Castle Is Good At Uncovering Secrets He S Even Better At Catching Criminals When He Meets Rose He Knows Something Is Amiss But He Can T Help But Get Distracted It Isn T Her Terrible Dress Sense That Confuses Him, Or Even Her Obsession With Egyptology It S The Fact That He Has Never Felt This Way About A Girl Before But When Duty And Love Are Both On The Line, Which One Will Damien Choose Shaken Is The New Companion Novel To Joss Stirling S Award Winning YA Romantic Thriller Struck And Its Follow Up, Stung

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    3,5 SterneShaken hat mir von der neuen Reihe sogar fast am besten gefallen Das liegt vor allem daran, dass es sich bei der Liebesgeschichte nicht wie in Band zwei um Instalove handelte, sondern es hier eine kleine Wir necken uns aber eigentlich m gen wir uns Sache gewesen ist Damien als Protagonisten mochte ich ganz gerne, auch wenn er nat rlich der typische Bad Boy gewesen ist Allerdings ist er eben, so wie bei Joss Stirling blich, kein schlechter Mensch und eben nicht so bertrieben bad dass es unsympathisch wird, sondern Damien ist ein guter Kerl mit einem Hang dazu ziemlich viele M dels abzuschleppen.Rose fand ich super sympathsch, weil sie so eine kleine Loona Lovegood gewesen ist Leicht verschrullt, aber super liebenswert mit einer sehr passionierten Liebe f r Arch ologie und einem sehr sehr ausgefallenen Sinn f r Mode Damien und Rose in Kombination waren einfach herrlich und am besten hat mir die Halloween Sache gefallen Die Schnitzeljagd war toll und es war auch super, wie Rose sich immer mehr ge ffnet hat.Allerdings war es auch in diesem Buch so, dass die Action Elemente f r meinen Geschmack zu bertrieben gewesen sind Wie Rose st ndig Kohle scheffelt LEGAL Ich kenne mich zwar mit dem Markt nicht aus, aber dass es Menschen gibt, die sowas so leicht k nnen, halte ich einfach f r unrealistisch Das ist auch der Grund, warum die zweite H lfte des Buches mir etwas weniger gefallen hat Also das Sich Verlieben war supers , aber das Los wir bringen einen Gangster zur Strecke eher weniger Ich bin auf jeden Fall sehr gespannt auf den vierten Teil mit Joe, dessen Buch auch einfach berf llig ist Und bis dahin kann ich mich dann mit Summer Shadows tr sten 3

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    Life isn t easy for Rose, she s only 16 but she s also the only person in her family that is even slightly responsible when it comes to money and she s definitely the only one who doesn t dabble in illegal activities For months her father has been held hostage by criminals he owes money too and Rose is being blackmailed into paying a ransom fee for his safety It s a good job she s extremely intelligent and has a knack for playing the stock market but that is only going to get her so far and things are about to get a whole lot worse Damien is visiting fellow member of the YDA Joe and his family in New York when he meets their kooky next door neighbour Rose Rose intrigues him but he can tell she s keeping secrets and it s not long before the boys start meddling in Rose s business trying to find out exactly what is going on When things quickly go downhill Damien is determined to help Rose solve her problems but will she be willing to trust him when he already betrayed her once by sticking his nose in where it wasn t wanted I love Joss Stirling s books, they re always such fun and quick reads and a brilliant way to keep myself entertained for a few hours You do have to suspend believe a little what 16 year old would really be capable of raising millions of dollars in just a couple of weeks by buying and selling shares on the stock market but as long as you can just go with the flow and have fun with it I m sure you ll enjoy these books I love the idea of the Young Detective Agency, it s a school for teens that aims to teach them everything they need to know to go into a future career with law enforcement so it s at least somewhat believable that the students would be good at problem solving and investigations.Damien is a character we ve seen in the previous books and he s always been fun but definitely not a boy who is looking for a serious girlfriend He s actually quite horrified that two of his best friends are now in a relationship and he makes a big point of telling Joe that he s planning on playing the field for a while longer Of course everything changes when he meets Rose, she s nothing like the girls he normally goes for and he finds her all the fascinating because of it Rose is incredibly smart but not so good with people, she spends so much of her time looking after her father and brother and holding the home together that she doesn t have much left for anything other than studying so her social life is nonexistent She would love to fit in but she just doesn t have the same interests as most of the people in her class and she s so focused on passing her exams and heading off to uni that she lets everything else pass her by Damien pulls her out of her comfort zone a little which is really good for her, he finds her social awkwardness endearing but he won t let her hide away from the world They actually fit together surprisingly well and I enjoyed seeing the friendship build between them.There is plenty of action in the story, Rose is determined to do things her own way and although she does make a couple of really silly decisions they were forgivable because of her age She wants to solve her family s problems and she has a dangerous plan but I had to admire the way she was so determined to do the right thing even when it meant putting herself in harm s way Damien makes a couple of mistakes too but he steps up when she really needs him and that s the most important thing I also enjoyed getting to know Joe a bit better so I m really hoping he s going to be getting his own book too.Source Received from Vine in exchange for an honest review

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    Una historia demasiado simple, se lee f cil pero carece de originalidad o algo que la distinga de otras tantas novelas de misterio juvenil Adem s el misterio es demasiado obvio,tampoco el instant love ayuda mucho.Los personajes de igual manera no logran resaltar o ser memorables Tristemente ha sido una lectura aburrida y com n.

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    If I had to choose a favourite in this series, I think Shaken is probably the one because the love story in it fairly sizzles The hero is a player who wants to sample widely his words rather than date exclusively until he meets a geek princess who surprises him at every turn I just loved watching these two fall for each other and couldn t wait to see how they d outwit the bad guys in order to hopefully get their happy ending Stories where the heroine is unconventional, intelligent and funny, but totally unaware of her own charms, are always wonderful and this one particularly so And it was great to see the hero have to eat his words.

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    3.5 A pesar de que no le los dos libros anteriores, no tuve ning n problema al leer este Aunque me hubiese gustado para poder encari arme con los personajes Este libro me ha gustado mucho Y s que tard un poco en leerlo, pero de esos 11 d as, en realidad lo tom por 3 d as Ya que ten a unas cuantas cosas que hacer y bueno Volviendo al libro Es entretenido, personajes nicos, buena trama, buena narrativa Es una excelente lectura para estos d as.

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    Contains some mild spoilers but most are censored Stirling has done it again What are great read It all began with Struck which was new and exciting and introduced us to the characters Kieran Storm and Joe Mastersand eventually brought us our beloved couple Raven and Kieran 3 But for me things didn t really KICK OFF to the point that I was bouncing in my seat like a little girl on Christmas Day until Stung when we were better introduced to Nathan Hunter my favourite character and Damien Castle Stung has DEFINITELY been my favourite of the series so far I love Nathan and Kate so much 3 and I just adored Nat s friendship with Damien They have an adorable bromance Shaken was action packed, thrilling, funny and really pulls you in two At times I didn t know who to side with Rose or Damien They were both so strong minded and driven They both had their duties Rose s was her family Damien s was to his friends, his mission and the YDA They made me smile, laugh, sigh in a dream like state, cry out in frustration and smile all over again In many ways Damien and Rose are polar oppositesbut they brought out the best in each other which is what made me love them so much Rose the first main protagonist of the story was a great character I loved her purple polka dot cardigan She was sassy and smart and so incredibly loyal to her worthless family I really didn t warm to Rose s father Don like I originally expected to view spoiler I found him rather pathetic actually and it really made me sympathise with Rose He was so shockingly cruel and manipulative and just used her like one would use a doormat I really hated him My heart only thawed for him a little bit right at the very end of the novel hide spoiler

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    Como siempre, Joss no me decepciona Una lectura gil, divertida y que se lee muy a gusto Damien Rose La historia no tiene muchas complicaciones, el caso a resolver es bastante sencillo y se da un romance muy apresurado entre Rose y Damien pero para nada empalagoso.Espero que pronto V y R publique el libro para Joe porque es un personaje que me gusta mucho Aunque teniendo en cuenta que la historia acaba de publicarse y no tiene ni sinopsis aqu en GR pues seguramente podr leerla hasta el pr ximo a o Qu ansias, tiempo pasa ya.Me encant esta historia.

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    La idea en general me gust , pero Rose Rose es una protagonista que me molest enormemente Digan lo que quiera pero en todo momento demostr ser ego sta y engre da por ser m s inteligente No me cuadr el romance con Damien, no sent esa qu mica.

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    The connection between Damien and Rose was way too cute

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    I m not going to lie to you guys, I m a huge Joss Stirling fangirl Ever since I came across Seeking Crystal in the library and ended up buying all three books from the Finding Sky trilogy, I ve been hooked I m so sad that the savant series is coming to an end after the 6th and final book this year But it s all good because then we have the Struck series to keep us going I bought Struck when it first came out, so I actually have the edition that s called Storm and Stone and has a different cover eye twitch which definitely does not bother me at all.anyway.so I ve been looking forward to finally getting to Damien s story, especially after seeing him in Stung I even made time to re read the first two books because why not First things firstJoe s back We haven t seen him since the first book so it was good to get to see him again He was a brilliant character and I was gutted he wasn t in the second book Although, the other characters aren t in this book much as it s across the pond from the other two stories I love how Stirling keeps all the previous characters in, not as much as their own books, but you do get to see them and how they re getting on Damien we ve already met, and I really liked him except for the whole tackling Kate thing in the cottage, it was at that point when I was likeyep you need to find yourself a lady friend next mate I ve always been curious about Damien because he lives with his completely brilliant Uncle Julian I seriously love Uncle Julian okay, he s hilarious Anyway, he lives with him and his parents are off in another part of the world doing their work and Damien is clearly a bit resentful about this and you can t really blame him and so I ve been curious to get to know his character better and Stirling goes one step further and lets you see what Damien s family life is like, which was brilliant I love how things where resolved for him Having said that, while I was so curious for Damien s story..I still can t believe we haven t had Joe s story We have our new character in the form of Rose and I seriously loved her, in fact I think she might be my favourite How can she not be with the obsession with Egyptology and Ancient History She was also delightfully eccentric and intelligent and so determined to do things her way I mean I get why Joe and Damien did what they did, they where trying to help but I was right there with her being annoyed at them Damien and Rose are so perfect for each other, not going to lie I mean I can t picture Damien with anyone but an Owl, and it makes for some brilliant scenes I was sad we didn t get a scene with Rose and Kieran meeting properly though Anyway, Damien gets Rose to have fun, and Rose gets Damien to chill out a bit, and they where so cute and adorable together OH and I want to mention a secondary character called Lindy because I completely loved the fact that she wasn t your standard popular girl, meaning she wasn t uber bitchy She was actually really nice and I love how she was determined to befriend Rose, and was almost like a sister to her, telling others about Rose s achievements proudly and taking her under her wing It was a nice touch Shaken was another brilliant book in a fantastic series Stirling always delivers for me, we have brilliant characters, a complex plot with plenty of action and twists to keep you on you guessing that s wrapped up perfectly by the end of the book without feeling rushed Not to mention an adorable romance that brings the warm and fuzzies to the cold cockles of my heart Seriously, the ending was so freaking adorable I can t even I still can t even Shaken is romance and thrills with plenty of action to keep you on the edge of your seat, and glued to the book I love the idea of the YDA, Young Detective Agency, it sounds awesome and I love reading about it and the students and the different groups they occupy, I kind of wish it existed Brilliantly written, you can easily breeze through it in one sitting like I did It s one of those books and series that you can re read whenever you need a mood lift, or just fancy it The books have plenty of humour to them to have you laughing out loud and looking like a crazy person I m not sure how many other books there will be in this series, but I m really hoping we ll be getting Joe s story next, poor old Joe, he s had a rough time of it For now I ll be getting pumped for the release of the 6th and final Savant book which is Summer s story I m so excited for it

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