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    David Stuart Davies latest addition to Titan s Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series is a ripper, pun completely intended.Sherlock Holmes is asked to investigate the kidnapping of a child This is no ordinary kidnapping, as he discovers when Mycroft becomes involved Some old enemies return and there are some new ones All well written and well rounded.Sherlockians will recognize the plot as a what if extension of a fairly well known Sherlock Holmes movie from the late 1970s.The relationship between Holmes and Watson is pure ACD No jarring notes here.A worthwhile addition to any Sherlock Holmes collection Highly recommended.

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    1.5I m literally feeling a bit heartbroken over my rating of this David Stuart Davies is my go to for Holmes pastiches His stuff is generally in character, his stories are interesting, and I like the way he writes However, all the things that I love about him were gone in this book The plot is promising and intriguing, but there were too many things wrong than write.First, the characterization.Sherlock wasn t Sherlock John felt pretty okay, because he can be easy to grasp you just have to downplay the reason and play up the gut instinct, so not that hard But, the main guy Not right at all I wasn t convinced by it.Second, the plot.So, from the title, you can easily deduce that the book is going to be about Jack the Ripper in some way Not that hard However, it just took my least favorite theory the only way I liked it was in a specific movie, where they did a really good job with it outside of that, nope and ran with it When I realized where they were going, my face completely fell because I thought that it was going to go somewhere unique It didn t Third, and lastly, the way it was told.Basically, it had multiple POVs It ranged from John s diary, Sherlock s perspective, the kidnapper s perspective, and random other perspectives that I didn t need Each time I got to a new chapter, it was just likeAnd, I don t like that So, sadly, this really didn t work for me What a shame, but I m still going to keep an eye out for his stuff One miss among the few good ones I ve read isn t going to deter me Although, now I need to try for another Holmes fix since this didn t do it for me If you want a good Holmes pastiche that deals with Jack the Ripper, I highly recommend Dust and Shadow An Account of the Ripper Killings by Dr John H Watson Also remember somewhat enjoying The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The Whitechapel Horrors.

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    3.5 STARSThe story was pretty good But, one key piece of evidence really made no sense to me.

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    I tend to like the Further Adventures series but this one was kind of like Sherlock Holmes Paint by the Numbers Davies captures the feel of Conan Doyle but the actual mystery is threadbare and the Ripper is nothing than title click bait.

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    I ve read all of Titan Books Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series of novels, including the three other books David Stuart Davies authored for the line I m bringing this up because I think my feelings about The Ripper Legacy are related to how many Sherlock Holmes sequels by other hands I ve read I found myself disappointed by The Ripper Legacy not just as a novel but specifically as a Sherlock Holmes novel First of all, the novel is partially extracts from Dr Watson s papers, as is traditional in this kind of thing Strangely, though, every second chapter is just straight prose with a third person omniscient narrator who takes us to places of which Watson and sometimes Holmes have no knowledge That s not a grave sin, but think about it for a moment one of the basic joys of Sherlock Holmes stories is usually following Dr Watson s description of the case Holmes is a faster thinker than Watson, but Watson stands in for the audience I know there are some Doyle stories narrated by Holmes, but there it s only a slight shift to following Holmes as he pieces together the case In The Ripper Legacy, on the other hand, we see people and events that illuminate the mystery before Holmes and Watson know anything about them But then, that s probably because this novel isn t actually a mystery, a decision I find somewhat baffling Even the action driven Holmes adaptations like the Guy Ritchie movies are structured as a mystery The question of what s going on in this novel can be solved by the reader once you ve read page 67 Briefly, the story takes place shortly after Holmes return from the dead, and involves a boy who has been kidnapped with no ransom note It turns out that the mystery has something to do with the Jack the Ripper slayings of many years before, and specifically the conspiracy theory that the Ripper was trying to silence prostitutes aware of a secret heir to the British throne I would put this in spoiler tags, but to be frank, this is described on page 67 of 234 If you can t figure out how this explains everything that s happened and everything that s going to happen, then I suppose you ll consider this a three pipe problem requiring your utmost attention Strangely enough, Holmes himself seems unsure that this is really what s going on, but in the end, it totally is, 100%, so Holmes doubt is itself a red herring It could be argued that the real mystery is who is behind these events, a shadowy figure who we meet several times in the third person omniscient chapters The structure of the novel suggests that this is the case, since confirmation of the mastermind doesn t come until quite late in the novel or on page 144, assuming you ve ever heard anything about Sherlock Holmes Again, my objection isn t in the content of this revelation, but in the use of it in the context of a Sherlock Holmes novel If I sat you down before you ever opened this book, told you it was a Sherlock Holmes mystery, and asked you to brainstorm five people who might have dun it, you would definitely come up with the ultimate solution to this novel For me, then, the focus of the novel became the action, and the question of how Holmes and Watson will achieve their aims of saving the good and punishing the bad It does resemble an action movie, because absent a few twists with secondary characters, it s just a question of logistics These are handled well, especially the action scenes, and there are some genuinely nice touches on elements of the Holmes stories, most notably a harrowing revisit to a character from an earlier story, which I found atmospheric and surprisingly distressing There s an air of sadness and cynicism throughout the novel that is quite well handled Davies is portraying a Holmes who is no longer as idealistic as he once was, which fits with the grim facts of this case Davies knows his Holmes, and the characters all work quite well together, but this novel just doesn t work as a mystery nor as a Sherlock Holmes mystery Davies writes well, but as a regular reader of the Further Adventures, this is a disappointment for me.

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    The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The Ripper Legacy 2016 by David Stuart Davies takes place not long after Sherlock Holmes has returned from his demise at the Reichenbach Falls It involves Holmes and Watson in a kidnapping case that has baffled the authorities Young William Temple wandered away from his mother and his nanny while at Kensington Gardens The women lose sight of him near the Round Pond and the next they see him, he is in the distance being dragged from the park by two men Charlotte Temple did not get a good look at the men and there has been no ransom demand, so the police have had no luck tracing the boy Holmes himself hold out little hope to the distraught parents, but promises to do his best.Gradually, he discovers slender clues that lead him from the Temple s upper class home to a disreputable orphanage to the dark alleyways of White Chapel Those clues also lead him to suspect a connection with the unsolved murders of Jack the Ripper and his investigations into the child s true heritage reveals a plot meant to shake the very foundations of Britain With Watson at his side, he must face a formidable foe hiding beneath the Tower Bridge Spoiler Territory Read on at your own risk The Ripper Legacy is a bit of disappointment While Davies does get the atmosphere of Victorian England right and has a good grasp of the Holmes Watson relationship, he really doesn t provide much that is new in the Ripper connection except to produce a very unoriginal motive behind the murders with a very tiny twist and he trots out a very tired Holmes pastiche trope And like others who have reviewed this on Goodreads, I was not enad with the multiple viewpoints It s a Homes story let Watson tell it don t keep bouncing us around from Watson s diaries to the kidnappers to the people behind the kidnappers to Mycroft and back again.Anyone with much knowledge of the Ripper killings has to know that Prince Eddy has featured as a possible suspect or behind the scenes player in the horrific murders And I get very tired of the resuscitation of Moriarty Seriously it s enough suspension of disbelief to accept that Holmes survived that meeting at the Falls To have Holmes watch Moriarty plunge into that chasm per the canon and then bring him back to life in various ways by various authors is a bit much I honestly would have enjoyed this one if he had done something new and interesting with the Ripper story line instead of rehashing previous theories and a much used Holmes pastiche plot device for the atmosphere and Holmes Watson dynamic.

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    This book was a goodreads win Very enjoyable fast paced read Very much written in the style of Conan Doyle Would certainly read of these books.

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    Spoilers I m giving this Four stars simply because I have the same problem with this story as I do with Horowitz s Moriarty ie, the plot twist seems like cheap writing to me However, the overall story is so much better than Moriarty that I can forgive Davies easier and I have to admit Davies handles it the best I ve seen.I mostly didn t mind the changing points of views except for times when a cliff hanger ended in one POV and then the next chapter backtracks to explain the cliffhanger in another POV Other than that, I thought it was handled well.There were a few times when I felt that certain words or descriptions didn t feel era appropriate, but mostly it was good There were definitely nods to BBC s Sherlock throughout the book, which depending on how you feel about the series could either be found humorous or annoying.Mycroft was the character I had the most problems with He was too active He popped up too many places and was too involved outside of the Diogenes Club One time would have been find, but he kept showing up and I found that a little hard to believe.I was as horrified by the ending as Holmes and Watson, and experienced genuine edge of my seat moments throughout the story Although the writing style doesn t feel like ACD, that didn t hinder my enjoyment of the story As you can see, I had some minor issues with the story, but overall it was an enjoyable mystery and a pretty good pastiche.

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    This was okay but it had almost nothing to do with Jack the Ripper I am sick of being suckered into reading something that supposedly has a strong Jack the Ripper connection in it and finding out it doesn t I will also say that as an ordinary mystery this was pretty good, though somewhat predictable, but as a Sherlock Holmes mystery it was disappointing I only gave it three stars because I didn t think it deserved two it wasn t that bad.

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    The story is entertaining however the title is misleading, don t expect Jack the ripper to appear the mention of him is very vague The problem with the book is that Holmes is simply NOT Holmes, I find this very disappointing when the author is apparently a Holmes expert, in this book he is portrayed as emotional and clumsy he staggers through the case making self recognised mistakes at every turn This is the first Sherlock book I have read by this author, I am not encouraged to try another.

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