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    3.5 Anti Climatic Stars Because until the moment I saw you, I was convinced I wouldn t be happy living here But I walked into that school and you were the first thing I saw You stood out from everyone around you You re the most beautiful thing I ve ever seen in the most unexpected place, he admitted, taking my breath away You were my wildflower The thing that frustrates me the most as a reader is finishing a book and still not knowing how the hell I feel about it.That s the predicament I find myself in after my time spent reading Wildflower Don t get me wrong, I enjoyed it enough to keep moving forward, but I guess I was expecting .I mean, come on I waited almost the entire story to find out what traumatic event caused the destruction of Harlow and Noah and THAT S what I get I can understand why Harlow booked it out of town, but I still expected from the revelation and maybe a understanding Noah when Harlow didn t fall at his feet and profess her undying love.So why the 4 star bump instead of a 3 star kick to the groin Even though I felt the story was a skosh anti climactic, I thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue and writing in general What can I say I m a sarcastic bitch and I appreciate when an author brings the sarcasm without comprising the story In my mind that s worth 4 stars right there.

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    Eu estou gostando muito da escrita da autora e fiquei curiosa sobre a hero na quando li o livro da amiga dela A hist ria boa e prendeu minha aten o do in cio ao fim, mas senti falta de algumas respostas sobre os motivos da separa o deles e o comportamento do her i na poca.Onde e com quem ele estava naquela noite Eu queria saber tamb m da rea o dele ao saber do que aconteceu com ela.N o gostei dela continuar celibat ria durante 6 anos e ele ter sexo com outras mulheres Mostra ela como uma mulher pat tica e que ele seguiu adiante.Mas no geral foi uma boa leitura e acabei fisgada pela maneira de escrever da autora I m really enjoying the author s writing and I was curious about heroin when I read the book of her friend.The story is good and held my attention from start to finish, but I missed some answers about the reasons for their separation and the behavior of the hero at the time.Where and with whom he was that night I want to know his reaction upon learning of what happened to her.Don t like her continue celibate during 6 years and he have sex with other women Shows her as a pathetic woman and he moved on.But overall it was a good read and I just got hooked by the way of writing of the author.

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    Why do authors write romance books where heroes have sex with OW during a separation while the heroines are celibate Here the heroine was celibate during the entire 6 years they are apart while the hero had sex with OW This is so not romantic This author has written too many books with the hero has sex OW during a separation while the heroine is celibate and or the hero continues to having sex with OW after meeting the heroine while she is with no one else I HATE THIS DOUBLE STANDARD IT IS WRONG AND DRIVES ME CRAZY.

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    I can t say I liked or really disliked this book It was just OK The writing was engaging enough, but the MCs were just alright I didn t connect with either of them and found them annoying than not.What I liked 1 The dual povs Although written in the first person, I didn t find the writing to be too sappy There definitely were some sappy bits, but not too many and I can deal with that.2 The fun banter and inner monologue Some of the MCs thoughts were LOL funny 3 Seeing the characters from book 3, Rowan and Navie It was nice to see the continuation of their story What I didn t like 1 The h, Harlow She was whiny and selfish She was also dumb view spoiler The whole IUD thing made me so mad hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars.I really like this authors writing Funny situations Quick sturdy characters Not too much depth Cute little read.

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    3 Low StarsHarlow and Noah never thought anything could tear them apart, but that idealistic bubble was ripped to shreds, and had them parting ways Harlow was unable to stay in their small town, after all that happened, now back due to her grandmother s illness view spoiler and death hide spoiler

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    4.5 Wildflower StarsHaving only read the book just before this and meeting Harlow in Navie s story I didn t know what to expectbut I really enjoyed this book The story starts with a phone call from Harlow s LowLow brother that she needs to come home Her grandmother that has raised them since her parents passed was fading, so she packed up and left her NY life and went home The very place she has avoided at all cost, it was her heart was shattered and left in the hands of the love of her life, Noah Her life is upended and she now is guardian to her 14 year old brother Noah is there He s perfect And he wants his Wildflower back In all the chaos they created she still remained the bright light in all the noise The only girl that would ever be enough The past was not too much for him to apologize for and move beyond But could she, could Harlow learn to trust in the man she walked away from 6 years before.This story is about forgiving, redemption, and redoing what a young love could not overcome The one that was really scarred from this whole thing isn t really Noah or Harlow and the healing of that heart was one of my very favorite parts to the story Really enjoy this series and I can not WAIT for Chloe and Derrick s story It is gonna be awesome

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    I received a complimentary copy of this book through Crazy Cajun Book Addicts for an honest review.Wildflower is the 4th book in the colours series it can be read as a standalone and I loved it Harlow and Noah met when they were still in school the quickly fell in love and knew they wanted to be together for the rest of their lives Just a couple of years later tragedy tore them apart and Harlow ran.Six years later Harlow has to return to her home town and face Noah and their past is this the second chance they ve both been waiting for This series just get better and better with each book Jessica writes and I m really looking forward to Chloe and Derricks story next.

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    Compelling story Second chance at love Big secret that wasn t really It could ve been revealled in the prologue why the heroine left It wasnt an earth shaking reason Two young people got knocked up, forced to marry, hero is immature, heroine looses the baby and leaves Simples Ok The heroine s mouth was filthy I don t like cussing heroines She was celibate during the seperation I liked that The chemistry Mild Ho hum Dull Final thought The storytelling drew me in The hero was doormatty The heroine a bit too feisty It was ok.

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    If I didn t absolutely love Jessica Prince for writing Love Hate Relationship, I would have loved her for Wildflower Such a great story that I enjoyed reading so much from the beginning to the end I fell in love with Harlow, Noah, and Ethan So happy to get a glimpse of Navie and Rowan as well as Pepper and Griffin Cannot wait for Chloe and Derrick Just loving this series so much.

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