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The Chameleon chapter 1 The Chameleon , meaning The Chameleon , genre The Chameleon , book cover The Chameleon , flies The Chameleon , The Chameleon eca531a16874a Never Give Up Yourself Completely To Anyone Especially A Man Make Your Living, Support Yourself And Stay True To Whom You Are Fairy Tales Are Not Real And Neither Is Prince Charming Aisling O Byrne Lived By The Words Her Single Mum Had Told Her When She Was A Small Child Growing Up In Ireland Crafting Her Own Destiny, And Living A Double Life As The Notorious Chameleon, She Lived With Her Own Purpose, Answered To No One, But Herself And Enjoyed The Fruits Of Her Labor But, Even With All Of Her Success, Aisling Had To Admit, Something Was Definitely Missing From Her Life Meeting One Of Her Top Clients, Stephanous Petros, Face To Face For The First Time, She Wanted To Know About Him And Not From Her Files, Or A Business Standpoint But Him As A Man Working For Years As Bodyguard And Confidant For Sakis Carras, One Of The Wealthiest Men On The East Coast, Had Always Kept Stephanous Petros Too Busy To Have A Personal Life That Was Okay With Him, Until He Met The Fiery Redhead Aisling O Byrne At The Black Rose In Boston Stephan Was Intrigued By The Tiny Woman And Wanted To Know About Her After Tracking Her Down, And Convincing Her To Go Out With Him, Stephan Quickly Realized There Was So Much To Aisling Than What She Was Sharing With Him And When Several Attempts Were Made On His Life, He No Longer Knew Who In His Life He Could Trust, Including The One He Had Began To Love

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    This is a very well written book and keeps you glued to the pages to the very end I really enjoyed it and literally could not put it down I needed to finish it all at once I have been waiting for Stephan s life story because of his broody and dark attitude in the first book Corner Booth and was not disappointed at all The dialog really pulls you into the book and makes you feel like you are a part of the storyline I especially love Aisling, who is a tough a great heroine with a whip butt take no name girl and she was great for StephanI love a story where two characters think they are in complete control of the casual relationship they agree upon, but they slowly slip into something they never planned on This is what I loved about this book It had great character development among all the supporting characters and a few returning characters like Sakis and Cassie Thank you for such a wonderful story and awaiting for the next book

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    Loved itI love this addition to the series There is nothing like a strong, alpha H balanced with an equally strong h There was a good balance of romance, mystery and action I would have loved to have seen an epilogue.

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    Loved it Loved it, loved it, loved it please I couldn t keep it down Looking forward to reading from you H

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