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The Black Swan Ghost (Penderrys Bizarre, #1.5) pdf The Black Swan Ghost (Penderrys Bizarre, #1.5) , ebook The Black Swan Ghost (Penderrys Bizarre, #1.5) , epub The Black Swan Ghost (Penderrys Bizarre, #1.5) , doc The Black Swan Ghost (Penderrys Bizarre, #1.5) , e-pub The Black Swan Ghost (Penderrys Bizarre, #1.5) , The Black Swan Ghost (Penderrys Bizarre, #1.5) d43be51acd4 Cursed With Clairvoyance, Millicent Sinclair Has Been Seeing Ghosts For Years More Annoyingly, She Can Hear Them, Speak With Them, And Worst Of All, Feel Their Clammy, Cold Touch She Takes No Nonsense From The Dead Or The Living, For That Matter , But An Overnight Stay At The Haunted Black Swan Inn Leads To Than She Bargained ForJoin Millicent, Westman, Jim And Blinks For Another Mystery In This Short Story, Exclusive To WattpadChristmas SpecialAlternate Cover Edition

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    I first read The Black Swan Ghost a little over a year ago, shortly after reading London Shadows As it is a side story set between London Shadows and Moonlight Secrets, and as I ve been on a re reading bender of the series again , I thought it only right to read this one again as well this time not through Wattpad, but my own Kindle copy of the story J.L Weaver s story telling was topnotch in this tale, the writing absolutely superb The story follows a paranormal investigation shared by Alfred Westman, Jim Penderry, and their clairvoyant friend, Millicent Sinclair However, the investigation they set out on isn t the one they wind up undertaking for ghosts haunt the inn they stop in on a cold, blustering evening, and with the weather remaining inclement, they have no choice but to stay at the inn until it clears thus granting Millicent the opportunity to get to know one of the inn s patron spirits Endymion, a mischievous ghost that pulls the heart strings while still managing to make you laugh every time he appears on the page.The story is such a rich balance between light hearted cheer, humour, and heart wrenching sadness to say nothing of Millicent s character development throughout To see a lady, one born to a higher station who is typically prone to snobbish behaviour, grow into someone capable of seeing the good in someone, regardless of their class and appearance, and over, to showing said persons compassion even warmth shows a great deal about J.L Weaver s exceptional skills Not only in weaving an incredible story, but in creating such diverse, interesting characters that one can t help but like and in the case of many, like Jim and Freddie adore The Penderry s Bizarre series is exceptional as a whole, and something I shall gladly read again and again for years to come.

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    I just realised this is a Christmas story but it was cute anyway I was prepared for a huge fight with the damn spirits but I was glad that I was wrong It was so sweet and Blinks finally got some recognition

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    Really funny and cute addition to the series

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