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    And finally I finished rereading the final book I did write a review when I first read it so, see below Well Day um there s nothing better than a great Western and this is a great one I didn t realize it at first and then it didn t matter, but this one is actually the last book in the series I m going to have to go back and read them in order now and then read this one again cause I think it will be even better having gotten to know Cash in the preceding books But even without knowing anything about him, I loved this book.At first glimpse, Cash comes across as a hard and bitter kind of hero He s a gunfighter by trade and likes to spend time with fancy women The story starts out with a bang when he is almost gunned down whilst enjoying some tart time The story then moves to the town of Rock Creek where Cash calls home when he s not doing his gun slinging business His world is rocked though when the girl he used to love comes to town to ask him a favour can he try and talk her son out of his desire to become a gunslinger too When Cash wonders why he should do a favour for the woman who broke his heart many years ago, she informs him because JD, her son, is also his son.Although Cash tries to be all hard and devoid of feelings, we the reader can see the inner Cash, a man who feels he s ruined his life and can t settle down with the woman he loves for fear of putting her and their son in danger While seemingly uncaring on the outside, he s really a marshmallow on the inside and bitterly regrets the life he s lived.He is the kind of hero that makes me love a good Western hero And Nadine is an equally strong heroine Forced to wed a man she doesn t love when it s discovered she is pregnant, she has lived a lonely life She lays it all on the line to Cash It doesn t take long for the feelings she has always had for him to come roaring back to life.She s a doctor and it doesn t take long before she begins to make a life for herself in this town that needs a doctor.This is the kind of book that makes it clear why I love the Western genre so much It s everything I could ask for I wasn t very far into it when I went searching for the other five I ve found four of them so far and have plans this weekend not to rest until I find the temporarily misplaced sixth book I was looking at Wendy s Keeper list and I see that she has at least 3 of this series on it I m rubbing my hands in anticipation of reading the rest

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    It was perfect and then it wasn t which made it..perfect.Cash was a great character broken but fun, entertaining and I loved his story Nadine, who knew Cash years ago comes with her son to ask for a favor Her son wants to be a gunslinger like Cash As the pages turned I loved the characters and I would love for a continued installment being that they hinted at 14 year old JD Nadines son growing up to be a man soon and some talk about past crushes and women so I thought I would love his story when he grew up, he had spunk and he was a boy wanting to be a gunfighter so the suspense made this book very engaging and I didn t want it to end Linda Devlin is very creative in her writing and to me she excelled at merging all the details and events together The rest of the Rock Creek six were awesome extras as usual and the town of Rock Creek in general is a fiction place I never want to forget.I should probably mention I thought this was going to be my least favorite of the series but I think its my favorite

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    Overall this series suffers from over the top attributes too sweet, too unbelievable, obsessed with the heroines purity and family values D But I gobbled it down in one sitting from book 1 to 6, skipping Nate only This is what I needed Is that what you want to read If so, there goes your choice.

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    The sixth and last of the Rock Creek Six series Finally the story of Daniel Cash It was good but not my favorite of the series I didn t feel as connected to the characters in this one.

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    If I Could add More Stars I have read every book in this series and if I could only ever in my life just read this series, I would be happy I loved each man and the women that came into their lives These books make me want to live in their town and visit and live with strong, decent people I am blessed to be able to read so many wonderful stories And as always lots of love and good feelings at a happy ending.LOVE IT

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    Okay, so once again, I wanted the trauma that made Cash so cold and dead inside to have been just a liiiiiiiiitle devastating Which sounds horrible, but that s what I was feeling I also wanted it to be harder for him to forgive Nadine That being said, it was still a fun romance, I just wanted them to suffer LOL Yup, I m terrible.

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    Cash, the deadly one.Cash deserved his reputation with his guns Even after the others have settled down and began lives of there own, Cash continued to hire his services out When his past came looking for him, son in tow, he can t believe that it s real Nadine was his first love and eventually she and his son JD, become his entire world.

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    Oh how the mighty have fallenDaniel Cash was so adamant that he would not marryNadine sure cured him of that What an awesome end to this series I even loved the little epilogue Good book and good series Highly recommend

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    I bought the series in a collection Don t know when I read it.

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    ExcitingPerfect ending to a wonderful series Loved each one and to end with Cash is just right Overcoming his reputation is not easy or even wanted, but Great read

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Cash (Rock Creek Six, #6) download Cash (Rock Creek Six, #6), read online Cash (Rock Creek Six, #6), kindle ebook Cash (Rock Creek Six, #6), Cash (Rock Creek Six, #6) 29b0cabfef75 A Face From His PastTo The Folks In Tiny Rock Creek, Texas, Daniel Cash Was A Ladies Man With A Smile As Quick As His Draw Yet The Infamous Gunslinger With The Legendary Charm Harbored Painful Memories Of The Girl He D Left Behind When The War Between The States Demanded His Duty Cash Believed Nadine Ellington Was Better Off Without The Man He D Become, But When She Rode Into Town, Dragging His Past With Him, Cash Was Tempted To Consider Another Futurewith Her By His Side Nadine Had Long Ago Given Up Waiting For Cash To Return She Was Too Busy Raising The Son He Didn T Know He Had And Though She D Never Forgiven Cash S Betrayal, She Needed Him Now To Prove To Their Reckless, Headstrong Child That The Life Of A Gun For Hire Is No Life At All But Seeing Cash Again Awakens Feelings She D Thought Long Dead And Soon She S Wondering If The Boy She Once Loved Still Lingers Beneath The Hardened Man She Can T Resist