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    This is an excellent addition to the series, but the book really had no ending Yes, there is another book after this Still there should be a wrap up of sorts that leaves the reader wanting to read the next one The character development is excellent and you want to cheer the person that continues through all the tragedy unfolding around her and in her world.

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    AgainA story worth telling but never expected until too late Exploitation of the weak and disadvantaged along with domination by the powerful is human nature A story retold Unlearned Unbelievable Why do hero s seem bullet proof

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    In every book I review I start by giving the author five stars just for writing a complete book With that attitude then I try to evaluate the characters, the story lines, the presaging, the meshing of stories if there is Juxtapositioning, and last of all I look for distractions as I read There are no distractions to speak of in this book The characters are strong though I would as an author add a little to each in some ways They are human, have frailties, have hopes, desires, knowledge or the lack of it, they live and breathe Nothing should be asked of characters The Juxtapositioning of the various characters into the story line, a dystopian tale of climate disaster, is good I wished for a little at the end but cannot criticize that aspect I did not dream the book would end when it did It makes me know there must be another sequel coming and I am ready to read it This one really did not whet my appetite for Nice work Ms Nading.

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