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    Rocky Mountain Dawn is the story of Esther and Jonathan, and is a sweet, short, Western, domestic discipline story If you like spankings shorts mixed with a sweet love story, here between a doctor and his wife this is for you.First book by the author and will definitely read .Safe2.75 5Ps Enjoyed the authors note regarding the story inspiration.

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    Ms Savino has me hooked Sweet and naughty story with one of the loveliest heroines I have read about in a long time You immediately are engaged in the tale and than once I found myself shaking my head at Esther s antics She really gets herself into a lot of trouble I also was so wrapped up in her thoughts and feelings that I cried, hard, near the end of the book I loved the happily for now ever after ending and can t wait to read the next in the series Discipline scenes were done very well with lots of intense emotions And of course the exploration of her new husbands body and his likes and commands was hot and innocent at the same time This was my first book from Ms Savino, and it certainly will not be my last Five bright stars.

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    I loved this sweet romance about the doctor minister and Esther, his wife I look forward to reading the rest of this series

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    With as much as I love Lee Savino, it pains me to leave this review It s not the writing, but the era that s apparently not for me It s a good thing a was born in the 20th century because obeying your husband to this degree is SO not for me With as much as she gets her butt smacked, I d have already retaliated with a vengeance

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    First in series Rocky Mountain bride.Wanting in life, ester writes for an opportunity away from home JONATHAN shepherd a doctor and priest arrives at her door offering his hand and the chance of opportunity for adventure Lots of spanking..a bit of heart ache and loss Sweet little novella to wet your appetite for in the series.

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    This was a very sexy taboo story deliciously heart poundingThis was a very sexy taboo story deliciously heart poundingI really like 2 storyline it was really quite different than what I normally Esther and Jonathan, nothing like the old time man showing their women their place LOL

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    Where there is love, there is hope , February 19, 2016 By Nanette Verified Purchase What s this This review is from Rocky Mountain Dawn Rocky Mountain Bride Series Book 1 Kindle Edition Rocky Mountain Dawn is the story of Esther and Johnathan which is set in the fictional town of Royal, Colorado Esther longs to do God s work She writes a letter to the American Mission Board to request a missionary post Dr Johnathan Shepherd is made aware of her letter as he has requested a pastoral position.The board grants their requests but with a condition that he take a wife.On their wedding night, Johnathan realizes that he needs to teach Esther what goes on between a man and a woman As your husband, it s my responsibility to guide and correct you He disciplines her by spanking her Esther doesn t understand these feelings coursing inside her But her reactions to her spankings lets him know that his little vixen likes to be punished.Along their journey West we meet Miles and Lyle who fit in nicely as secondary characters Both of their stories are revealed in greater length in Rocky Mountain Bride and Rock Mountain Rose.I can honestly say that I have never read an Erotic Western novel before I was pleasantly surprised that I fell in love with these characters and this series Through Ms Savino s exceptional storytelling I felt as if I were watching their story unfold with vivid details of the West She made me feel their strength, their love, and their passion As a fan of Erotic books, I certainly appreciate her writing talent and I hope you do as well.

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    Rocky Mountain Dawn is the first in what I m sure will be a line of stories about and young couple starting a life in the new western territories This is the beginning told from the young lady s Ester Richards point of view Ester goes to school for a theology degree and applies for positions out west Meanwhile Dr Johnathon Shepherd has done the same after earning his medical degree Someone in the church got the idea of putting these two together and sent them out to the new territories This story tells of their meeting and marriage and beginning of the trip I found that Lee Savino handled the domestic discipline spanking in this story in an excellent manner, making it real and sexually exciting while avoiding the level where it is just a beating She also fluidly incorporated some very hot sex into the DD scenes.It is a short story but quite enjoyable I couldn t put it down I loved the characters, the pacing and the descriptions It is a great first book and I look forward to the rest of the series.

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    Esther Richardson and Dr Jonathan Shephard both seek to go west to bring the word of God to the Western frontier and come together when they both write to a church that sends people on missions It is determined they both need to be married so they meet and join together to head west Jonathan takes the Bible seriously as the leader for his wife and believes it is his duty to discipline her to keep her safe and on a Godly path At the end of each discipline he tells her she if forgiven and starts with a clean slate and hold and takes care of her Rocky Mountain Dawn brings them together to form a strong bond and team in their quest to serve the people of the west in both body and soul while they learn to live and love together.

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    MARRIAGE TO SERVE OTHERSWhat a fun story and beginning to a new series This story is loosely based on a historical couple whom both wrote to the Missionary Board to go west and serve Dr Johnathan Shepherd is both a medical doctor and minister and needs a wife and helpmeet as he travels to the western frontier Esther Richardson has attended seminary and want to serve out west, but must be married, so the mission board pair these two up The plot kept me captivated, I loved the sassy spunk that is Esther, and she actually had me laughing at her antics The dialog is entertaining as are the characters in this story I look forward to stories in this series.

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Rocky Mountain Dawn (Rocky Mountain Bride #1) summary pdf Rocky Mountain Dawn (Rocky Mountain Bride #1) , summary chapter 2 Rocky Mountain Dawn (Rocky Mountain Bride #1) , sparknotes Rocky Mountain Dawn (Rocky Mountain Bride #1) , Rocky Mountain Dawn (Rocky Mountain Bride #1) 597ba21 Esther Richardson Longs To Live A Life Of Meaning, And Settling For A Hometown Suitor Simply Won T Do Instead, She Writes To The American Mission Board Requesting A Post In The West A Single Woman Of Twenty Three, She S Shocked When A Tall Stranger Arrives At Her Door Sent By The Board, Johnathan Shepherd Needs A Wife To Take West, And He S Here To See If Esther Will Fit The Bill Will Her New, Firm Husband And The Hard Journey West Break Esther S Spirit, Or Give Her The Adventure She S Always Wanted

  • Kindle Edition
  • 76 pages
  • Rocky Mountain Dawn (Rocky Mountain Bride #1)
  • Lee Savino
  • English
  • 06 March 2017

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