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Of Sea and Seed (The Kerrigan Chronicles, #1) summary Of Sea and Seed (The Kerrigan Chronicles, #1) , series Of Sea and Seed (The Kerrigan Chronicles, #1) , book Of Sea and Seed (The Kerrigan Chronicles, #1) , pdf Of Sea and Seed (The Kerrigan Chronicles, #1) , Of Sea and Seed (The Kerrigan Chronicles, #1) 8a4ff482ce OF SEA AND SEED Launches The Kerrigan Chronicles, The Story Of Three Generations Staggered By Love, Betrayal, War, And The Effects Of A Tsunami That Ravages The Burin Peninsula Of Newfoundland In Family Matriarch, Storyteller, And Ghost Kathleen Kerrigan Confesses That Heaven Does Not Open Its Gates To Women Of Her Ilk In Her Afterlife She Is Adrift, Doomed, Like Some Ancient Mariner, To Atone For Mortal Sin By Telling Repeatedly The Story Of Her Downfall With The Lyrical Voice Of Kathleen At The Helm And Through The Voices Of Her Children The Duty Bound Kevin And The Strong Willed Clara Mysteries Fall Away Until The Core Of Kathleen S Crime Is Revealed Set Against The Backdrop Of The Unforgiving Atlantic Ocean, The Kerrigan Chronicles Is An Unforgettable Family Saga With A Riveting Undercurrent Of Suspense, One That Will Capture The Imagination Of Readers Everywhere

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    Historical fiction should do two things 1 Portray the time period, culture, and events with accuracy i.e be well researched 2 Entertain.Annie Daylon s Of sea and seed succeeds on both counts She has captured Newfoundland s history with articulate accuracy and she has captured the cadence of Newfie speak excellently I know, as I have friends and family from Newfoundland The pages are so well rendered that the reader forgets time and tasks to be done When I did put the book aside for short periods, then had a chance to pick it up again, I told my husband that I was going back to Newfoundland.The story begins shortly after World War I During these early years, Newfoundland was not part of Canada A land of fishermen and their families A time when fishers worked not for money, but to be paid in kind They were beholden to the merchants who ran the store and worked within the truck system This was a time when the skilled men and women of Newfoundland did everything themselves They built their own houses and boats, made their own shoes and clothing, gardened for their own vegetables A time when there was a huge disparity within the class system.The title refers to seed that is human offspring and the families that endured through years of hardship and disaster Seeds that were born both in and out of wedlock.This novel introduces the Kerrigan family Irish Catholic immigrants who settled in Argentia, on the Avalon Peninsula and toiled the sea to put bread upon the table The mother, Kathleen, the father, Alphonse a veteran of the Great War , their son Kevin, a fisher like his father, their daughter Clara, who married a rum runner, and baby Jimmy who died in infancy.When baby Jimmy passed away, Kathleen never recovered from her grief and was eventually sent away to The Mental the psychiatric hospital in St John s Alphonse was left with his two children, work to do, and too many bottles to drink Kevin escaped at the age of sixteen to fend for himself Clara was not so lucky Kevin too had a life with misfortune and misery than most men could endure For he moved to the Burin Peninsula where he and his family fell victim to the 1929 tsunami that devastated the area.When Clara was sixteen her life was irrevocably changed when she met Patrick A few months later she was banished across the bay to live with her brother s family By the time she was seventeen her father had found her a husband, an Englishman, a gentleman, and a rum runner named Robert Caulins Clara had no choice in the matter Rum running was very lucrative as Newfoundland, Canada and the United States were living through the years of prohibition The laws were made for men, by men Women were chattel and baby makers.The Kerrigan family were Roman Catholics The priest wielded much power over his parishioners He had the power to condone, or to vilify and to condemn Clara considered herself a sinner and confessed her sins to the priest Of sea and seed is a story of family secrets, deprivation, atonement, sins, and guilt This first installment in the author s Kerrigan Chronicles, introduces us to memorable characters who have met life s challenges with strength and stoicism Mothers and daughter, fathers and sons.I loved the writing The author captured her characters with whimsy, realism, and a deep understanding I loved the little Newfoundlandisms She was so tired she could have slept on a clothesline Won t it be some grand, just the two of us Sure I didn t know what I was doing Just let me have at the kettle She is the face and eyes of her mother There s no accounting for the mood of the sea It rocks you into a state of trust and then steals your soul.I read this novel within fifty feet of the ocean The cadence of the surf was a fitting background for a book in which the sea was a character unto itself.This delightful and poignant historical family saga will appeal to a wide audience Within the narrative are a few plot twists that will please those whose tastes lean toward thrillers and or mysteries I have read that it has been referred to as literary suspense I heartily recommend this novel and plan to follow up by reading the further adventures of the Kerrigan family.My heartfelt thanks to Annie Daylon for providing me with a digital copy of her novel.

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    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.ALWAYS a pleasure to read a female Canadian author I was immediately drawn into this story and I honestly could not stop reading Annie Daylon has a very strong ability to generate a very rich community of characters and create a thick atmosphere and presence of emotion enmeshed with time and space that holds you in the story she is telling She is a skilled writer and there is balance and careful meting out of details, everything is perfectly paced with no lulls or lags I am hoping there is to come of the Kerrigan Chronicles I have so many questions and I am curious to find out what happens to these characters next as I feel I know them intimately a sign of a good writer

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    Goodreads Signed Win CopyThis is the story of three generations that is staggered by love, betrayal, war, and the effects of a tsunami which ravages the Burin Peninsula of Newfoundland in 1929.We meet matriarch Kathleen Kerrigan who tells their story and that of her own downfall We meet her duty bound son Kevin and Clara her strong willed daughter The secrets that each carry in their life asa it threatens to destroy them at times.A sweeping saga that takes you on a journey of early immigrants battling an unknown climate as they struggle to survive from tiers Irish roots An engrossing read that flows between the main characters that come to life.

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    The Author gives us a riveting mix of a haunting, suspense filled story with an unexpected exciting twist in the setting with her character Clara a seed who would sacrifice anything for her child and who s determined to have independence in a male dominated world and wants the inconceivable to be paid for it Kathleen, the mother, is brilliantly depicted by the author as the sea who watches her family from the thereafter Kevin a seed splashes us with love and resiliency while he lives a life of survival after his losses from the tsunami, because his daughter needs him I can t wait to turn the pages of Book II Thank you for this great read.

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    Absolutely loved this book I selected it as a read for a monthly book club I attend, and I had a hard time putting it down to pace myself so that everything to discuss would be in the forefront of my mind The only disappointment is that I will have to wait so long for the second book in the series.

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    I loved this book Annie Daylon is a talented writer and storyteller who takes you on a journey through a family s secrets and tragedy When you read this book you connect with the characters in their struggles, hardships and torn lives that they ve led A great read I can t wait for the next one on the series.

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    I downloaded Of Sea and Seed, trusting that a B.R.A.G Medallion Honoree would be a good read I wasn t disappointed Although I found Kathleen s character a little confusing, the story of the Kerrigan family was very well written and highly enjoyable Good job Annie Daylon.

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    Well done Heart wrenching Tragic.

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    We are proud to announce that OF SEA AND SEED THE KERRIGAN CHRONICLES by Annie Daylon is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money

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    Annie Daylon is a gifted writer and story teller Of Sea and Seed is a literary masterpiece I could not put it down Deep, rich and fulfilling in every way Truly a Goodread.

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