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Killer Fiction pdf Killer Fiction , ebook Killer Fiction , epub Killer Fiction , doc Killer Fiction , e-pub Killer Fiction , Killer Fiction ae652df6cbf A Murderer Transforms Sick Reality Into Sordid Literature With His Killer Fiction An Ambitiously Rotten Student Of Noveilst Harry Crews, GJSchaefer S Disturbing Stories And Illustrations Were Used As Evidence To Convict Him Of Serial Murder Previously Unpublished Confessions And Fantasies From Schaefer, Recently Stabbed To Death In Prison, Make Killer Fiction Atribute To His Interests And Essentials Reading For Law Enforcement

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    Good luck finding this book Killer Fiction is about deputy sheriff turned serial killer G.J Schaefer Inside are copious writings and drawings compiled by Sondra London while Schaefer was in prison Long out of print, this book reads like the most extreme and sordid trash crime novel you ve ever readexcept that it s all true.

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    I NEED to get my hands on this book If someone has a copy and is feeling kind, feel free to message me haha

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    Predictably misogynistic Graphic Insidiously misanthropic Pulpy and grim, fiction or not, you decide, I go for the latter as for the sheer amount of gloating and megalomania that Schaefer emits is quite astonishing This is work by an author that gets turned on by his own work fantasies or real accounts of vulgar and nasty acts of murder Before reading this, leave your morals at the door There are a few parts of the book that gave a good insight into the psyche of psychopaths sociopathy, reading this material gives you a flavour of what a murderous mind is like It isn t great and at times, his prose is askew and somewhat mediocre Check it out if you re into true crime and whether you re intrigued about work written by serial killers etc This is exploitative trash at its best but what else do you expect written by a sleazy ass murderer

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    The ramblings of this psychopath wore a little thin.

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    Poorly written, this book is just a description of the serial killer s fantasies Usually the stories start off ok, until Schaefer gets caught in his reviving the murders most stories depict things he s actually made his victims go through and from that point the whole storyline and the steadiness of the writing goes out the window to make room for torture and gore.

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    I read this book in 97 when it came out It is to blame for my true crime obsession today I struggled to find it back then, so Im not surprised that so few people have read it If you can find it, love true crime and arent easily disturbed than grab it.

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