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    3 starsThe writing was choppy and I felt like it jumped a lot or it stayed within the same scene for quite some time That being said, it was a wonderful story on a dream and how one strives for himself and for his people Manuel believed that the village will have water and worked hard to get it I really enjoyed the ending

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    Il y a quelque chose du grand classique fran ais je pense comme a Zola, M rim e et de la trag die grecque, mais la sauce ha tienne, avec un langage et des dialogues exotiques et color s, c est assez savoureux et d paysant.

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    When I opened the package and saw the cover, I thought for a moment that the bookseller had cocked up and sent me a romance novel by mistake But they hadn t Masters of the Dew is that slightly curious thing, a peasant novel Curious because, generally speaking, peasants don t write novels the hero of this story is illiterate, in fact so these books are written by outsiders, for whatever reasons of their own.Jacques Roumain was from a wealthy Haitian family, educated in Europe, a politician, ethnologist and at the time of writing this book in 1944, a diplomat He was part of the nationalist resistance against American occupation, founded the Haitian communist party, and later founded the Bureau d Ethnologie I imagine that the ethnology itself was originally political, as is so often the case a wish to celebrate an authentic local identity creates an interest in traditional peasant culture But certainly you can see how the nationalism, the communism and the ethnology would all feed into a peasant novel.And given that background, it s not a complete surprise that this is a novel about a strong, handsome peasant, uneducated but thoughtful and eloquent, sincere and full of integrity, who returns from working in Cuba, where he has been politically awakened by the experience of sugar cane workers striking for better pay, and teaches the other villagers that only by working together, and putting aside their feuding, can they save their village in this case by creating a new irrigation system.However, the fact that the political messaging is a bit unsubtle there s also a corrupt local police chief and when one of the characters dies, they can t have a church funeral because they can t afford the fees doesn t make this a bad book The descriptive passages are particularly strong and the dialogue is effective too, although apparently we are missing a certain amount in translation In the original, Roumain apparently struck a compromise between using Haitian creole which would have been authentic but difficult for his French speaking readers and putting pure French into the mouths of his peasant characters songs and proverbs are quoted in creole and the dialogue is sprinkled with creole words The translators, Langston Hughes and Mercer Cook, rather than trying to find suitable English equivalents or having the characters speak some kind of rural American dialect as a substitute, has them speaking standard English I think that s probably a solid decision, but there s a whole layer of local flavour which is lost.She sat next to him, leaning against the trunk of a macaw tree, her dress spread around her, and she clasped her hands around her knees.The plain unfolded before them, surrounded by the hills from here they could see the mingling of acacia trees, huts dispersed in the clearings, fields abandoned to the ravages of drought, and in the glare of the savanna, scattered cattle moving Above this desolation crows on the wing hovered Over and over they made the same circuit, perched on the cactus, and, frightened for some reason, flayed the silence with their harsh cawing.

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    A masterpiece A must read when it comes to Haitian literature and culture Universal themes race, class, inter generation conflict, love, loyalty, etc are explored and it s amazing how it reveals how relevant this book is today for present day Haiti.

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    Fonds Rouge, Ha ti les villageois se lamentent de la s cheresse r calcitrante, la terre est d sesp r ment aride et chacun tente d oublier son infortune, jour apr s jour Les voil devenus gouverneurs de la ros e , la seule humidit qui daigne toucher leur plantation Manuel ne reconnait plus le village de son enfance, jadis luxuriant, d sormais saccag par la mis re Revenu de Cuba, o il y a pass quinze ann es, il est le seul garder une tincelle d espoir et fustiger le renoncement g n ral Lui va trouver l Eau Et r concilier les deux clans ennemis de Fonds Rouge, par la m me occasion.Gouverneurs de la ros e est un chef d oeuvre de la litt rature ha tienne, la forme comme le fond est ma tris parfaitement L criture de Jacques Roumain est incroyable, faite de m taphores tortueuses et oniriques, parsem de cr ole ha tien et de dialogues savoureux On rit, on sourit, on s meut et on pleure, j ai tourn les pages bahie par la po sie de la prose et happ e par l intensit dramatique de l histoire On ressent aussi subtilement les id aux politiques de l auteur, fondateur du parti communiste ha tien, dans un roman qui exalte le rassemblement des forces vives pour le bien commun Si jusqu au 2 3 du roman, les aventures de ce village haut en couleurs tiennent en haleine, les derniers chapitres d voilent toute la puissance vocatrice d une fable, et le roman se transforme en parabole somptueuse sur l amour et l amiti.

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    Masters of the Dew written by Haitian author Jacques Roumain and orignally published in 1944 was a very interesting and entertaining read Although i would not designate this novel as one of the best works from Haiti that i have read it is decent in its own respects If i had to categorize Masters of the Dew i would place it in the genre of the peasant novel experience so common to the caribbean and Latin America The novel follows the struggles and efforts of villagers to overcome division and hardships in the rural Haitian town of Fonds Rouge The story begins with the return of Manuel, essentially a prodigal son , to a town that is divided by a family fued and ruined by drought Manuel goes about saving Fonds Rouge by preaching the political social awarness that he learned while in exile in Cuba Roumain himself was exiled to Cuba Ultimately Manuel succeeds in uniting the villagers of Fonds Rouge and restoring peace and prosperity to the town Overall I found Masters of the Dew to be a rather straightforward and uninvolving novel, however it did differ from other LatA Car novels i have read Where most novels simply recount the struggles of Hatians Krik Krak The Kingdom of this World in Masters of the Dew Roumain offers a solution to the Haitian problems of poverty and oppression He advocates that Haitians reduce their reliance on Voodoo religion, that they take matters into their own hands instead of waiting enduring for change to occur, and basically adopt communism to do so It is with the proclamation of this solution that i lost much respect for the novel in a literary sense From almost the first chapter the reader is bombarded by thinly veiled communist socialist ideology Every character in the novel comes to embody a communist ideal and believe me this quickly becomes very annoying All things considered i think that Roumain took the political aspects of his novel a step to far and by doing so seriously detracted from the work However, I cant disagree with the entertaining aspects of the novel and Roumains literary skill certainly saved Masters of the Dew in my mind Roumain evokes numerous extremely provocative and emotional images that will remain in my memory for years to come All things considered, i would recommend Masters of the Dew to anyone interested in Haitian culture and society However, i must warn you of the obvious unrelenting politcal undertones and that to fully enjoy the novel it should be read with a grain of salt.

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    A masterful example of the Caribbean literature staple, the peasant novel, Roumain s Masters of the Dew is a beautiful story of triumph over poverty and harmony with nature Roumain s Marxist ideology permeates the undercurrent of the novel, however the narrative is generally free of any overt political expression Langston Hughes translation is masterful and conveys the story extremely well For any reader, this book couldn t come with a higher recommendation.

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    This short novel reads like a fable and could be described as a mixture between a Haitian style Romeo and Juliet and a Marxist novel Written in 1944 just months before Jacques Roumain s untimely death, in a lyrical French interspersed with Haitian Creole, it captures Haitian culture and traditions whilst communicating the author s clear message about the need for people to rise above their divisions in order to unite against corruption and poverty The author an advocate of Marxism who struggled against the American occupation of Haiti came from a wealthy background and did not experience the misery described in his novel However, the novel clearly establishes his loyalty to his Haitian heritage, and is a powerful expression of the rage, frustration and destitution of a people downtrodden for centuries I was much interested in the fascinating cultural aspects of the novel than in the ideology behind it I felt I could relate to the characters, especially Delira, and savoured the language and imagery, which I found, quite frankly, exquisite The novel also spoke to me on another level, probably not intended by the author, that of the devastation of our planet by the human species, and of the need for people and nations to look beyond their differences to make positive changes.

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    This was my first venture into Haitian literature and Haitian philosophy I really enjoyed it and strongly connected with the mother and father in the story, and with the sense of struggle, and putting aside grievances for the good of the community as a whole It s a very dynamic book with dynamic characters, and I think it is an essential piece of literature.

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