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Jessicas Desire chapter 1 Jessicas Desire , meaning Jessicas Desire , genre Jessicas Desire , book cover Jessicas Desire , flies Jessicas Desire , Jessicas Desire 2ca38aee12253 Jessica Stone Is On The Verge Of Turning Forty Two When She Finds Her World Collapsing Around Her Mike, Her Husband And Her One And Only Love, Seems To Have Lost His Desire For Her No Matter How Hard She Tries, He Never Appears To Notice Her Finally, On The Verge Of An Emotional Breakdown, She Does The Only Thing She Can To Save Herself She Runs Away Her Escape Takes Her To Hawaii But Her Heartache Only Intensifies Due To All Of The Memories She And Mike Had Shared There Emotionally Shattered, She Struggles With The Most Difficult Decision Of Her Life Whether To Divorce Mike Or Not

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