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Beautiful Redemption files Beautiful Redemption, read online Beautiful Redemption, free Beautiful Redemption, free Beautiful Redemption, Beautiful Redemption 363909add La Cosa Pi Importante Per Thomas Maddox Proteggere I Suoi Fratelli Travis, Con Le Sue Bravate E La Sua Aria Da Duro, Quello Che Gli D Pi Filo Da Torcere Anche Ora Che Nella Sua Vita Arrivata Abby, L Unica Che Riesce A Tenergli Testa E A Far Breccia Nel Suo Cuore Di Guerriero Il Cuore Di Thomas, Invece, Non Ha Pi Spazio Per I Sentimenti Sembra Che Per Lui, Cinico E Sfuggente, Non Valga Il Detto Quando Un Maddox Si Innamora Per Sempre Ma Per La Sua Famiglia Pronto A Fare Di Tutto Dopo L Ennesimo Errore, Travis Si Trova In Una Situazione Pi Grande Di Lui Thomas Sa Che Per Toglierlo Dai Guai C Una Sola Persona Che Pu Aiutarlo Liis Liis Che Vorrebbe Avere Tutto Sotto Controllo, Ma In A Non Ci Sono Regole L Imprevisto La Vera Magia Dal Loro Primo Incontro La Ragazza Ha Capito Che Non Si Pu Sfuggire A Quegli Occhi Eppure, Costretta A Lavorare Al Fianco Di Thomas Ogni Giorno, Per Salvare Travis E Permettergli Di Vivere La Sua Splendida Storia Con Abby, Liis Messa A Dura Prova Perch Vederlo Lottare Per Suo Fratello Le Mostra Un Lato Di Thomas Che Non Credeva Esistesse Perch La Felicit Che Prova Quando Insieme A Lui Fa Paura Liis Sente Che Tutti Suoi Tentativi Di Resistere All A Stanno Per Vacillare Ma Il Prezzo Da Pagare Forse Troppo Alto E La Possibilit Di Soffrire Ancora Molto, Molto Vicina

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    Right now it s FREE on 4 5 17 2 stars Beautiful Disaster was my first ever New Adult novel It s the reason I started reading romance books and not just young adult books I read it all in one sitting and stayed up until 4 am trying to finish it The appeal of the first book was its ability to suck you in and make you root for these characters who don t seem good for each other Beautiful Redemption does not fit in the same category as its predecessor Liis has left behind her job and her fiance in Chicago when she tranfers to the FBI office in San Diego On her first night there she has the best sex of her life with a beautiful stranger Liis goes into work the next day and surprise surprise, her one night stand is in fact her new boss Agent Thomas Maddox had his heart ripped out by the girl he loved, who left him for his brother Trent Now he and Liis must go undercover in order to recruit Travis into the FBI WARNING Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, yeah This isn t Jamie McGuire s best work I was super excited to read this when I got my paperback in the mail, especially when I saw it was self published Her other books are published by Atria I was excited because I assumed, wrongly, that because it was self published, the author would take risks and do something new Yeah, nope First things first, when I was reading Beautiful Oblivion, I never really got the impression that Thomas was super in love with Camille Sure he liked her and they were dating, but I didn t see the birds singing and forest animals cleaning So imagine my shock over the fact that he just could not let Cami go in this book Yet oddly, he still actively pursued Liis knowing that he was just as emotionally unavailable as she was.The suspension of disbelief of the FBI plot was too damn high I find it very hard to believe that all FBI agents are in the same age range and all attractive, and that they talk about each others relationships than they re own jobs Plus, the whole we re recruiting Travis because it s the only way to save him plot was very unbelievable to me Even with a brother with connections, there s just no way.This was me reading those parts The middle of the book I considered DNFing out of sheer boredom I ended up skimming a bit in the hopes that the book would get better It only mildly did Lastly, that ending Come on view spoiler When they both admit they love each other when they think the other one is dying Barf hide spoiler

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    2.75 STARS BR with Mel, Sharon, and Tiffany I m very sad.I wanted to love this story, there was a point at the 70% mark that I started to have hope, things were starting to get good, but then the main characters kept pulling the same crap, and I was over it.Liis Lindy has just moved to San Diego from Chicago, where she left behind an ex fiance She doesn t do complicated and most definitely avoids anything that can cause her heartache On her first night in town, at a local bar, she meets a gorgeous stranger and ends up having a hot one night stand with him The stranger turns out to be Thomas Maddox, who is her upstairs neighbor and her new boss I thought it was kind of crazy that she barely spoke to him for than 5 minutes and she was taking a complete stranger back to her place Oh and I mentioned that they had hot sex, but I am only assuming that this happened since we don t get a really steamy description of the sex.The entire book, these two are hot and cold Liis has her intimacy issues but then acts like a jealous girlfriend whenever the subject of Camille comes up I totally get that she was jealous of Thomas feelings for Cami, but at some point I was hoping she d stop being completely clueless and see that Thomas was really crazy in love with her.The whole insta love deal bothered me too AND, don t get me started on how irritated I was with how many times Cami is mentioned in this book I loved Thomas and the moments he shared with his brothers were really touching This man deserved someone better than Liis, and he sure as hell deserved a much better story than this I wish Jamie could go back and ask for a do over I would have told her to leave the whole deal with the Yakuza out because it was unnecessary and did nothing but confuse me Actually there were a couple of times I had no idea what was going on and I did reread some passages a few times to try and decipher what the hell was happening Also the the whole love triangle between the other FBI agents, was just plain old BORING and added little to no value to the plot.Hopefully the next book will be fabulous, but honestly I don t think any will top Beautiful Disaster That, to me, was Jamie McGuire s best work by far

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    3 Redeeming Stars.Thomas Maddox and Liis met one night under special circumstances Only to Thomas find out the next day that she is the new FBI agent so he s technically her boss They decide to keep it professional but their wills are being tested Until Thomas is forced to recruit Travis to the FBI or get him arrested for is involvement on the fire if you read BD, you know what I m talking about and ask Liis to go with him, to pretend to be his girlfriend so they don t ruin their cover as undercover agents The problem is that Thomas ex girlfriend is there Again, if you read the previous book you know what I m talking about And if the lines were blurred before, now they disappeared And how does a person that promised not to give her heart again, ends up giving it for a man who doesn t know how to give his own I gave this review a lot of thinking, for one side I really loved all of this series before and this one was engaging, sweet, and amazingly written, like Jamie McGuire got us used to For another side, I had a lot of trouble with the main couple For full disclosure, I don t have a problem when the hero or the heroine loved someone else before people can fall in and out of love than one time and it doesn t mean they love less because it isn t the first But what I do have a problem with, is the couple spending a great deal of the book unsure about their feelings, while the hero previous relationship is still very alive in the equation I couldn t fully connect with the development of their relationship, or their love, because ghost of girlfriend s past decided it was haunting season In a few occasions felt like the heroine took second place on the relationship and I m sorry, but that doesn t work for me And after we spent so much time frustrated with them, when they finally see the light, everything is rushed and boom, a couple of pages later it ends If there s one thing I REALLY don t like is waiting a whole book for the protagonists to come to their senses only to have a rushed end I can t give it than three stars, because when in a romance book the romance part doesn t quite work well, there s something I can t overlook.Rating 3 Stars Characters Development Liis was good and I liked how she stood up for herself, but towards the end she was just plain stubborn and it was quite annoying Thomas was good after he finally had grown a backbone He frustrated me for a great deal of the book and I just can t ignore that As always, it was great to see the Maddox brothers all together Steam Some hot moments Sensible Subjects view spoiler No hide spoiler

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    Woohoo This is the next Maddox Brothers book and it s Thomas Maddox s story oldest brother BEAUTIFUL REDEMPTION will be about the loves and loss of Thomas Maddox, the eldest Maddox brother, told from the point of view of Liis Lindy, a no nonsense agent of the FBI Also, the series will have a total of 4 novels chronicling the exciting, romantic, and sometimes volatile road to love of the Maddox brothers No release date yet.

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    4.5 StarsOh, Thomas You have been such an elusive character in this fabulous series, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you And I must say, when you aren t being a ruthless tyrant as an FBI boss, you are quite the charmer and ooze pure sex appeal You truly are drunkin silly gorgeous Thomas is also a man with a lot of conflicts to deal with He is keeping a big secret from his family, he has news to tell his brother, Travis, which will be devastating, and he is still in love with his other brother s fianc , Camille.Luckily, Liis comes into his life She is also an FBI agent who helps him solve cases as well as helps Thomas work through his struggles in ways than one I gotta give it to Liis She is one patient cookie.For those of you who read Beautiful Disaster and are curious about how Travis stayed out of jail after the fire well, question answered Just sayin , cause I got me some Travis insight Tell me the truth What is your objective Taking Benny down or keeping Travis out of prison One is entangled with the other Pick one I practically raised him That s not an answer Thomas took a deep breath and exhaled, his shoulders sagging as if the answer were weighing down on him I d trade my life to save his And there you have it folks, another swoony Maddox brother, doing what they do best, protecting their own But will he ever be able to get over his loss of Camille Looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble Taylor Maddox gets himself into next

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    4 stars For those who don t like a hero who was in love with another girl in the previous book, this book might not be for you For those who like their heroine to be first in everything, this book might not be for you For those like to have a clear assurance coupled with a grand gesture to show the hero s love and devotion, this book might not be for you.Now for those you who have no problem with those statements above or at least would like to try, then this book is for you Full disclosure I didn t read Beautiful Oblivion and A Beautiful Wedding, so I was a little apprehensive going into this Turns out, I was okay I didn t get lost in the details Beautiful Redemption is the book which ties everything together starting from Beautiful Disaster, Walking Disaster, Beautiful Oblivion and A Beautiful Wedding This filled the holes that those two books have left behind I have to say kudos to Jamie McGuire for deftly handling the intricate details of the plot and giving the reader the whole picture of the events after that tragic fire Liis Lindy is an upcoming special agent of the FBI who recently got transferred from Chicago to San Diego The night before she starts her new job, she meets a handsome man and slept with him Turns out this man was none other than Thomas Maddox He also happens to be her boss Thomas Maddox came back to San Diego after the events in BO a different man He s broken and he s becoming increasingly difficult to deal with Aside from his personal problems, Thomas is also increasingly under pressure to get Travis recruited to the FBI in order to save him from possible prison time Liis was the first woman Thomas opened up to after Cami They have red hot chemistry Liis started out as being emotionally unavailable but as she and Thomas spend time together, she starts to thaw The only hiccup was Liis knows Thomas was still in love with Cami And yes, Thomas admitted this in one of their emotional scenes But even as Thomas admits to Liis about his lingering feelings for Cami, he is also becoming and emotionally attached to Liis In fact, I personally thought he was starting to fall for her and did fall for her Thomas wanted Liis to take a chance with him but Liis fears that he might be using her to get over Cami This conflict was the pretty much the biggest source of angst in the book Arrrghhhh It was frustrating to read sometimes But Liis isn t blameless either She s paralyzed by fear She fell out of love with a guy she s been with for seven years so she doesn t think she s capable of committing to someone Of course, her actions contradicts her words because she s also falling for Thomas So you basically have two people who have all the reasons not to commit to the person that they are attracted to I personally liked the conflict because it was all internal It was basically both of them overcoming their fears I did get annoyed with Cami I m seriously glad I didn t read BO because I would have hated her This could have been an easy 5 stars for me had not been for a couple of issues One, I needed Thomas POV Do you hear me, Jamie McGuire I need to know his thoughts on certain pivotal scenes in the book I liked Liis POV but there are moments where I would have given anything to read something from Thomas POV Another quibble was minor one but I couldn t help but roll my eyes at some of the antics of Liis and Thomas co workers I had to mentally slap myself in order to remember that these are FBI agents because most of the time, they act like the cast of The Housewives of Atlanta with their yapping and their relationship drama Yap, yap, yap, yap Despite my issues, I really enjoyed this book I really do believe Liis is it for Thomas although there is still much room for their relationship to grow And no, I don t think Cami is a threat to their relationship I believed it when he said she s in the past I also actually liked that their HEA wasn t wrapped in a pretty bow There s an epilogue years down the line, which convinced me that Thomas indeed loves Liis and Liis alone I actually liked the epilogue because it was realistic and stayed true to both of their characters.

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    3.5 StarsYou know those books that you love and can read over and over again Well Beautiful Disaster is one of those stories for me I absolutely adore Travis Maddox So when I see a book about the Maddox Brothers I have to dive right in.While I did enjoy certain aspects of this story, I didn t love it The story between Liis and Thomas became tired after a while Mainly because when you think of a Maddox boy this line comes to mind And when a Maddox boy falls in love, he loves forever This is not that kind of story Thomas is not over the top like Travis and Trent, he has other goals and priorities in his life Not to mention he isn t sure in his feelings and Liis has the Abby complex where she isn t sure she should even be in a relationship But you and I can make this work it makes complete sense for us to be together Of course the story is well written and I enjoyed it, but IMO it didn t have that it factor that the other Beautiful Maddox books had I do recommend if you are fan of the series and I do plan to continue reading them as well.

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    Pre read reaction sighs I might as well This is weird, though It s like this is listed under two different series 4 in the Beautiful Disaster series, 2 in the Maddox Brothers series , and I haven t really seen very many books that have that kind of measure I m guessing it s listed like this for continuity s sake, but it s still weird to me.Post read reaction Probably not a surprise to anyone who s followed my following of this series, but you might be surprised as to why I didn t like this novel I feel like the quality of JM s writing is just getting worse with each book, and implausible with the storyline The worst part of it is, I think this book is trying to backtrack to tie threads to Walking Disaster and Beautiful Oblivion, along with making diversified strides lead character is Japanese heritage , but it s singing the same old song as her other narratives with threadbare conflict and characterization There s just not a lot of effort here.Full review You looked through me like an open doorDo I exist to you any Cause when I m talking to youThere s someone else that you re hearing.I gave you all the love I had,And I almost gave you one chance,Then you put one in the chamberAnd shot my heart of glassThis time will be the last from The Chamber by Lenny Kravitz, from the album Strut Starting off this review with this set of lyrics, because 1 These lyrics do have something to do with the themes in this book I ll get to that shortly 2 I m fairly certain Lenny Kravitz has sensuality in his pinky finger than anything this book could ever have and 3 I sometimes wonder why the heck I keep reading JM s narratives after all this time when I keep feeling like I want to bang my head against the wall But usually it always comes back to the fact that my curious mind keeps reeling me back in Plus, if it keeps other people from spending 6 a pop for the e book for this ridiculous, formulaic, offensive piece, I think I ll be saving people time, money, and headaches I m not censoring my frustration in this review, in case you re wondering So, um, you guys know how much I like Japanese culture, right The Face Your Manga avatar I have might be one indication, but seriously, there s far signs than that You d probably think I d gobble up this book considering it features a part Japanese heroine But instead of saying Finally McGuire actually featured a POC in the reins of one of her stories , my first thought was Oh crap, this is another culture she s going to royally screw over I point to Apolonia as Exhibit A Seriously, that whole book was just made of wrong brandishes her harisen This is going to be a long review, so I ll have to break this up into subsections to make the read easier for those of you following along Part I In which a Japanese Irish heroine isn t enough to keep her from being pretty much like any other character JM has ever written plus STEREOTYPES So this book is written from the perspective of Liis Lindy, a part Japanese, part Irish heroine who just moved away from her husband and is starting fresh in an assignment with the FBI I had a feeling that McGuire chose a generic name for Liis s character for a couple of reasons 1 This was meant to emphasize Liis s exoticness , because she s Japanese Irish, her name has to sound as such so that it can bring attention to the fact that people can know she s Asian and something else When you take the time to emphasize people pronouncing her name as geese, but with an L and focus on how many people get her name wrong including the supposed swoon worthy hero , you ve got serious issues portraying diverse characters.Plus, for the name Liis, I m pretty sure has Danish origins It s not a common name, but honestly Google could pull this up within a matter of seconds I don t think McGuire did that search to suggest otherwise2 The letter L does not exist in the Japanese alphabet And Lindy is actually Italian, Spanish and Latin origin for the name, IIRC Google can confirm that in a few places, but there may be other uses for the name Lindy means pretty beautiful I guess this character has special snowflake written all over it sighs But you know what, that s probably nit picking because if you think about it Liis, regardless of her heritage, still comes across as an aggressive female lead who could very well be Abby Abernathy 3.0 She ends up meeting a Maddox boy who hits on her, with a line about her knowing Kung Fu she does address this as being possibly racist and the comment I just recently read about Asian female peace leaders being honored I m guessing you weren t one of them Many people would be telling this dude to screw off, but no, the heroine is somehow charmed and can t resist him, in lines like this My little game was over He d won The stranger s shirt was off, his torso a combination of impressive genes and several years of an intensive daily workout regimen that had sculpted the perfection in front of me When I nodded, he kissed me once and then left quickly to fish a square package from his wallet When he returned, he ripped it open with his teeth I was glad he d brought his own Even if I had thought to purchase condoms, I wouldn t have had the foresight or optimism to buy any in his size even though I d only just met this man above me, I would miss those longing kisses once he ducked out of my condo in the early hours of the morning if he even waited that long Anyone want to throw tables yet Liis has a one night stand with this dude, a guy who just so happens to live the floor above her But push comes to shove when she reports to work the next day and, ooh la la, the man she slept with happens to be the infamous Thomas Maddox her new boss.From then on, it s a bit of a slog getting through the narrative because of a number of different things, but Liis is a weak narrator because she s so derivative She s headstrong like Abby , lacks proper motivation for her actions like Abby , and while she finds the Maddox boy problematic and gets jealous of his relations at the drop of a hat like Abby , she still can t stay away from the dude, even when she thinks he might be having another one night stand at one point.Don t get me wrong, Thomas is not much better Matter in point, he s worse in a different way.That s right guys, Thomas T.J is the same guy from the revelation of the last book That s where things get pretty sticky Part II Where s the Plot, dangnabit Thomas Maddox, the lover who can t let go, and the FBI sting recruitment that makes no lick of sense So I ll address this part of the book two fold This book seeks to explain plot threads that were left dangling in Walking Diaster specifically the weird epilogue and Beautiful Oblivion, in terms of the so called twist ending With the explanation provided in this book, I feel like McGuire made things ten times worse on the reflection of the narrative, because it s utterly ridiculous First plot point Thomas can t get over his former love, Cami This is a running theme through the novel, and hence why I reference Kravitz s lyrics in the beginning of this review Since his brother, Trent, supposedly loved Cami first and the relationship fell apart, Thomas still pines for her and it s to blame for his hard demeanor towards everyone except he s really not that alpha, despite some tendencies his personality is really bland, and I don t say that just because he s not alpha He s a single dimensioned character But somehow Liis shows up and breaks down all his defenses and EVERYBODY notices the change It s too convenient The relationship seems a forgone conclusion before it even truly begins.Liis is insta jealous of this former relationship and no, she and Thomas hadn t even had a relationship for a month yet Even when she has to pretend to be his girlfriend when meeting his family Hello recycled plot point, Batman , she can t help doing the whole comparison game with Cami And it s further complicated as they attend a party in which Trent plans to propose to Cami Doesn t help that at one point in the work, view spoiler Thomas calls Liis by Cami s name during an intimate scene when they re drunk hide spoiler

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    This probably Jamie McGuire s strongest novel that I ve read I really enjoyed it, and I love the characters.

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    Beautiful Redemption tells the story of Thomas Maddox a year after his break up with Camille, Trent s girl In this book was introduced Agent Liis Lindy, a language analyst, who got transferred to San Fransisco after her breaking up with her boyfriend after 7 years together In her first night in the city Liis went for a drink and a couple of hours later she got back to her new condo with a hot, tall, strong hazel eyed man and, well, had hot great sex but after the beautiful stranger was ready to leave he told her he lived upstairs Liis, trying not to mind her affair with her hot neighbor is focused on her job when someone barks at her her moody, rude, mean and strong as new boss the same man she just slept with the night before After a few weeks of awkwardness and her not putting up with his shit a new project was set to go Travis Maddox, Thomas little brother, is about to face years in prision for the deaths of all those teens back in college in the fire unless Thomas convices his brother to join the FBI Of course, Thomas family doesn t know he s an undecovered agent, no one but his ex Camille, so when he has to go Travis and Abby s marriage ceremony and has to take Liis as a back up things get all messed up Will Thomas get over Camille Will Liss own promise to not be involved with someone hold Will Thomas bet for a second chance with Liis even if he s still in love with Camille Oh my god, I didn t expect it to be that good I m so surprised I m laughing, I really am I mean, Beautiful Oblivion didn t work for me at all and I was mad because I liked Camille and Trenton in the previous books to actually hate them in theirs So yeah, I was so sure I d hate this book too just by association but hell no.Okay, let me get my stuff together When I first read Liis, it was okay, yeah, until she had sex with Thomas Not becasue she did it but because she just started acting weird, like, trying to tell him she wasn t emotionally available which I thought it was stupid since it was just a one night thing but then she definitely redeemed herself She was strong, yet vulnerable with reasons to be afraid to engage in a relationship with someone so much like her Her boss, on top of that So, for me it was really a pleasure to read how Liis wasn t letting Thomas crap get in her way I love her, seriously.Now, Thomas, dear boy I got the hots for you, truly.There were things I really loved about him I didn t know I was going to find, which made me want to read a book about the Maddox boys while being kids Jamie, can I have that Please My relationship with Thomas was a love hate one In one corner we have this caring Thomas The Thomas who looks after Liis and is trying his damn best to take care of Travis and is as well still hurting over Camille and the hurt he caused to Trent is too killing him Not to mention what his feelings towards Liis are doing to his mind and in the other corner we have Thomas, the douchebag The one who drives Liis insane, the jealous one, the asshole, the stubborn who thinks Camille walks on water and is still hurting over her He was a living contradiction so I was so happy everytime Liis put him back in place I m happy I read this book, it made my day I was not expecting this at all and it s much better this way, I think I laughed so hard while reading Thomas and Liis back and forth, I got to read a bit of Travis and Abby, which is always great to me and I absolutely loved Val Taber and all these side characters They were so much fun to read and I just got so curious about the twins and I want to read about Thomas and Liis so I wouldn t mind at all having this book from Thomas POV at all.So I will leave you some quotes from my new girl, Liis This bitch rocks Do I seem weak to you His brows pulled in Pardon Are you trying to undermine me I sat up Is that what your game is I ve been trying to figure all of this out I guess it would look much better to make me seem whiny and incompetent than for you to just run me out on the rails What No, he said, looking genuinely confused I can handle Sawyer I can handle my newly appointed position I am capable of running this squad Is there anything else, sir You need to get one thing straight I am not bossy I m the fucking boss I can shoot a target at eighty five yards with a twenty two pistol, I can take down an assailant twice my size, and I deal with your arrogant ass at least twice a day I can handle Benny, the Yakuza, and Grove I m not Camille I am an agent of the FBI, same as you, and you will respect me as such Do you understand me I lifted my chin I don t have to be fair to you, Thomas I just have to be fair to me I stood and took a step backward toward the door.

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