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Because I Can summary Because I Can , series Because I Can , book Because I Can , pdf Because I Can , Because I Can 6feb0171b2 In Seconds, A Family Vacation Became A Nightmare When A Horrific Vehicle Accident Almost Took Marathon Runner Janet Oberholtzer S Life It Decimated Her Legs And Shattered Her Pelvis Doctors Weren T Sure She D Ever Walk Again, But Her Determination, Along With Her Traditional Mennonite Upbringing Almost Amish , Helped Her Through The Difficult Physical Recovery The First Few Months This Was Soon Followed By A Depressing, Emotional And Spiritual Trauma, Which Surprised Janet And Proved Almost Fatal As She Struggled To Come To Grips With Her New Normal Pain, Limitations And A Deformed Leg This Included The Struggle Of Keeping Her Marriage Together, Fighting Through Anger And Depression And Liberating Herself From Physical Limitations To Run Again Why Because She Can Because I Can Is Not A Pollyanna Story Janet Still Has Disappointments And Still Asks Questions In Spite Of That, She S Made A Choice To Live Life To The Fullest Doing What She Can, With What She Has, Where She Is

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