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Candlelight & Cobwebs chapter 1 Candlelight & Cobwebs , meaning Candlelight & Cobwebs , genre Candlelight & Cobwebs , book cover Candlelight & Cobwebs , flies Candlelight & Cobwebs , Candlelight & Cobwebs ca0e572c82c28 Curses Are Real Rosalind Never Thought About Ancestral Curses Until She Inherited An Estate Called Wynterhaven In The Mountains Of Colorado, From A Family She Never Knew She Had Upon Entering This Sprawling Estate, She Is Hit With Visions, Deja Vu, And Plenty Of Bumps In The Night She Soon Finds Her New Home Is Inhabited By A Gift Bearing Raven, An Extremely Large Black Cat, And A Talking Skull Through The Candlelight And Cobwebs, She Finds Her Great Grandmother S Diary, A Book Of Shadows That Takes Her Back To And A Time Of Heightened Interest In Archaeology, Spiritualism, And Secret Societies Learning Of Her Great Grandmother S Previous Life As An Oracle Of Delphi, Rosalind Takes Yet Another Step Back In Time To The Ancient Greece Of Alexander The Great, Finding A Time Of Misogyny, Sexual Freedom, And The Continual Political Binding And Dissolution Of Goddess Worship Follow Along With Rosalind As She Is Taken Through The Forbidden History Of Her Lost Past And Discovers Curses, The Occult, Mystery, And A Love Story That Transcends Time And Mortality

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    Denice Garrou has put a lot of love into this book The intricate plot is seasoned with humor, tragedy, and just enough mischief The author shows one does not need a time machine to go back in time The marvelous equines and fantastic creatures in the story intermingle with the lead characters I had difficulty choosing a favorite character and time period I usually go back to Jillian as my favorite but I have a special feeling for the tragic fellow Ham.The hook at the end of the book has me anxiously awaiting the next installment This tale should appeal to fans of many genres epic fantasy like me , paranormal, historical fiction, and the natural world Denice Garrou is truly a Natural Woman and fine storyteller..

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