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Billionaire Undaunted (The Billionaires Obsession, #9) chapter 1 Billionaire Undaunted (The Billionaires Obsession, #9) , meaning Billionaire Undaunted (The Billionaires Obsession, #9) , genre Billionaire Undaunted (The Billionaires Obsession, #9) , book cover Billionaire Undaunted (The Billionaires Obsession, #9) , flies Billionaire Undaunted (The Billionaires Obsession, #9) , Billionaire Undaunted (The Billionaires Obsession, #9) 82f053d8b8b13 The Billionaire S Obsession Book My Name Is Ellie Winters, And I M One Of Those Unfortunate Women You Hear About On The News But You Never Think My Fate Will Ever Happen To You Not That I Blame You For Believing That Honestly, I Thought The Same Thing, Until I Became A Statistic, A Missing Person Who Was Assumed Dead Wrong Place, Wrong Time Except I M Not Dead Not Yet I Was Kidnapped, Shackled, Beaten, And Deprived Of The Basic Necessities, And Pretty Much Left To Find A Slow, Painful Demise I M Hanging On, But Just Barely I M Not Even Sure What I M Waiting For Since There S No Hope For Me, Nobody Waiting For Me I Had Finally Given Up, Resigned Myself To My Inevitable Death When The One Man Who Could Make Me Want To Live Again Finds Me Dead Than Alive After So Many Months In Captivity, I M Lost, Hopelessly Damaged Is It Even Possible For Me To Come Out Of The Darkness And Into The Light Again Zane Colter Challenges Me To Live Again, Laugh Again, Live My Life Again But I M Not Sure If I Ll Ever Be The Same Woman I Was Before I Was Held Captive By A Madman Yet, He Doesn T Give Up, And I Couldn T Ignore The White Hot Passion That Sizzled Between The Two Of Us He S Everything I Ve Ever Wanted, Everything I Ve Always Needed Tender But Stubborn Logical But Understanding Sweet But Hot, Demanding And Possessive As We Fall Into Each Other, Both Hungry For A Passion We Ve Never Known, I Wonder If I Can Be What Zane Needs When I M Struggling To Find Myself Again And When I M Finally Healed, I Ll Have A Choice To Make Do I Try To Hang Onto Him Forever, Or Will Letting Go Be My Only Option Disclaimer This Book Is Not Suitable For Children And Young Teens Only

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    I ve always enjoyed J.S Scott s books and this one was no exception.Billionaire Undaunted is the ninth installment in The Billionaire s Obsession series telling the story of Zane Colter one of the Colter brothers and Ellie Winters If you have read the previous book in the series, Ellie Chloe Colter s best friend went missing and we were left wondering what happened to her and if she was taken by James Chloe s sadistic bastard ex fianc e Chloe and Zane never gave up on Ellie even after James killed himself Neither one of them ever believed the bullshit assumption the police threw it out that Ellie just left and never came back.Zane never stopped looking for her He s a scientic, a genius He s analytical and rational and after seven months gone, the likelihood of him finding her alive should be pretty much nil But his determination pays off Time is running out for Ellie and when Zane does find her, she s in a pretty bad shape Starving, dehydrated and on the verge of death He s a man on a mission He wants to take care of Ellie, to help her recovering from her whole seven month ordeal she d suffered and to keep her safe.For some reason, Ellie had always been a woman he wanted to know better but ended up avoiding because he d considered her off limits in the past as she was Chloe s best friend But there is one thing he knows for sure he was ready to fight for what he wanted, to ensure that Ellie is happy again I loved nerdy, broody and socially awkward billionaire Zane Watching his possessive, obsessive behavior toward Ellie was just a little intoxicating I also adored Ellie When reality starts to close in on her, she realizes how much everything is going to change, how much she has to take of and how different things will be now She doesn t have a job or a home any, it s like life moved on without her during her captivity She knows that her life is a mess because of what happened to her, but she s determined to face her demons and to fight her fears For once in her life, she has someone to lean on and Zane is the one man she d ever really wanted.Ellie and Zane were great together and their story moved along at just the right pace I liked this great and safe read that kept my attention the whole way There was no real angst or unnecessary drama, just a beautiful love story with lovable and down to earth characters and some extremely hot sex scenes thrown into the mix If you re a true romance fan this series is for you.

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    2.5 FAILED TO FEEL REAL STARSThe hero was protective and I loved that but I thought it was just missing something I don t know what, but just like it was amazing how he saved her and how he is helping her recover from seven months of hell but it did not have any intense moments that allowed me to feel her pain I felt removed from it Just a little too detached to me After all the events that unfolded during her captivity, her responses were just too neat and tidy for me Real pain is messy and hard to read about The potential was there but it missed out on the real emotion for me It was a good book and I would recommend it Maybe since I have read so many great books dealing with PTSD or trauma, that this one would feel less than real No shower scenes scrubbing herself clean for hours, no cowering in a corner or fear of large crowds I can go on and on but since everyone deals with trauma differently, I just let that one go It could have been intense and I wanted it intense I guess, for me it s like going to an awesome amusement park and then visiting your local park Nice but not the same level of excitement These are Just my thoughts Good book no cheating and a sweet tale of love and recovery.

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    J S Scott AT HER BEST I absolutely fell in love with this story If we read the last book we know what happened to Chloe and the challenges she had to overcome to find true happiness This book picks up pretty much from Chloe s story, as we see Ellie finding herself in a bit of a tight situation trying to help her best friend from the hands of a madman In her attempt to fight evil, Ellie puts herself in the middle of danger and ends up being kindnapped, and pretty much left to die Author J.S Scott puts the readers in the centre of the story and we can feel every emotion and pain that our female lead is going through Plenty of Angst but all this is beautifully written and I can only say this as testament of a brilliant writer for it is not easily achieved As with other books from this Author, you find yourself unable to put the book down for one second It s like a crave, even when you aren t reading you are continuously thinking of the characters and desperate to get back and read on Well I just couldn t turn my back on this book and finished it in one sitting.Who is Zane Colter Zane, in my opinion, is the most unusual of the Alpha Billionaire s I am not saying his predecessors weren t smart but Zane is unbelievably smart His job and what he has accomplished in his line of work makes him a genius and his research a target and easy pray for those seeking fame and fortune Last we read, he was helping his sister Chloe and has spent all his time searching for Ellie He knows something is terribly wrong and is desperate to find her Zane and Ellie have a long and difficult path to overcome Ellie must fight not only the demons of her terrible ordeal but also her insecurities before she can let herself be loved Love on the other hand is an alien feeling for Zane and he, in turn, must learn to deal with all this sudden, powerful and unknown emotions if he doesn t want to loose the only thing that has ever matter to him This story is so emotional It has all those hot and steamy moments we all love and have learnt to live without from these books Plenty of twists and turns and a lovely reunion from past characters, plus a snippet into the next Billionaire to grace our shelves eek I say no Just rememberZANE IS MINE 5 HEARTFELT STARS Isalovesbooks

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    Wow every book i read by Author J.S.Scott i always say it just can t get better, then she releases a new book and i am blown away again I love the billionaires obsession series Tate is a firm favourite but I can honestly say Zane Colter has blown all the others out of the water for me He is a hot alpha billionaire, but in a sweet way he is blind to it his insecurities make him so believable he is the loveable hot nerd who has a undiscovered wild side The person who brings out his protective, possessive and demanding ways comes in the form of Ellie If you read the previous book you saw that Ellie had been kidnapped it is a race against time for her to be found and when she is, the whole healing process is just as emotionally wrecking as the whole experience This book is heart wrenchingly good, I cried so much through it, all I wanted was for zane and Ellie to heal each other and as their story unfolds I was rooting for them so hard I completely fell in love with these characters than I have ever done before The story is fast paced, emotionally charged and at times left you on the edge of your seat waiting for what would happen next it was a thrilling roller coaster and when I got to the last page all I wanted to do was start again Fantastic 5 stars from me.

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    I am a one clickaholic when it comes to the Billionaire series by this Author I don t even read the blurb If it s up on pre order, I click I have been hooked since the series began with Simon Hudson in The Billionaire s Obsession Oh yeah, he s mine I get completely lost in these books and this one is no different It s a brand new story filled with love, romance, sex, danger, super intense moments Is it just me or are these books becoming wicked wickedly good of course but you know what I mean There is danger, intensity I always say, God, I loved that book and then another comes out and I keep thinking it s better than the last one when in reality they are all brilliantly done, it s just a new story with new characters we have been dying to read about Zane Colter a man that doesn t give up and thankfully he never gave up on Ellie Zane is not only Ellie s hero, he s mine and probably many readers feel the same way The guy could claim me any day of the week I know, I m already spoken for with Simon but hey, he has Kara Anyways moving on This story I found it to be very emotional There were times when my heart almost broke for Ellie and Chloe even Zane The struggles of moving forward after everything that has happened to them is hard to overcome Zane is not about to give up, he will do anything for Ellie to be happy and feel safe once again.Just when you think life can be good again given time and help from support of family and friends life throws another curve ball at Ellie and the Colter family It s a very intense situation to say the least Zane fears the worst that Ellie will put herself in danger Tate and Marcus hatch a plan that no one wants to be left out of All for one and one for all Imagine having all the alpha males in one room It makes my skin tingle, LOL Sorry I just can t help it, as much as I was drawn into the story and bad things were happening, I couldn t help but think boy I would love to be in that room right now with all those hot, strong alpha men One thing you can always guarantee with the Billionaire s they know how to claim a woman They will not rest until the words you are mine are spoken The billionaire series completely blows me away every time I am so thankful that I started this amazing journey.Thank you Author J.S Scott for another fabulous read You have developed your characters so well I feel like they are a part of my life, or is that wishful thinking Either way as always I look forward to the next instalment I highly recommended to all lovers of Romance If you haven t ever read a book by this Author then you are seriously missing out Thousands and I mean thousands of readers sit in anticipation for a new release and it s worth every waiting day.

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    In this ninth installment my favorite author J.S Scott fulfilled Zane Story The match for him Ellie Winters Like all stories by this particular author, in is an inducement of which she addresses real life horrors Being of hardship, disappear, poverty, abandonment, neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse and so much To read and love a J.S Scott novel is to understand and appreciate that it is not only an erotic romance read but all profound journey of hurt lost to the light of happiness Mrs Scott inputs by every story, pain to passion Hurt to healing Avenue to paradise All taking this fantastic journey to happiness.I would also like to congratulate the author for her handling of the emotional scenes of captivity and recovery I can just imagine difficult and trying it was to put into words as her muse of talent leads her, to a successful and satisfying read that keep me engaged and brought tears to by eyes I m looking forward to an update of Ellie and Zane Coulter in a future read as they remain in my heart 3

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    Stunning, is the first word that comes to mind when describing Billionaire Undaunted, with the last book in the Billionaire series, Ellie has been kidnapped and we have all been left wondering what happened to her.Zane Colter is another amazing character to come out of this series, he and Ellie grew up together and there has always been a spark there When Zane rescues Ellie he is horrified at what he finds.Reading what Ellie had been through, left me in tears and wondering if she was ever going to be able to recover from it Her story is so emotional you can feel the heartache and pain that she has been through I loved Zane, he doesn t give up on Ellie and does everything he can to help her, along with the support of his family Every book in this series gets better, fantastic read.

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    Another really enjoyable book from J.S Scott This is a stand alone, but picks up pretty much where Billionaire Unbound left off While I ve read all of Ms Scott s books, I don t think you will feel very lost if this is your first book While Zane makes an adorable geeky scientist, Ellie is his prefect match And although Ellie has made it through a horrific ordeal, with a little help from Zane, she perceivers For me, the book wasn t as dark as the blurb hinted at That wasn t necessarily bad, but it also didn t go quite the way I was expecting given the nature of what James had done All in all a good book and I look forward to J.S Scott s next book.

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    Ellie is kidnapped and held prisoner for months she was finally giving in to pretty much dying until he saved her Zane never gave up hope of finding Ellie alive but what he didn t except to see was something even he was not prepared for I am not going to give away spoliers but this a amazing read I just love the Coulters Family this is a must read if you follow the series Jan has a way of bringing her characters to life Now i must wait for Blakes story

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    I received copy of this book for honest review What awesome series JS Scott writes best books ever Billionaire undaunted about Chloe best friend Ellie get kidnapped by James who held her for months without water and food basic needs She was physically and emotionally defeat by James which Chloe brother Zane go out help find Ellie Once he find Ellie this where there story being.

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