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    This is a rather dark story that delves into the minds of people and shows us the ways of criminals The author portrays crime as an art, describing it with great care and attention to detail.Initially, it took me a while to get into the story as it was a little confusing The style of writing is very different and the characters themselves, though clear about their lives are confusing After a while, it became easier to settle into the story and follow the lives of the characters There are a variety of character types in this story adding color to the general mix and helping to setup the scenes.One thing that stuck with me was the way the author played out the love triangle It was masterfully crafted with a clear direction The author does not beat around the bush and make it a messy affair The focus on crime is the basis on which the rest of the plot is built and the turn of events eventually will give the reader the kind of closure that one can come to expect from this author s style of writing.An overall interesting experience, this story delivers what it set out to, with a mix of crime, romance and some dark humour thrown into the mix It is from a rather different perspective having characters who are flawed just like we are, making it easy to relate to them and understand what makes them tick Once you get used to the writing, and look past all the heavy description, the story is worth the read

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    This novel was intense than I was anticipating As most of the books I read may be innocent or the violence may happen off screen , I was not prepared for some of the scenes that were presented not that they were bad About two thirds of the way through, I sensed a Great Gatsby ish plot 2 men in love with the same woman, 1 sets the other one up intentionally because of misinformation, and the other is changing his life around However, it took some interesting twists as it concluded I kept having to remind myself that this story was set in the 80s of St Louis since the backdrop and technology were infused in the narrative.The bigger picture beyond stealing or dancing as the trio calls it, is that each of them arrived at this part of their lives from some kind of brokenness What they stole was geared towards their interests and intrigue rather than what was the most valuable Justin s story was the most interesting as he came from a Native American tribe and felt as if he had abandoned his roots When he first stole, it was from the rich who kept keeping their lives inside the box with their expensive furnishings and materialistic objects He started breaking in to show how vulnerable anyone can be to prove that even they weren t safely removed from the real world, no matter how many locks they put around themselves no matter how secure they made themselves feel, they were only locking themselves in The other parallel to this group that have shared brokenness is the namesake a Fraternity of Fractures Justin is not only scarred by his family past bit also his physical facial scar that draws attention though he wants a combination of acceptance and ignorance whereas the people he meets with similar physical characteristics do one or the other To Justin, he wanted honesty without false impression and humility without insecurity I feel sometimes everyone can experience this with their own flaws having that self confidence with what makes us who we are That s Justin s realization towards the end of the novel as he begins this acceptance.Read Fraternity of Fractures if you like the themes of SabotageFriendshipFamily rootsMystery Crime

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    Fraternity of Fractures is bold, vivid, offbeat, and incomparable I can truly say I ve never read anything like it.This book is meant for a mature audience, with drug usage, criminal activity, sexual content, and obscene conversations However, it doesn t feel in your face, but rather like an honest slice of life in the Midwest during the 80s.The three main characters are all very well developed contemplative Justin with his Native American roots and love of architecture, bisexual Phoenix who s musical and multifaceted, and hotheaded Dylan with his family history full of motorcycles and tragedy Even many of the secondary characters receive their own definitive traits that don t feel like tropes.It s hard to pin a genre to this book It revolves around robbery, but that s simply the thread that ties Justin, Phoenix, and Dylan together, not the entire story There s a love triangle, but the trio s struggles go much deeper than just romance The tension simmers throughout Fraternity of Fractures until the last few chapters, when it gradually builds to a boil Justin and Dylan are like two sides of the same coin so then, what happens when the coin s in the air It s definitely worth your while to dive into the heartbreak, strangeness, and soul searching that this story holds.

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    So many of the books I read are of a particular genre It s not often that I read a piece of fiction, something that takes a brief glimpse into the character s life, and doesn t continue on in a series Pannebecker does a fantastic job fully developing all of the three main characters, and even many of the secondary This was a refreshing change for me since I often learn about characters over many books in the Cozy, Fantasy or Science Fiction series that I read While this book was very heavily character driven, the action was minimal, since you are mainly reading about the character s day to day life over a period of time It still made for an interesting story though I kept reading because I wanted to see where each of their lives would lead.And Pannebecker wrote the bar scene of a Midwest city so well, I wonder if he, or people he knew, were part of it back in the 80 s Since political correctness wasn t a thing then, some of the scenes could be a bit mature for some people Although for me, some of the conversations were very similar to ones my friends and I have had This book is a very realistic portrayal of people who don t work the traditional 9 to 5, and are trying to do the best they can in a rough situation Along with a lot of soul searching and the consequences of all the decisions that are made over a lifetime.

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    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway This story is than a crime drama or a routine love triangle, and it sure isn t your average Harlequin romance There s a lot going on just under the surface between the various characters The story is dark but not depressing There s just the right balance of humor and anger to make this book resonate Highly readable.

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    Great storytelling by Mark Pannebecker You get the sense of 80 s St Louis with his detailed descriptions and eclectic characters Dark, moody, and lots of action, this is a pen excellent thriller with a satisfying ending.

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