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Trust My Love (The Toussaints #1) chapter 1 Trust My Love (The Toussaints #1) , meaning Trust My Love (The Toussaints #1) , genre Trust My Love (The Toussaints #1) , book cover Trust My Love (The Toussaints #1) , flies Trust My Love (The Toussaints #1) , Trust My Love (The Toussaints #1) bcb85489fd89f Introducing Iona Findley S THE TOUSSAINTS Series This Contemporary Romance Blends Heartwarming Love With Family Fun, Suspense, And A Hint Of Paranormal To Create A Beautiful Balance Of Heat, Heartache, And Happiness Philippe Toussaint Takes His Roles Seriously New Orleans Missing Persons Detective, First Born Son, Protector When His Only Niece Is Abducted, He Ll Do Anything To Secure Her Safe Return With Few Clues And Limited Time, He Seeks Answers From Every Resource, No Matter How Far Fetched Intensely Private Artist Claire Davenport Fears The Worst When A Frightened Teen Girl Shows Up In Her Dreams And Her Most Recent Paintings Now, Her Secret Dream Paintings Are Playing Out In Real Life She Wants To Help But Fears Her Psychic Ability Will Be Exposed, Forcing Her To Relive The Devastating Events That Caused Her World To Implode Can She Trust Philippe To Keep Her Secret So That She Can Protect Her Own Safety While Working With Him To Save The Innocent Teen Girl Can Philippe Set Aside His Doubts To Work With The Unwilling Artist Claire Never Expected To Fall In Love, Especially Not With Such A Prominent Man She Is Certain She Can Never Be Safe In Philippe S Upper Crust, Public World, Despite His Promises To Love And Protect Her The Case Is Only The Beginning Of Their Problems Can Philippe Protect The Woman He Is Falling In Love With And Her Secret Can Claire Find A Way To Fit Into His Elite Society Life Will Betrayal And Fear Destroy Their Dreams Of Love The HERO S HEART SERIES Of Books In Order Opening Hearts Sam And Jessalyn Risking Hearts Jake And Hope Joining Hearts Marcus And Zoe Evolving Hearts Andy And Amy Preorder Now THE TOUSSAINTS Trust My Love Philippe And Claire Unwind My Love Delphine And Geo Feb

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    It s been a long time since I ve found a new to me author whose book was a solid 5 stars This is it Ms Findley has written a book with a captivating plot, with characters I quickly came to like I got pulled into the story, and I didn t want to put it down I ll be buying the next ones in this series

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    What a hellacious life Claire has lived because of her gift It all started when she was a normal 8 year old When it was discovered, she became an instant outcast, especially when her dreamscape came to pass She was so alone It was the total opposite for Philippe who was a part of the warm, outgoing, beloved Toussaint family I found it sad that while hugging was almost as natural as breathing to them, Claire had difficulty remembering when she had been hugged last That emotion and others were well shown in the story The friendship between Philippe and his detective friend and partner Geo, was good at times juvenile, in a good and funny way though He was practically a member of the family, with sparks shooting off him and Philippe s sister, Delphine Now there is a story I would like to read too Unwind My Love With such a large family, both natural born Toussaints and adopted ones there will be plenty of future stories to be had Now back to Claire and Philippe s storythe tension between the two of the was good It was going to take a lot for Claire to really trust him And let s face it, he blew it a few times He was handsome and sexy but he was a clod than once when it came to relating to Claire He also hurt her than once, although he didn t mean to The pressure and guilt about not being able to find his niece was part of the problem in the beginning The sexual tension between the two had them jumping into bed pretty quickly before they really got to know each other that well on other levels The connection between the MC s was there, now they just had to work their way to seeing if it could be There will be problems to complicate things of course, but this is a story about romance as much as it is about the mystery of where Alexis is and if she can be found.alive I really liked the story being set in New Orleans, it was a good setting without being too detailed The damage that was done during the flooding was woven into the story without taking over the story Just wanted to mention I m not a fan of psychics but this story didn t dig too deep into that The story idea is what called to me, so I took a chance on selecting this book Not sorry that I did I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Trust My Love by Iona Findley is the first book in the Toussaints series This is Philippe Toussaint and Claire Davenport s story.Philippe is a New Orleans missing persons detective whose niece is abducted Claire is an artist, but also has dreams and paints her dreams She has dreams about a missing girl which happens to be Philippe s niece Claire wants to help but doesn t want to relive what happened in her past Due to Claire s psychic abilities, she has been hurt from the time she was a child and has difficulties in trusting people Claire pretty much stays to herself Can she trust Philippe Philippe has doubts about people with psychic abilities so will he be able to trust Claire Claire and Philippe s relationship changes and the attraction between them is so strong Will Claire and Philippe be able to trust each other and find true love Philippe s family is a prominent family, but are really nice people and are wonderful to Claire Will Claire be able to drop her defenses and finally have friends and a family This is a great read I was drawn in right from the start The supporting characters are great too I am looking forward to the next book in this series I really enjoy this author Iona Findley always delivers a great story You get suspense, romance, passion, and a little paranormal I couldn t put the book down FYI, contains mature content.I have received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.https booksnuggle.wordpress.com

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    Trust My Love is the first book in the Toussaints Series The story is about a young artist who had many nightmares about what might happened in the future And this time, the dream was about Alexis, the niece of Detective Philippe Toussaints Alexis was kidnapped and tortured in Claire s dream When the dream turned out to be the reality, Claire was torn between telling her dream to the NOPD and keeping her ability a secret When she told Philippe about the dream painting, he didn t believe her Since they didn t have any clue, he decided to finally check her painting In the middle of investigation, they grew close, but there were something out there that threatened their happiness.The story is really beautiful from the very beginning until the end It captured my interest It s a perfect mix of fun, suspense, romance and paranormal that makes this read worth your time Claire was a beautiful woman with heartbreaking past It truly hurt to know that she had to endure it because of her ability Philippe was one of the best detective with a great instinct He didn t believe Claire at first and his comment hurt her.I love the story because of the Toussaints They were great people Their closeness to each of the family member made a warm feeling inside your heart Not to mention, the emotional rollercoaster that changed your view about love There are times that you won t like Philippe, but you can t help but forgive him afterwards Claire was a bit hot and cold, but she did it to protect herself.I really recommend this book to anyone who loves contemporary romance and a bit of suspense and paranormal.A must read I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

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    The writing style and the exciting history have not let go me any .In New Orleans lives the rich and high powered family Toussaint They have inPhilippe a top Missing Persons Detectiv in the NOPD and her family.By one of his missing cases he learns the secludedly living artist Clair to know With the help of her extrasensory visions captured in her Dream Paintings she hopes to be able to help of finding the missing girl.About Alexis, the missing girl I would have got to know with pleasure even Thereare for me personally a few questions open That s why I have one Star drawn off Because to me, however, in not all to distant future the next Book of the series will be in the shop, I hope there to find my answers.I like Crime and Supernatural in a Storyline very well, the love of course is also not absent Prim readers are prewarned this book is in spite of extrasensory criminal case not for them suitable.I recieved this book for a honest review and want thank Iona Findley

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    Claire a brilliant artist and secret psychic deals with her past colliding with her present and future, when she realizes she holds the key to a missing persons case of a little girl She risks everything including the life she s built for herself to help, in doing so she finds a family and love.Philippe our hero is an alpha male detective with the missing persons squad He finds himself having to open his mind to things he has hated and disregarded as fake if he hope to find his missing niece in time He has to put his trust in Claire and follow his instincts.The plot is amazing it draws you in and keeps you waiting from start to finish I read it straight through in one setting I was so hooked You ll fall in love with not just Clair and Philippe but his partner Geo, and his whole wacky close knit family I would and will recommend this book, I also look forward to reading of the Toussaints stories in the future.I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an HONEST review

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    This book is the start to another great series by Iona Findley Philippe Toussaint is a detective and his profession hits home when his niece Alexis goes missing Meanwhile Claire has been having psychic dreams about a kidnapped girl She feels compelled to tell the police about the visions even though she fears she will not be believed When Philippe realizes the girl in her dreams is Alexis he puts aside his feelings about psychics in order to see if Claire can help find her Together they work to find Alexis before it is too late Claire has a very hard time being involved because she is used to living such a solitary life What will she do when she is overwhelmed by the welcome she receives from the whole Toussaint family A wonderfully written, interesting story I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Trust my Love is my first book by Iona Findley I loved everything about it The story line captured my attention first Claire tries to ignore her powerful dreams but is compelled to paint the frightening dreamscape images They prove than just dreams when the teen from her paintings is the subject of an Amber alert Philippe is a New Orleans police detective determined to find his missing niece by whatever means necessary even if it means listening to a crack pot psychic The writing is wonderful bringing to life the large, close knit, loving and influential Toussaint family and the beauty and grandeur of the Belle Alexandrine I really look forward to reading in this series and by this author

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    My first impression of Trust My Love by Iona Findley was skeptical Missing children, paranomal undertones that is not the type of story I expected from Ms Findley But you know what she got the last laugh Philippe and Clare s story was a wonderful showcase for this author s creative imagination to shine through Clare has lived with the fear of being shunned for a great deal of her life Her psychic abilities make her distrustful and afraid to let people get too close When disturbing visions cause her to ponder exposing her secret, what will she do Trust My Love is a story is an eerie yet emotional romantic suspense full of the heart expecting in Iona Findley s novels with a little bit of twist thrown in for good measure.

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    This was a great start to a series Starts off as a thriller and then turns into a romance Love the setting You can t go wrong with New Orleans And I love to eat so all of the descriptions of the food in this book were wonderful At least, I don t think I gained any weight just reading about it LOL Loved the main family, The Touissants, and their hotel And Clare was wonderful as the love interest Very talented, strong, damaged and vocal woman who can give as good as she gets If you like romantic thrillers with HEA then grab this book and plan to settle in because you re not going to want to stop once you start.I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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