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Secret of the Knights quotes Secret of the Knights, litcharts Secret of the Knights, symbolism Secret of the Knights, summary shmoop Secret of the Knights, Secret of the Knights 0ec1a171 You Have Traveled Back To The Age Of KnightsA Squire Has Just Accused You Of Being A Sorcerer You Must Prove Yourself In A Duel With Quarterstaves, But You Ve Never Used Them BeforeYou Can Try To Defend Yourself Or Escape Through The Angry Crowd Your Decision Can Lead You To Safety Or Leave You Stranded In Time ARE YOU READY TO FACE THE DANGER

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    The first entry in this series presents a historical adventure and provides a bit of education on the subject Unlike the CYOA books, the reader cannot actually die in this book, due to the timely intervention of the time machine You can, however, go in an infinite loop if you do not learn from your mistakes.

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    I thought it was a good book because it was about some knightsAnd it is a good book because it sounds real than you think.They have this big war and everything else knights do in a castle and other things.You should read this book you will get addicted to it some times and you won t want to stop reading it I rate it a 5 beacause it the best book I have ever read.They have many of these books There s like 5 of them They are all different ones.

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    This series approach differs from the classic Choose Your Own Adventure tm series in that the choices given are much less arbitrary there is almost always a logical choice at any decision point, usually keyed off a historical fact related to the period you ve time traveled to The book provides a Data Bank of relevant facts about the time period you can refer to you when you want and even a cheat sheet matching particular facts with relevant page numbers So you get a bit of educational value and no surprise bad ends, but also a much linear, less wild ride than other CYOA It s also fun that you frequently slide back and forth within the time period you re assigned to, seeing characters at different ages, etc you re zapping through time a lot Writing wise, bland, but as a CYOA experience, kind of neat.My favorite part was pretending to be a bard, and the possible King Arthur figure I was trying to impress thinking I was the worst he d ever heard.

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    Secret of the Knights is on the higher end of the scale among gamebooks I ve read, easily worth two and a half stars, and the balance between it tipping forward to three stars or back to two is a close one Time Machine junior novels are different than most gamebooks because there is only one ending to Secret of the Knights, suspense can t be generated by the threat of death or a failed mission When the imminence of disaster arises to where it can no longer be averted by natural methods, the worst consequence is that you have to blow your cover as an ordinary person and instantly travel out of the hot spot to a safer time and or location But have no fear, you can always then go back slightly further into the past than the moment of crisis you fled, and the slate will have been wiped clean Since there s no risk of a gruesome end, the story s intrigue derives from the possibility that the bricks you lay so carefully in building toward the solution you seek may all be knocked asunder if you error in choosing the right time to visit, or make decisions based on whim rather than historical fact Even if you re close to the end of your quest, a blunder or two can knock you pretty far back in the historical narrative, where you ll have to start rebuilding again This creates suspense with each choice you make, the correct one leading you closer to the end while the wrong move bumps you back aways, so the lack of grizzly endings in no way diminishes the import of your decisions And unlike some Time Machine books, the structure of time loops and occasional backwards inertia is logically linear in Secret of the Knights If you make what appears to be the right call, it probably is the right one, and won t send you around and around in dizzying circles that make gameplay an annoyance than a pleasure Secret of the Knights is all fun, and gamebook fans will delight in romping through its history to the surprisingly satisfactory conclusion Your mission to use the state of the art time machine provided you to travel into the Middle Ages and uncover the secret history behind the origin of the Knights of the Garter and their curious motto, Honi soit qui mal y pense Are the Knights an Arthurian creation, or did they come about decades or even centuries following the exploits of the historical man known in legend as King Arthur With only a few rudimentary guidelines to help your investigation, you must choose where to roam within the expanse of history relevant to your mission But beware, for awful dangers dot this troubled time in European history There s the Black Plague of 1348, and if you re not careful, you could end up right in the middle of it, surrounded by anguished Britons dropping like flies from a disease they can t comprehend There s also the dangers of frequent war to consider, and many in charge who won t think twice about grafting you into sudden conflict with their enemies Perhaps most deadly of all for you in particular is the superstitious mindset of the era The smallest idiosyncrasies in individuals under the crown s rule are enough to cast suspicion on them for sorcery or witchcraft, so what are they going to think if they catch a glimpse of your time travel technology Surely any peasant or royal in possession of his faculties will immediately denounce you as a witch, and while you do have the luxury of instant time travel to fall back on should your life be jeopardized, bailing out of the investigation is not conducive to your completing the mission, to say the least It can also cause problems if the information trail you re following leads you back to these same time periods As you bounce between certain decades and centuries in the Middle Ages, possibly going as far back as the 400s A.D., your modern perspective doesn t keep you from making friends in the past, even ones who recognize you from multiple years you have visited Take advantage of the honest people you meet and remain wary of the duplicitous as in any time, a good turn is often rewarded by the same, but seething resentment can multiply into treachery just as quickly If you can prove your good intentions to your friends, and act heroically in the face of danger when they need your help most, you may find becoming a knight doesn t necessarily require long years of training and good luck The answer to your questions about the Knights of the Garter might be closer than you realize, and finding it could be a specially fulfilling experience, even if it doesn t strike you that way at first How would you feel, you say, if you went through all sorts of dangers to find something Then when you found what you were looking for, it wasn t what you thought it was at all But your listener knows exactly how to respond That s the way it is with most knightly quests The knights of the Round Table spent their lives looking for the Holy Grail, but most of them never found it It doesn t matter so much what you re searching for as much as how you look for it, what you find along the way, and how much you can help the other people searching The words cap the entire book splendidly, a mark of deeper literary value than all but a few gamebooks I ve read Never let yourself forget that it isn t finding a spectacular answer to your mystery that defines whether or not you ve succeeded, but the integrity with which you ve conducted yourself while pursuing it, and the lives you ve affirmed by your presence, even for such a brief time as you were allowed to stay Knowing you ve succeeded in all that is what makes completing this quest so gratifying, and why Secret of the Knights stands above most other literature of its kind The Time Machine series has a lot going for it Tangibly, this includes the Four Rules of Time Travel before each story begins, outlining crucial precepts of minimizing one s footprints in the time space continuum, and the Data Bank , which provides every historical fact you ll need to make informed decisions during your travels through time Even if you re a strong student of history, you should probably read the Data Bank before starting at page one Another good feature of the Time Machine books is the Data File at the back, where short clues correlating to specific page numbers offer subtle nudges toward what you should choose to do next The clues aren t blatantly obvious, and don t reveal anything not already stated in detail in the Data Bank, so taking a look at the Data File if you re confused may not be a bad idea I ve come to like the Time Machine series, and Secret of the Knights is a solid entry I know I ll want to read again Nice work, Jim Gasperini.

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    It was really great when I was a kid I guess we can t go back in time after all

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    I read this because Matt brought it home from the library We both read these Choose Your Own Adventure stories as children Like many things, it was much easier this time to make the correct jumps in time to solve the puzzle, but I still had to look at the hints.

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    I m much smarter than my grade school self.The book does a really neat job of having characters in each class that appear throughout the book.

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    Weakest book out of the whole series Just as I recall from 87

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    I read some of these Time Machine books back when I was 10 ish years old Just looking at their covers is really taking me back

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